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Persecution on Display as Finland Prosecutes Christians for their Faith

A Church Bishop in Finland is being prosecuted for publishing a 24 page booklet in 2004 that merely says that God designed sex for within a marriage. It’s considered a hate crime in Finland to say “no sex before marriage”, as all churches have taught in all previous generations. The only known definition of marriage […]

4 Times More Likely to be Struck by Lightening Than be Transgender (in America 10 years ago)

Dear Friends, Listen to this climbing statistic of gender dysphoria in the last 15-20 years of Obama-Biden type lgbt forced mandates. Statistically everyone has a 1 in 15,000 chance to be struck by lightening in their lifetime. Due to this statistic we have not forced everyone’s neighbor to go into programs and take away their […]

SON OF CONFEDERATES was asked: “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?”

The other day I was asked why I honor my Confederate Great (3-4x Great) Grandfathers. The man asked:  “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?” I responded: Each state legally voted for secession from DC after that taxation without representation was brought on by the North. Everyone knew the election was rigged also, it was […]

“Christian?” Sympathy for the invasion of Poland???

So called Polish “Christians” are pleading for Sympathy for the invasion of Poland. If they are refugees then legally they can only stop and apply for asylum legally in the first country they arrived in. (So Belarus only). The law works great. Sympathy for a conspiracy to in the future do crimes is not what […]

Jews ban the vaccine in an Official Israeli Legislative body decision.

Israeli legislative body is banning the vax. Says it makes the women sterile. Also that everyone must fight against any and all mandates MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women – Business Game Changers MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court Decrees Jab is “Absolutely Forbidden” for Children: Business […]

Misconceptions about Constantine, ecumenical councils’ weight, and the Sabbath

Dear friends, I have a few new articles upcoming. First I would like to bring attention to our brothers to have a look at our Jerusalem rights of our Templar Order: Jerusalem Sovereignty Proposal part I. Within the next month we will be finalizing the re-vamp of the above website and calling on Knights of the […]

No Vax Genocide lawsuit, although Nuremberg medical experiements code, section 1 etc greatly violated, Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies

Dear friends in Christ,   According to many recovered legal experts, with the types of attorneys that exist (mainly as political agents sold out to Mystery Babylon) there will be no major case to challenge the present genocide by forced gene therapy experiments (with clear long term studies always failing very badly). The DNA therapy […]

Missing Verses from the Didache on Communion with Incense. Also see Sarum Missal and Apostles Didascalia for confirmation.

The Didache is widely considered an authoritative document on rules of the church. It is dated to the First Century. In the newer renditions of the Didache they cut off the last verses of Chapter 10. However the Coptic version and other pre 11th Century versions of papyrus manuscripts these verses are still there. The […]

Chapter on Apostolic Succession in the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of The Cymry(Welsh)

The Apostolic heritage of the Bishops of Britain before submission to Canterbury and continuing afterwards. Our lines of Apostolic succession are traced in these lines also. As taken from the genealogies of Welsh Saints and further corroborated. In these we see that the family of Britain’s First Century rulers, and their descendants had formed a […]

Dardanus’ line (of Troy) to France, from Ambassador College Thesis of Herman L Hoeh

Ambassador College Thesis Compendium of World History – Volume 2 Chapter XII A:   FURTHER MIGRATIONS TO FRANCE    The old Trojan House, of the line of Dardanus, was restored to power after the Greek defeat at Troy in 1149. The Greeks did not preserve the history of this restoration for two reasons. One, they did […]

NL: Geschiedenis van Kelto Saksisch Israel “Geschiedenis van Kelto Saksisch Israel” (214 pgs) by Bennett

Een fundamentele theologie van de Culdees heeft een basis in de oorspronkelijke stammen van Israël. Hieronder een actie van de site https://vlicthus.nl/. We moedigen u aan om hun boek te kopen en te delen met degenen die geïnteresseerd zijn om lid te worden van een historisch-apostolische West-Orthodoxe (Keltische) kerk. NL: Geschiedenis van Kelto Saksisch Israel […]

