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The Orthodox Order of the Culdees, the Rule of St Maelruan +792AD

The purer ancient Rule of St Maelruan The rule for the Culdees of Armagh, drawn up by Maelruan, abbot of Tamhlacht (Tallaght), who died in the year 792. The full chapters of the rule goes into practical usage day to day as well as annual. This rule has been affirmed by 1600s-1900s historians that it […]

Are You a Prophet? (Spiritual gifts confirmed) Are you a judge?

Someone recently was asking if God’s church should be doing more judging. Short answer is yes we should do more judging, but in a balance of the rest of the gifts operating in His church bodies. Not everyone in the church body are called to be judges. Although for every one there is expected a […]

Re-Launch of Regular Broadcasts, Dr Brunswick’s “Our Father’s Business” Episode 1.

NOTE: Our opening broadcast got us a 7 day ban from youtube. Some one said the word covid and “new study” in the same sentence. So it was automatically labelled medical disinformation and so the show was removed and also the next weeks show. You can however find them on rumble (although quality not as […]

“British Israelism” Teaching in All Generations of Christendom

A study of the Celtic church shows a lot of proof of the continuity of the Celto-Saxon Israel doctrine. Pastor Dan Gayman of COI gave a great sermon on this topic. You can watch this video for free on Rumble at: https://rumble.com/v23vems-our-genetic-israelite-heritage-by-pastor-dan-gayman.html Note: COI has moved to Rumble, as Youtube started censoring the content on very […]

Ministerial Office Chronology of Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick DD ThD PhD.

Our Current Primace Elected 2015-Present Orthodox Church of the Culdees Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick ThD, PhD. (Main Lines of Apostolic succession found below) The inspirational life testimony of ++ Stephen is a larger topic, however here are the main ministry events in the Orthodox Church of the Culdees in as chronological with some […]

Time to Pray and Fast, for these times we are in, and preparing for Passover

WE NEED TO PRAY AND TO FAST FOR THESE TIMES WE ARE IN Christ said we would do the fasting again as the Pharisees did often.   Confession and Repentance are key parts. We have several Penitent Psalms that can be done, and help guides in the prayer book.   If you don’t keep Lent, […]

English Orthodox Private Devotions For the Hours of Prayer, as Published in 1560, added footnotes of Scripture and Church Fathers in 1626

We encourage every home to use the Book of Common Prayer in Private Devotions. One of the best compilations of our English Orthodox Liturgy for private home use is in this book, John Cosin’s “Collection of Private Devotions For the Hours of Prayer”. You can download or view the book here. Buy a hardcopy at […]

The Early British Church, from the book “Celt, Druid and Culdee” by Elder

The Gospel to Britain #2 Christianity in the first centuries AD in Britain From the book “Celt, Druid and Culdee” (1973) by Isabel Hill Elder THE EARLY BRITISH CHURCH THE name by which the British Church was first known in these islands was the Culdee Church, the natural result of Christianity having been introduced by […]

Замовляйте свою капелюшку Make Dixie Great Again!

Make Dixie Great Again Hat Buy from our local Ministry, St Andrew’s OCC, on Dixieland Road: One size fits all $15.00 + Free Shipping! More photos:   You may also be interested in: the Flag of the Watchman, from St Andrew’s OCC: Price: $25.00: 3′ long x 2′ tall   All major cards are accepted! […]

Єрусалимська церква переїхала до Британії, а Апостольський Престол у Гластонбері, названий пізніше «Другим Римом». Багато британських святих І-ІІ ст. Підтверджують це, див. Доданий PDF "Святих"

Правонаступництво єрсалимських єпископів та церкви. Дослідження Інституту теології Пріорі Салема Багато людей не знають, наскільки повноваження мав святий Йосип (дядько Христа, лікар Синедріону). Він був широко визнаний найвигіднішим спадкоємцем престолу та корони царя Давида. Багато хто думав, що він [...]

Коротка історія православної церкви Кульдесів та наше відновлення

Short History of the Orthodox Church of the Culdees – TABLE OF CONTENTS – – Short Definition of Culdee –  – The First Century Church – – Numerous British 1st-5th Century Saints – – British Israelites – – Triumphant Christian Israelites – – Orthodox and Israelite Liturgies – – Archbishops and Patriarchs – – Charters […]

Історична кельтська церква та сучасна православна церква Кульдесів

The subject of Celtic Church itself is a vast area of interest around the world. Tens of thousands of inspiring articles and pages circulate on the internet just as it relates to the Celtic Church. Many of these are on our website www.st-andrewsocc.org The earliest Christian priests of the Celtic lands are called Culdees. So […]

Тобі це дано, Бог не всіх кличе

Бог усіх кличе? Деякі дійсно не сприймають слів Яхшуа (Ісуса) серйозно, коли Він сказав, що це справді буде схоже на часи Ноя, коли була врятована лише сім'я (хоча і міцна сім'я). 4 березня, 11-12 “І Він сказав їм: Вам дано пізнати таємницю Царства Божого: [...]

Угода про Царство "тисячі поколінь"

MP3 від TCAWW, “Завіт Царства 1000 поколінь” Цей Mp3 розглядає багато аспектів завіту “1000 поколінь”. Я вірю, що цей MP3 буде дуже обнадійливим, він називається “1000 поколінь”. З цього біблійного вивчення суботи, яке я проводив для TCAWW. Приєднуйтесь до нас у прямому ефірі наступного тижня у чаті, щоб отримати спілкування, запитання та відповіді! […]

Kingdom Message MP3 ARCHIVE

The Kingdom Message ChristsAssembly.com Every week these are recorded live with open chat room on Talkshoe. Our most popular messages are as below: Activating the Armor with the Knowledge of the Image Sat, 02 Feb 2013 15:40:54 GMT|minister@celticorthodoxy.com How YAHWEH Meets All our Need YAHWEH YIRAH Sat, 29 Dec 2012 15:40:37 GMT|minister@celticorthodoxy.com Evil Plans be destroyed […]