Re-Launch of Regular Broadcasts, Dr Brunswick’s “Our Father’s Business” Episode 1.

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NOTE: Our opening broadcast got us a 7 day ban from youtube. Some one said the word covid and “new study” in the same sentence. So it was automatically labelled medical disinformation and so the show was removed and also the next weeks show. You can however find them on rumble (although quality not as good on the recording as it was on youtube).

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Today’s subject: Heritage and Posterity

Messages on “Our Father’s Business”, by Dr Brunswick (with special guests) LIVE every Thursday and with special bonus broadcasts to channel subscribers.

OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS, Weekly Broadcast, Thursday 7PM CST (US Time)

I was just reminiscing about our previous broadcasts “THE KINGDOM MESSAGE” co-hosted with Pastor Boyle for about 10 years, now offline.
Once we had recorded 400 of our live broadcasts onto Mp3s the talkshoe server crashed and we lost all our recordings. You can find but a few of them on thebrunswickers channel. However for now we’re thankful to God that we’re relaunched into our new program “Our Father’s Business” (going LIVE tonight at 7PM CST:

Join us on “Our Father’s Business” (going LIVE tonight and every Thursday at 7PM CST: I decided last night to re-launch regular broadcasts.

We’re encouraging people to be involved in life around them, as Ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom on earth. Where we not only say we’ll seek first His Kingdom on earth, and not only pray it’s done, but we take some responsibility of sons in our father’s profession to do it, expecting as Christ said, that “you will do greater works than I have done”.


As always on the weekly broadcasts of “the Kingdom Message”, we continue to discuss the foundational covenants of the Kingdom. We cover those establishments of His word that we are told to pray “kingdom come on earth) or that His dominion comes down into our lives, as His body tabernacles as we are yielded to Him. As Christ said we must “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness” (it’s not unattainable) till we be a full witness of it, and finally then the end will come (Matt 24:14).

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We go in His name, By His Grace, For His Kingdom rule to be done through us on earth, as it is done in heaven.
As the Son will remain at the right hand of the Father upon the heavenly throne expecting till all His enemies are made His footstool.
So we are expected to work in His victory of His Divine grace working through faith in His word, doing it in love.