Welsh and Celto-Saxon Kings Protecting Glastonbury (and the religion of the Culdees)

A Chapter taken from our booklet on Celtic Ecclesiology, the Married Abbots and Clerics of the Orthodox Culdee. Full text is found at https://orthodoxchurch.nl/2017/05/glastonbury-married-cleric-monks/ Welsh and Celto-Saxon Kings Protecting Glastonbury Peace to their shades! the pure Culdees Were Albyn’s earliest priests of God, Ere yet an island of her seas By foot of Saxon monk […]

Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties

  A short discussion about the Russian Imperial Branches of the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick. The rightful House of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea. https://youtu.be/zAMCH_yCwJg This study focused more on the Brunswick lines of Russia, the Kiev-Rus and other senior originating tribes of the Royal house, which have remained to this day as active lead members. *below* […]

70% of those hospitalized with severe COVID illness are FULLY VACCINATED! .. untested vax mandates are inhumane

Below is a recent response I recieved from Matt Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel. They are doing great work helping people from the vaccine injuries. It is also a human rights matter, of which the Equal Employment rights are trampled and you may have a good lawsuit, so long as you don’t quite and are […]

Intermarium Hope for a Central/East European Regional Power, Speech from Estonian Parliament Foreign Affairs

From the Office of HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, Head Prince of the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, Primace St Andrew’s O.C.C. If you’re for European unity and solidarity you may wish to see a good Speech from the Estonian Parliament, Foreign Affairs committee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCJ47R03UQE   My comment was given: European International law does purport to […]

Zabezpieczony: Consequences of the Feds Claim to “Focus on White Supremacy”

Brak zajawki, ponieważ wpis jest zabezpieczony hasłem.

„Szukając zaginionych spadkobierców” autorstwa adwokata Christian Defense League, dr Bertranda Comparet

POSZUKIWANIE ZAGINIONYCH DZIEDZICÓW Dr Bertrand L. Comparet, AB, JD Czy kiedykolwiek przestałeś kwestionować intensywną nienawiść na świecie do białych chrześcijan? Pisemna intencja naszego niebieskiego Ojca Jahwe jest wyrażona w Jego modlitwie, kiedy modlimy się: bądź wola Twoja tak na ziemi, jak jest w niebie. W […]

CHCIAŁ! KILKU DOBRYCH LUDZI. - Wezwanie do ochotników do armii Pana!

(Wezwanie ochotników do armii Pana!) Bryg. Gen. Jack Mohr, CPDL „Bądźcie silni i rzucajcie się jak mężczyźni. Porzućcie się jak ludzie i walczcie ”(1 Samuela 4: 9). „Uważajcie, stójcie mocno w wierze: przestańcie jak ludzie, bądźcie silni!” (1 Koryntian 16:13). Jest dziś temat, który wydaje się […]

Otwarta dyskusja na temat sytuacji obalenia monumentalnego pomnika Jerzego Waszyngtona, zbezczeszczenia jego Kościoła i narodu

Watchman News zorganizował wieczór otwarty z mikrofonami i otwartą dyskusję na temat sytuacji obalenia monumentalnego pomnika Jerzego Waszyngtona, profanacji jego Kościoła i narodu. Czy można zburzyć nasze przełomowe posągi? To się dzieje i jest bardzo realne, a ja nawet nie mówię o żadnych posągach Konfederatów, ale obejmujących wszystkie grupy […]

de jure (prawdziwa miłość do wolności) Ameryka zawsze zakazała mieszania ras, prawo Alabamy i 28 innych stanów nazywało to przestępstwem do 1968 roku

Uwielbiam Amerykę de iure (legalną i prawdziwą Amerykę), chociaż w rzeczywistości zostaliśmy zaatakowani przez wszystkie definicje i obecnie jesteśmy zniewoleni przez programy wymuszonego mieszania, zamiast być wolnymi, aby przestrzegać pokojowych praw wolności Boga, „wyjść z nich i być oddzielacie się ”, jak powtórzył św. Paweł, prawa zdrowia […]