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The Fall & Rise of Abraham’s Kin (fall of ancient Celtic nations and their rise to form our Christian civilization)

Read this great British True Israel book in PDF format online: “The Fall and Rise of Abraham’s Kin” by de Witt WHAT’S INSIDE: Chapters Foreword The Fall of Celtic Middle Asia The Fall of Celtic India The Lot of the Chinese-Celtic Remnant The Dale-Folk, The Kalash Finding the Ethnic Launch Pad Links by Way of […]


JUDAH’S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT #9 by Allen (1917) CHAPTER IX. THE JEWS GO TO BABYLON AND RETURN The twenty-third chapter of Ezekiel contains a short story which seems somewhat veiled, but a knowledge of the two houses and their respective capitals lifts the veil and quickly sweeps it aside. It is of interest to […]