On Joining the Templar Order, causes and membership requirements

Поширювати любов

Many want to join our legitimist order of the Templar, successors of the founding house of Angevin etc. However, in keeping the tradition, this may be a lengthy process of applying. The persistence in directly applying to be a Templar, asking multiple times and demonstrating worthiness will eventually get one admitted to our Order.

A good first step would be applying to our affiliate church (Orthodox Church of the Culdees). The Celtic Culdees were the original Chaplains of the Templar, and are key in our restorative order.

Our non-conformist Celtic institutes carried on the traditions and in Scotland also the Royal House protected us from the English seizing the Templar estates.

Not only of the Culdees houses in Scotland and Ireland, but also in Brunswick Germany and in England did the family of our Primace take and protect the Templar estates to continue without interruption.

In our Templar Categories you can learn more about the Templar Jurisdictions of England and Brunswick (and on blogger the Templar of Gothia page).

However if you’re ready to be involved in agreement with the church, start the process by subscribing here.

This is for those who want to seriously be involved in humanitarian projects that truly effect the protection of God’s church, and protects our pilgrims at our holy sites etc.