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The Orthodox Order of the Culdees, the Rule of St Maelruan +792AD

The purer ancient Rule of St Maelruan The rule for the Culdees of Armagh, drawn up by Maelruan, abbot of Tamhlacht (Tallaght), who died in the year 792. The full chapters of the rule goes into practical usage day to day as well as annual. This rule has been affirmed by 1600s-1900s historians that it […]

Re-Launch of Regular Broadcasts, Dr Brunswick’s “Our Father’s Business” Episode 1.

NOTE: Our opening broadcast got us a 7 day ban from youtube. Some one said the word covid and “new study” in the same sentence. So it was automatically labelled medical disinformation and so the show was removed and also the next weeks show. You can however find them on rumble (although quality not as […]

Holiday Address, från Chief of the House, Rev Dr Stephen MK d'Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick

Många högtidshälsningar från Chief of the House, HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d'Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick, videoadress för våra rösträtt befolkningens rätt till frihet att lyda Gud i fred. Chef och chef för flera dynastier av kejserligt och kungligt blod i Europa och Storbritannien, med kontinuerlig juridisk rätt upprätthålls i många effektiva fördrag och [...]

”Spread of the Culdean Church” gratis kapitel från “Scottish Nation's History” eller The Celtic Church (The Three Volumes) History: History of Civilization From Pre-historical Times to Medieval Times.

Gratis kapitelförhandsgranskning: KAPITEL XXVIII SPREAD OF CULDEAN CHURCH from “History of the Scottish Nation or The History of the Celtic Church (All Three Volumes): History of Civilization From Pre-historical Times to Medieval Times.” Kuldeerna i Frankrike - Frankrike stred med Culdee Institutions Culdees i Rheinland - De Christianise Gerrmany - Willibrod i Tyskland - Killean - Culdees på Island - fågelperspektiv av Culdee Church i [...]

“The Sabbath in the True Orthodox Church” (East and West) BOOK PUBLISHED BY OUR CHURCH, read, study and buy it and related texts

Sabbath in the Orthodox Church – By Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. Brunswick ThD, PhD IT’S BACK IN PRINT!  $18 per copy, buy now  It is also available in E-book format at this link: The Holy Orthodox Sabbath Book for $4.99  Amazon url:                          […]