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Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence in the Bible, the Word of God

Has anyone before told you that God is only dealing with Spiritual Israel? Has anyone said that all believers can be “grafted-in” to the Olive Tree. When they may be of a different tree genealogy other than the “wild olive” species? Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence. Download PDF This is a great […]

God’s law is for Celto-Saxon Israel exclusively, Christ says avoid other tribes or ethnos

A Study by the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies (“SIN IS TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW“, SEE 1JOHN 3:4. SO SIN ONLY APPLIES TO ISRAEL, THE REST CANNOT BE IMPUTED WITH ANY SIN!) (Re-printed in the Good News of the Kingdom Newsletter Pub. 2008) “for where no law is, there is no transgression” (Romans […]