To Nullify Communist China’s Ability to Shut Down The US Electrical Grid

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We at have written extensively on China’s Unrestricted Warfare, and the unprecedented alignment of China with India, as well as Iran, North Korea, Latin America, Turkey and Russia. In agreement with other great measures to protect our national security we believe this group of public servants will continue most dutifully to help protect against these vulnerabilities, such as the electrical grid.

Recently we also wrote about the Iranian threat against our electrical grid, which has lately been fueled by leftist extremists in America (which have been following the playbooks as well as taken commands directly from the CCP, who we can now call 5th-column communists).

5th Column Communists Enable Iran (with Russia, China etc) to Threaten the West China in their unrestricted warfare could use Iran or some of their 5th column from within as their proxy. This Evil Red Coalition (now perhaps lead by Russia) has been growing by great leaps in recent years. Now also India has joined their rank and file gloating in a payback against the West (the thanks for uplifting them?).



To Nullify Communist China’s Ability to Shut Down The US Electrical Grid

Op Ed # 612 (Updated) By Capt Joseph R. John, April 5, 2023

A new cold war has been underway since January 2022.  At its heart is the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter referred to as the CCP) 30-year plan to subjugate the citizens of the US Constitutional Republic, and a fundamental disagreement between the US and the CCP over the structure of Asian security considerations.  Among the strategic concerns of the US Government, Congressional leaders, US Department of Defense, US Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Utility Companies, and domestic manufacturers, there is a growing awareness of the acute vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid (hereafter referred as the Grid).  The threat to the Grid is posed by the new “Axis of Evil” consisting of Communist China, Russia, and the Iranian State Sponsor of Terrorism; there is “no plan or action at all” by the Biden/Obama administration to protect the Grid’s vital but vulnerable system.   


The newest Yaogan (Remote Sensing) Communist Chinese Spy Satellites are overflying the US at an altitude of 3l0 miles, multiple times each day.  With clear weather, those Communist Chinese Spy Satellites can film and target US military facilities.  On January 28, 2023, in a devastating breach of National Security, the Biden/Obama administration allowed a Communist Chinese High Altitude Spy Balloon (hereafter referred to as the Spy Balloon) to continue to take photos, collect highly sensitive military targeting data, and transmit the intelligence back to the CCP, in real time, during its relatively leisurely, unfettered transit over US strategic targets, at altitudes from 40,000 to 60,000 feet. 


The Spy Balloon, controlled by Communist China, stopped above certain military targets, made figure eights over other specific targets, while refining and pinpointing information on strategic targets for a missile attack.  The goal of the CCP was to be able to pinpoint, with maximum accuracy, the coordinates to home in on every intercontinental missile silo, two stealth bomber bases, the Strategic Air Command Base, the Oakridge Nuclear Weapons Facility, and 18 US military bases including Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg.

The incredible unimpeded track of the January 28th Spy Balloon, as it flew over hundreds of US military strategic offensive and defense weapons, shrieks out to even an uninformed party, that it was the refined final targeting run to pinpoint US military targets for a future attack on the United States – to render the US impotent by a high altitude low yield nuclear detonation above the United States to destroy the Grid and kill 200 million Americans by a Communist Chinese EMP Attack.  The feckless excuses by the Biden/Obama administration, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley for not shooting the Communist Balloon down, but instead allowed it to target vital US Military strategic targets, confused members of the US Armed Forces and frightened American Citizens. 


Military and Intelligence Analysts repeatedly warned America’s prime enemy is Communist China.  That enemy is risk adverse by its very nature.  It will continue to subvert the United Biden/Obama Administration, from within, as it has done for the last 30 years, expecting to be successful in its subversion. 

The US has been subverted by inserting Communist Chinese professors in US Universities, compromising the Leftist Media Establishment with advertising dollars, lying about US History in public school text books, using Tik Tok to brainwash 70 million youth, canceling “Freedom of Speech” by Social Media Companies, killing and injuring millions of Americans by experimental test injections by Big Pharma, promoting anti-Patriotic policies by the Hollywood Establishment, undermining the US Constitution by the Socialist Democrat Party, transferring technology by US Corporations in China, and changing US policies to benefit Communist China by Biden (the US House Oversight Committee’s recent subpoena of bank records, proved millions of dollars were transferred to the Biden family from a Chinese Company, linked to the CCP, in exchange for changes in US policies to benefit Communist China.).

Believing time on its side with its Marxist allies in fifth columns throughout the Washington Deep State, the CCP believes it will succeed in taking control of the United States in the 2024 election by subversion and voter fraud.  It desires to avoid a nuclear exchange, if possible.  Not only do the leaders of Communist China fear damage to their homeland in a nuclear exchange, but their ultimate desired outcome is also for full preservation of the bulk of the US infrastructure.  That would preserve huge resources from having to be rebuild in what Communist China considers will become the Chinese Colony of America in 2024. 

The US is currently being populated by a growing, replacement population of 200,000 Illegal Aliens from 161 countries per month, who have been pouring across the wide open southern and northern border.  In one week with the end of Title 42; it is estimated that the numbers of Illegal Aliens entering the US will increase to 400,000/month.  The US Border Patrol reported the illegal entry of Communist Chinese Illegal Aliens have increased by 900%; their numbers will also double.  It is estimated that these Chinese Illegal Aliens include skilled workers trained to take control of the US infrastructure, spies to subvert government operations, enemy insurgents to disable first responder facilities, People’s Liberation Army Agents whose assignments are to disable US defensive systems, and police-state functionaries. 


These recent Chinese Communist Illegal Alien arrivals are being drawn and trained from the 1.45 billion native Communist Chinese in China.  Part of the 30 year plan to subjugate the US, presented by the Communist Chinese Ministry of Defense to the CCP is available in a written report of his speech, and it includes a plan to eliminate most American Citizens, including the “Useful Idiots” in the Washington Deep State who are currently assisting Communist China at multiple levels to subvert the US Constitutional Republic.

