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AMERICAN NATIONAL TREE OF LIBERTY ANALYSIS THE ORGANIC TREE OF LIBERTY. (Not a GMO, hybridized / adulterated counterfeit, synthetic patented and non-Created species which in some Constitutionalist groups falsely consider it liberty.) Footnotes to follow. Only sin is bondage (all sins) and must condemn all sins equally as they attack the soul and spirit (life) […]

The United States of America Foretold in the Holy Scriptures by Rev F E Pitts (1857)

      The United States Of America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures by Rev. F. E. Pitts Feb. 22 and 23, 1857 A DEFENSE OF ARMAGEDDON or Our Great Country Foretold In The Holy ScripturesBy F. E. PITTS of Nashville, Tennessee In two discourses delivered in the capitol of the United States, at the […]

Hädelse lagar bevisar att Amerika var och fortfarande är lagligt en kristen teokrati

Den här artikeln handlar om det lagliga och sanna Amerika mot de facto usurpers. Det avslöjar Lincolns okonstitutionella efterträdare som alla började under olaglig äktenskapslag. Dessa skapade nya stater som företagsenheter långt ifrån de ursprungliga och de jure ursprungliga staterna (inte kopplade till de konstitutionella statliga enheter som det andra ändringsförslaget gäller). […]

Evig union av konfedererade suveräna stater - FINANSERA VÅRA ANNONSER VÄNLIGEN

America’s first constitution declared that our government is a perpetual Divine Theocracy under Jesus Christ the King, joined together for one aim, for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth. In this article I will prove it to you it is still in force as legally binding, and is the legal foundation of our government’s […]