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From the 6th Century Saxon Nobles no longer married Saxon but ensured (by law) that they only mixed with Celtic. So Britain thenceforth have been known as the Celto-Saxon nation. Celto-Saxon Israel is a topic of which many thousands of books (ie on British Israelism) have been published demonstrating our covenantal Biblical as well as evident fulfilments of the Abrahamic Blessings as the Western Christian and kindred nations of the world, advancing and helping all the other nations of the world through Christ’s orderly ways. As we have fallen away from His true ways we have seen ongoing calamities. We must return to His nationalist laws for nations. We have numerous studies on this topic of the Kingdom which Christ said we must daily pray is done on earth, and seek it first above any other sustenance, and then all the necessities of life will be added unto us. As we rebel from His nationalist laws (90% of God’s law is National laws) then we are punished with national punishments and destruction. God says we must repent of all sins and since 90% of sins are only national applicable we also have to repent and confess of all violations (1John 3:4 “sin is transgression of the law). So we must not only confess but repent of those primarily non-personal sins as it effects our greater communities, cities, and nations who are all covenanted to get their blessings from the God of Israel through being His body of Christ ministering to His bride of Christ. If we continue to rebel from His laws, a loving father will continue to train through disciplines of punishments. And those who are not chastised are not sons. Join us in the daily prayer services and help spread awareness by sharing our articles (via share buttons) with comments urging others to consider them.

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The Orthodox Church of the Culdees is pleased to present you with a Classic British Israel book, entitled “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” – free PDF, click to read/download. You can also read the online text version below. Otherwise buy the book in print: “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” available on amazon.com We believe you […]

The Scythian Goths, The True Israel Kingdoms That Form The Foundation Of All European Nobility And Right To Rule

The Scythians were all called Goths and Goths all called Scythian, ( I have many quotes from Steven Collin’s book on this under their various names Getai/Geats. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, etc). Here is a sampling. You can order his full book on http://www.stevenmcollins.com/. Also order from us the book “Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance”, just […]

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Sabbath in the Orthodox Church – By Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. Brunswick ThD, PhD IT’S BACK IN PRINT!  $18 per copy, buy now  It is also available in E-book format at this link: The Holy Orthodox Sabbath Book for $4.99  Amazon url: https://amzn.to/3BikXxg For more pictures click here                […]