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  1. “Usury Destroyer Of Nations” by Mooney, why the banking system takes us down
  2. Should Women be Forcibly Drafted to War? God’s Law on the Military Draft and Warfare by Sheldon Emry
  3. The “Russian Sympathizer Trap” to Disarm Traditional Conservatives
  4. “End the Fed”, Credit Fraud Banking is Repugnant to the Constitution
  5. King Arthur, Glastonbury and Joseph of Arimathea Connections
  6. Are You a Prophet? (Spiritual gifts confirmed) Are you a judge?
  7. Our Basis of Common Law or “The Rule of Law” text: legislators and judiciaries not superior to “the People”
  8. Re-Launch of Regular Broadcasts, Dr Brunswick’s “Our Father’s Business” Episode 1.
  9. Celtic / Scottish Knights Templar
  10. Intermarium TRUE GUARANTEED PEACE for Ukraine / E Europe
  11. Remembering St Ethilwald, Composer of the Lindisfarne Gospels’ Artwork
  12. “British Israelism” Teaching in All Generations of Christendom
  13. Affinity Between the Hebrew and Celtic Languages (AKA Races)
  14. The Coming GLOBAL WARMING of Christ
  15. On the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  16. Hidden Nugget in the ‘Respect For Marriage’ (Unconstitutional) Bill
  17. Covert Lynching Campaign Happening all Around the world. Karen Kingston Proves the “fibrous clots” (strangling victims), are by design of the vaccine companies’ own literature
  18. The 14th Amendment is Unconstitutional
  19. Animated Map of the Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel To Europe, to Music
  20. Strange Effects Manifesting From the “new strand” of DNA / mRNA vax injections