The most effective way for Communist China to achieve the outcome of depopulating the United States would be by killing 200 million Americans, as specifically outlined in the presentation to the CCP by the Communist Chinese Minister of Defense, with an attack on the naked, vulnerable Grid (a “Black Sky” event).  Modern America has grown to be dependent on its three-part fragile AC Electrical Grid: consisting of the Eastern Interconnect, Western Interconnect, and the Electrical Reliable Council of Texas (ERCOT) an independent Interconnect that manages the flow of electric power for more than 26 million Texas customers. 

Without the miracle of flowing electricity, fuel cannot be pumped, electrical communications will cease, as well as lights, water, heat, oxygen; in addition, hospitals operations, and strategic defenses will not function.  Backup generators are good for only several days until fuel runs out, food in US cities will last about 3 days.  After one or two days, dedicated first responders will return home only to protect their own families.  Looting for food will be conducted by roving armed gangs, while Americans will be struggling to try to feed their families.  The pumps that cool stored nuclear waste will run out of backup fuel in weeks, even if dedicated operators remain at work.  Scores of meltdowns of nuclear reactors will erupt and will contaminate radiation across the nation.

The ten amazingly small groups of non-profit and Government related groups of Americans, who understand and agonize over this “Black Sky” event, know there are three ways to turn off or take down the US Electrical Grid:  with Cyberattacks, Physical Attacks, and EMP Attacks.

A Cyberattack is the easiest way to attack and disable the Grid.  It can be done with no fingerprints.  The best Offensive Cyber Engineers in our service can shut down any US facility, according to the elite practitioners of this art.  One of our best Cyber Engineers was a part of the Israeli team that stopped the Iranian nuclear program for a decade in the now famous Stuxnet attack (The Iranian operation was unusual; it involved the deaths of key Iranian nuclear scientists when the Siemens centrifuges were blown up.).  Recently Cyber Engineers turned off whole Russian cities in the Spring of 2021 to stop Putin’s first attempted invasion of Ukraine from getting off the ground.  Cyberattacks are usually designed to last for days or weeks and involve non-permanent damage that can be corrected.  The US Solar Winds debacle two year ago and later the US Colonial Pipeline were successful attacked and disabled.

The Grid is plagued by hundreds of amateurs, who make significant Physical Attacks on sections of the Grid daily.  Physical attacks today by a serious enemy would employ Drones.  A fear of strategic planners is an attack by a swarm of offensive drones against a strategic target.  Defenses against drone attacks have been evolving rapidly in Ukraine, where each side is employing drone attacks.  Russia is using Iranian drones to attack Ukrainian military forces.  Drone ‘swarms’ are of a particular concern.  But for an enemy to use drone “swarms” against the Grid, that enemy would need to have skilled agents on the ground, near any offensive action.  US strategic planners are developing protective measures.

If Communist China decides to depopulate the US and destroy its US Electrical systems, it will initiate a high altitude, low yield, nuclear detonation from one of Communist China’s satellites overflying the US daily.  That would create an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) designed to destroy the US Electrical Grid.  There are three types of EMP Pulses that are created from a meticulously designed nuclear detonation.  The EMP Pulse One travels at the speed of light and creates gamma rays interacting with air molecules; it can destroy electronic equipment that is not protected by metal shielding, shunts, or a Faraday Cage.  EMP Pulse Two travels slightly slower, behaves like lightning, and can burn up equipment that is not grounded.  EMP Pulse Three are the GMP type lower energy long wave pulses, a mile or more in length; they are destructive because they can couple with 340,000 miles of overhead transmission wire, not damaging it, but interacting with it as if it were an antenna.


EMP Pulse Three looks like a DC current as it travels with the existing AC high voltage lines into the approximately 2,212 behemoth 100–300 ton electrical transformers throughout the United States that service 95% of US power.  Those 2,212 transformers throughout the United States would rapidly overheat and the transformer coils would be destroyed by an Electro Magnetic Pulse.  Those 100–300 ton transformers are manufactured in very few US facilities, and it would take 6 months to a year to replace such a transformer.

Today a full EMP strategic pulse weapon against the Grid would use 1-5 small nuclear warheads, to fully cover all North America.  They would be detonated at an altitude that would ensure overlapping killing fields, to knock out the entire Grid.  Communist China may also decide to detonate a number of small Neutron Weapon against selected high-population areas and against military personnel in military facilities such as at Fort Bragg, US Marine Base Camp Lejeune – to exterminate personnel, without harming the valuable US infrastructure.

The harsh reality is that an implacable enemy, such as Communist China, will employ Cyberattacks, an EMP Weapon, and Neutron Weapons (against personnel) to destroy the Grid and ensure there is a 99% assurance of success.  If the Communist China’s 30-year Long Plan to subvert the US Constitutional Republic from within becomes seriously in doubt, perhaps because their control is threatened by a political reversal or if the fraudulent action to harvest ballots to manipulate the vote totals fails, or if the ongoing erosion of the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces is reversed, then taking down the Grid with an EMP Weapon would be a default solution for the CCP to take control of the US.

There is a method to harden and protect the Grid that has been developed over the last 18 years.  High Tech Engineer-led companies have been fixed on the Grid’s vulnerability for over 18 years, and have collaborated with the Sandia Labs, the US Army, the US Navy, Universities such as MIT to produce a solution to harden the Grid, so it would be able to survive an EMP Attack by Communist China.  The High-Tech Engineering-led companies hope to gain support for a Public/Private initiative to harden the Grid and nullify Communist China’s ability to shut down the Grid. 


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