Still No Vax Genocide lawsuit, although Nuremberg medical experiments code, section 1 etc greatly violated, Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies

Поширювати любов
Dear friends in Christ,
According to many recovered legal experts, with the types of attorneys that exist (mainly as political agents sold out to Mystery Babylon) there will be no major case to challenge the present genocide by forced gene therapy experiments (with clear long term studies always failing very badly). The DNA therapy that is now being unleashed on the children is unchallenged in any meaningful way.
Every attorney is rigged to not even go halfway in any challenge of the issue. It will take a person to file (in pro-per, or pro se) with their freedoms intact as a “citizen in party”. They can do so to protect themselves of being fired from their jobs, or protect their children from being forced into the vaccine experiment. Otherwise ultimately (as stated by Biden) these will all be excluded from society.
We know that “Just doing my job” or “just following orders” didn’t hold up in past genocide tribunals.
We all know about the Nuremberg Court trials where dozens of Nazis were sentenced to death for simply saying they did what they did not knowing about any crimes, and that they were only following orders as they were instructed by their elected democratic Government.
Nuremberg Code Violations going on with covid19 gene therapy implementations (forced medical experiments)
1947 Nuremberg code section 1 has been greatly violated. According to the Nuremberg code we see the standards to prevent was agreed in the aftermath of Governments implementing forced medical tests on populations. The method of banning WWII type medical experiments, requires that there be absolutely none of the following: 
“… intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. “
All of this has been clearly satisfied by the withholding of employment and other basic necessities of life by the Biden administration. Also states who don’t block the vaccine Mandates (like Texas) are party to these crimes of forced medical experiments.
The ways this code has been violated are long. Also most of the rest of the sections are being violated. However this one is most clearly in Section 1. Ultimately this should be expedited to  the Hague International Criminal Court to protect the dna of Europeans from being mutilated. As that would be their main over-reaching court of justice besides the EU and local national courts.
Governments have told people they can’t participate in society if they don’t get this experimental gene therapy, now recently classified as a vaccine. This fulfills the “element of force”, “duress” or “ulterior form of constraint or coercion”. One item kept from the public (fraud, deceit, not sufficient knowledge and compressions of the elements of the subject matter as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision”), could be shown just by the contaminants of graphene oxide created in the manufacture of such nano-tech mRNA / DNA editing “fake anti-bodies”. There are absolutely no long term studies in the specific patented versions of these products (and all similar ones failed the long term studies horribly). The newness of this gene splicing technology is another way to show the same violation. 
Prayer requested:
We know that in Genesis 49 it’s prophesied that a company of people who aren’t sealed (or don’t need to be sealed) but come up in the final kingdom as a strong tribe. It says that the Tribe of Dan will judge for Israel and he will be like a serpent that biteth the horse’s heels, making the rider fall over backwards.
Lets pray that someone will launch a case against the heels of the horse rider (Fauci).
Christ said be wise as serpents, to lets analyze how a serpent would act. Snakes aren’t like dogs who have a short neck and their bite is limited to where their paws take them. Snakes normally coil back so they have a longer strike distance and would normally have to take their time and focus on a target. 
Dan if he will be like a serpent (many of us are of Danish blood and hard to say how much majority of our DNA is Dan or if we fall into that category if we’re from NW Europe).
Then that would mean Dan will find the sorespot on the horse’s heel that carries the rider (Fauci). He will coil back and focus on his victim, the heels of the rider’s horse. 
In your prayer for insight, remember HIS IS THE VENGEANCE, the glory is God’s, not Esau’s, not Fauci’s, or other Vipers. However if everyone is asleep it will take Elijah to come back and to turn the hearts of the sons to the fathers, or fathers to the sons lest YAHWEH strikes the earth with a curse. We know it says in Revelation a flood of peoples will be sent out of the mouth of the dragon. 
Right now Biden pledges 1 million dollar rewards for every deported family. So this may be the flood, otherwise he may be deceived into thinking he himself is the anti-Christ, as counting all the other things he does knowingly. In those cases also although no one rises up to be a witness to stand in the gap, it seems still there will be some method the earth will save the remnant of the seed by swallowing up the flood. Although Zion is called a spiritual place it seems to also be a moving mountain which settles at physical places where His law is being done (or sought after) on earth, as in heaven. No matter what Babylon is only falling, the Kingdom of YAHWEH is rising. We see all the normal evidence, the merchants are crying as they watch babylon burn (spiritual/political/religious/economic babylon).
A serpent doesn’t make a mistake and will not be so sloppy for example as the US Attorney General of Texas who made HUGE mistakes in his submission to the Supreme Court. It was written to lose, very clearly. And it took down all opposition to the Biden election fraud. 
A case will need to be perfect, simple, on codes with set rules(only civil can be opened Pro Se in Federal Courts), with damages clearly listed and parties clearly represented as having been served notice, and continuing now to court. Plenty of expert testimony and information is out there, of many widely esteemed equals of Fauci who warn against the vaccine, and have pledged to resist it to the end.
May God help those in Christ’s body (who have the spiritual equipment to fight through Christ *especially legal rights through His blood of the Lamb*, the Commandments and Testimony against Satan) who are rising to these challenges in court (civil cases representing themselves, as no others seem to be effectively). 
Thanking you and God Bless
Преподобний д-р Стівен М.К. Брансвік
Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies
St Andrew’s and St Joseph’s, OCC