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“Defending The King James Bible” by Waite. God’s Word Kept Intact In English

book Defending the King James Bible by Waite

Defending The King James Bible       This book, “Defending The King James Bible“, by Dr. D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. is a classic and should be in every library, school, and home. Options: Read Free PDF   or   Buy on amazon Dr. Waite’s book is in its eighth printing. He discusses the fourfold superiority […]

“Why the King James Bible (AKJV-1611) is the Perfect Word of God” Chapter 3, God Preserved His Words

Enjoy this chapter 3 preview from the booklet “Why the King James Bible AKJV1611 is the Perfect Word of God”. Buy the full booklet from https://www.chick.com/products/item?stk=1261 or from amazon. If you’re looking for more full text books and free booklets on the topic of God’s word preserved in KJV click here Lesson 3 God Preserved […]