The “Russian Sympathizer Trap” to Disarm Traditional Conservatives

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The Long Planned Neo-liberal Trap To Disarm Traditional Conservatives for a fake sympathy for Edomite & Communist enemies of America.

New video has emerged from India outlining how they align totally with the North Korean, Iranian, Russian, Syrian and Chinese “pay back” against the West!

Special report by Dr Brunswick, Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies.

Broadcasted LIVE Mar 10th, 10:30PM CST Full clip below.

This league of enemy nations should be called the Russia-Iran-China-India-North Korea Bloc (We call it the Evil Red Coalition who have majority control over the UN and America’s right to defend itself against the weighted communist nations on the security council).

Summary of the bold stances of India, claiming to do well with North Korea in power, joining with Russia, Syria, Iran, and even with China to work to humiliate the West as a “PAY BACK” to White people / racists is the claim. It’s not about payback against a corporate elite, or even against the United States, they call it pay-back against a population that makes up less than 1% of the world, a minority population known as Western European.

NEW WORLD ORDER VIEWPOINTS FROM MAJOR INDIAN NEWS: “India is ready to join with North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria and China”, and will have “no issues” getting along with this “New World Order”:

The #1 plan of the NWO is get all the traditionalists to be seen as Russian sympathizers, and do a fake bomb / false flag attack and blame it on them. Their long war plan to remove the Anglo Saxon birthright will then finally be at their reach.

The Scriptures foretold of their plans, as they will burn our weapons for 7 years, but they would not be successful. On the 7th year a great light comes and we give them all graves. Their whole hoard, like a “Red Cloud” George Washington foretold, would envelope the nation, coast to coast, occupied by the mostly non-European races, and a few Europeans.

For more than 100 years everyone agreed our greatest enemies were in control of Russia. Since the 1930s they had programs to take over American schools with communism etc. They succeeded. There is a long plan, These “long plan” wars were incremental plans over 100 years. All is well known to the military under numbers publications out of China. One of the most telling was written in 1999 by two colonels in the People’s Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗). The book is called “UNRESTRICTED WARFARE” These visionary military officers theorized how to make an end run around the current geopolitical hegemonic power with unrestricted warfare, extending the battlefield into culture, media, biological cyber and outer space warfare. Current events suggest this is no longer mere theory and the method seems to be working. They even laid out how Osama Bin Laden would attack the world trade center. It covers the biological warfare now underway with the covid-bio-weapon that has primarily killed countless millions in the West.

The democrats will join with this mogrel hoarde of Russia, even if it comes out of laziness to the tidal waves of newcomers that vastly outnumber the original posterity populations. However, the Neo liberals never stay with one side, they flip flop with what’s convenient. This one we can see is well planned out, as they continue to confirm all these stances, and teach them boldly non-stop. Although America is a systemic White Supremacist nation, by all our laws (even our definitions of liberty, only understood by Caucasian Christians) etc, Biden repeatedly says he mobilizes his whole government against it (with prejudice against the now minority impoverished population of whites, 9th on the list of median household income averages).


Traditionalists DON’T FALL INTO THE FAKE HOAX OF RUSSIA PROMOTING TRADITIONAL VALUES. Since the Bolshevik revolution their regime has been known as our greatest enemy. They’ve now teamed up with our 2nd and 3rd and 4th greatest enemies.

However, for those who just didn’t know, we can easily disprove them as being anti-Nationalistic. There’s a small list at this article: Several Items Showing Russia is Anti-Nationalistic.

Another myth, some say Ukraine banned the Orthodox church.

Ukrainan Orthodox Church has been independent from Moscow for decades, and made up nearly 90% of their Orthodox. Barely 2% of the Orthodox still under the Russian Patriarchate were targeted in a recent Ukrainian legislation, and they litigate with communication back & forth.

Some say Ukraine has a sexual agenda. The anti-LGBTQ laws were much stricter in Ukraine till just a few years ago. As you can read in the above article, which include some laws that are still ore strict than Russia’s in regards to homosexuals banned from adopting children. While Russia allows homosexuals to adopt. The US Government passed laws with text saying they can’t give aid to Ukraine because 2/3 of their political parties are “Neo Nazi” and have employed several regiments in the military they call “Neo Nazi”(US Govt law texts from 2014-2018).

Don’t forget your true nationalism to stand with your own people. So many good traditionalists have been duped to give up on the rule of law, I get into this rule of law in recent articles, and I dare say that some have succumbed to be cowardly traitors to their own people, in favor of Russia. These are mostly just passivist couch potatoes who don’t even want the laws on the books enforced as it relates to protecting children, and would rather blame Edomites than obey Christ who said to “occupy till I come”. They also conveniently deny that those Edomites still rule Russia, although for more than a Century it was well known. They’ve forgot true Nationalism, and neglected their own people, surrendering all to the communists, and have played into the hands of those who wish to snuff out the last traces of Christian conservative nationalism in America. They got in through seduction on this last phase. The propaganda has worked, and they’ve succeeded in lumping all the right wing together with thus true communist block world order. Democrats aren’t stupid, they plan to join that bloc, but for now they know they can use Russia like a pawn to blame conservatives for whatever they do. All their tactics carry on as normal. They disguise as one of us and then carry things out. Notice how no one was ever tougher on Russia and the leftist neo-liberal media consistently say and still say that Trump was Pro-Russia? That’s the plan, and that’s what they continue to do, is lump us all into such a group, for what? For no reason but to fulfill the long plan.

Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, and other post-Soviet East block countries have not forgotten true nationalism.

Their NWO minions all chant that we have pushed down the other races for centuries and that Whites deserve pay back. However, that is totally untrue. As we actually lifted up the Black race to bring them to America in less tighter chains than they presently still have in Africa today. We also liberated them from that, the CONFEDERATE SOUTHERN states banned slavery long before the North got the idea. Some Northern states kept slavery going long after the war. Rev Jessie Jackson (major liberal commentator for blacks) himself admitted the civil war wasn’t about slavery. He said the civil war wasn’t about ending slavery but was about keeping the union together. Everybody knows this, if you read Lincoln’s speeches, he kept his stance before, during and after the war, to at least send all the blacks back to Africa. 1 state in the South wanted slavery listed as a reason for the war but that never became official. The other 11 states were about keeping sovereignty alive. Only several years into the war Lincoln made slavery a part of the war effort, in order to enlist more troops and falsely justify his war crimes policies of scorched earth and ethnic depopulation of whites. After the war blacks out numbered whites in several states, and each black family was given full reparations as large plots of land. Most blacks preferred to live in the cities and promptly sold those.

Even for Native Americans, full payments were made. 57 Million acres are held in trust for Native Americans. 4 million of those acres are occupied directly today as 326 reservations for the 572 federally recognized tribes. All of which is off limits to any American jurisdictions, as millions of native Americans live on, and near them, totally immune to US law.  One of the reservations , like to the Navajo nation is bigger in size than several American states.  That’s just one of 325 other reservations built up and lifted up by the Caucasian peoples.  If you join their tribe you also don’t have to get a US drivers license to drive on any of the US roads. They have their own laws, and all their tribe citizens get continuous checks from the federal government. However , we also lifted them up and gave them a much better circumstance. All this and much more in the latest broadcast. …Must watch to the end. Much more content in the video going live weekly.

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