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Male-Only Frank/Merovingian Ancient Genealogy of the NW German / Carolingian Emperors

Male-only line genealogical line of the Frankish Merovingian Dynasty of the Carolingian Emperors. A study backed by conclusive DNA testing. Our legitimist philosophy rooted in living Sovereign domains and International law The following line of Kings is one of the most confirmed DNA / Haplogroup family of Kings ever recorded. 10 of the Kings’ dna […]

Animated Map of the Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel To Europe, to Music

Short picture map documentary about the migration of the Israelites throughout their history …. it’s provable by history, archeology, language & other means. If you don’t know this it’s well worth taking the few min. to watch this …. no words, just graphics & beautiful music!! Thousands of books are available on this topic of […]


AMERICAN NATIONAL TREE OF LIBERTY ANALYSIS    THE ORGANIC TREE OF LIBERTY. (Not a GMO, hybridized / adulterated counterfeit, synthetic patented and non-Created species which in some Constitutionalist groups falsely consider it liberty.) Footnotes to follow. Only sin is bondage (all sins) and must condemn all sins equally as they attack the soul and spirit […]

The Fall & Rise of Abraham’s Kin (fall of ancient Celtic nations and their rise to form our Christian civilization)

Read this great British True Israel book in PDF format online: “The Fall and Rise of Abraham’s Kin” by de Witt WHAT’S INSIDE: Chapters Foreword The Fall of Celtic Middle Asia The Fall of Celtic India The Lot of the Chinese-Celtic Remnant The Dale-Folk, The Kalash Finding the Ethnic Launch Pad Links by Way of […]

Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence in the Bible, the Word of God

Has anyone before told you that God is only dealing with Spiritual Israel? Has anyone said that all believers can be “grafted-in” to the Olive Tree. When they may be of a different tree genealogy other than the “wild olive” species? Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence. Download PDF This is a great […]

Read book: “America and Great Britain in Prophecy”, a Classic British Israel book by Herbert W. Armstrong PDF format

America and Great Britain in Prophecy, a Classic British Israel book by Herbert W. Armstrong. Published in 1980. Free book. Download in PDF format Brought to you by the Orthodox Church of the Culdees. A Classic British Israel book by Herbert W Armstrong. Leader of the Worldwide Church of God, The church maintained about 100,000 […]

Read JUDAH’S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT pt1, a Classic British Israel Book

The Orthodox Church of the Culdees is pleased to present you with a Classic British Israel book, entitled “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” – free PDF, click to read/download. You can also read the online text version below. Otherwise buy the book in print: “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” available on amazon.com We believe you […]

Merging of the Official “Zion” Known as Western Christendom with the Geographical Zion/Salem

Latest update February 2022: Brunswick Continuing Knights Templar House of the Original Angevin Royals’ branch, with full Royal protections of the Templar, incl. fons honorum by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, OCC Pub 2021 Announcement: This is a true Templar message for the day in which we live, Deus Vult (Note: the Templar worshipped in […]


JUDAH’S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT #19 by Allen (1917) LOST ISRAEL AND THE FIRST OVERTURN LOCATED The fact that a great nation, composed of ten tribes of the posterity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is lost, or unidentified, among the nations of the world is well known to enlightened students of the Old Testament. This […]


JUDAH’S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT #16 by J.H.Allen (published in 1917) A ROYAL REMNANT THAT ESCAPES When Nebuzar-adan, the captain of the Chaldean guard, gave Jeremiah privilege to go where he pleased, and provided him with all that was needful for the journey, the record further declares: “Then went Jeremiah unto Gedeliah, the son of […]

Welsh and Celto-Saxon Kings Protecting Glastonbury (and the religion of the Culdees)

A Chapter taken from our booklet on Celtic Ecclesiology, the Married Abbots and Clerics of the Orthodox Culdee. Full text is found at https://celticorthodoxy.com/2017/05/glastonbury-married-cleric-monks/ Welsh and Celto-Saxon Kings Protecting Glastonbury Peace to their shades! the pure Culdees Were Albyn’s earliest priests of God, Ere yet an island of her seas By foot of Saxon monk […]

"Шукаємо загублених спадкоємців" адвокат Християнської ліги оборони доктор Бертран Компаре

ШУКАЄМО ВТРАТИХ СЛЕДІЦІВ доктора Бертрана Л. Компарета, AB, JD. Ви коли-небудь зупинялися, щоб поставити під сумнів сильну ненависть до білих християн у світі? Письмовий намір нашого небесного Батька Яхве виражається в Його молитві, коли ми молимось: Буде воля Твоя на землі, як і на небі. У […]

Закон Божий призначений лише для Ізраїля, лише для Адама

(ГРІХ - це переступ закону, див. 1 Івана 3: 4. В кінці цієї статті, я думаю, ви можете поділитися висновком, що „ГРІХ“ стосується лише Ізраїлю, решту не можна приписувати жодному гріху. Ми бачимо доказ наслідки, коли інші раси проводяться за однаковою мірою закону, [...]

Мовознавство за словом Адам: Awdawm Adam-kind, Adam-man etc.

Вперед: У цьому лінгвістичному дослідженні ми дійшли до основних значень. Ці істини були зрозумілі чітко, реалії яких викладались у кожному університеті. Верховний суд у 1920-х - 1960-х рр. Продовжував підтримувати рішення та закони, які стосувались того, що Адамман був кавказцем. Тож давайте перейдемо до значень з їх [...]

Численні стародавні рукописи, що підтверджують св. Йосифа (із Синедріону), заснували британське єврейське священство в Гластонбері в 36 р. Н. Е.

 These days it has become popular, and the google ranking system seems to prefer these “new” sources who have agendas to ignore the older authentic records of Joseph at Glastonbury. There are now mostly authors that ignore the 1st-4th Century writings that were the original sources for the later historians they attack as being only […]


ІСТОРИЧНЕ ДОКАЗАННЯ МІГРАЦІЙ ІЗРАЇЛЮ, зроблене пастором Бертраном Л. Компаретом, AB, JD. У своїй лекції під назвою „ІЗРАЇЛЬСЬКІ ПЕРСОНИ” я коротко накреслив для вас деякі докази Біблії про те, що англосаксонські, скандинавські та німецькі люди сьогодні є живими нащадками ІЗРАЇЛУ Біблії. Ці докази були у формі багатьох [...]