Our Basis of Common Law or “The Rule of Law” text: legislators and judiciaries not superior to “the People”

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Restoring Our Civilization With Our Basis of Common Law or “The Rule of Law” text: legislators and judiciaries are not superior to “the People”

by Dr Stephen M.K. Brunswick, Priory of Salem, Institute of Law

(Legal disclaimer appended)

At the end of the day, all reverts to the unanimously defined “rule of law”.

Art. 1, s. 1 of the US Constitution lays this down most plainly: “the power is in the People who are represented by the independent States”

Art. 6, s. 1 of the US Constitution binds the definition of the People and their common law duties as:“…engagements entered into before the adoption of the Constitution, shall be valid..”.

Part of this body of the common law “engagements entered into” would be Federalist Papers #78,“the power of the People is above both (the legislative and judicial branches)”.  This is echoed throughout all the Courts of the USA as the most foundational definition of the American “rule of law”.

(Sources: https://guides.loc.gov/federalist-papers/text-41-50 or USCOURTS.GOV (screenshot below, as of 3/6/2023): The most simplistic, precise and conclusive text on “The Rule of Law at USCOURTS.GOV“.

There  you may verify the Federal Courts emphasize that the Federalist paper #78 carries this main definition of the People’s superiority to their court and to the legislatures. (The People’s representative elected Sheriff being the highest law of the land, bound by oath solely to the “Sheriff’s Oath is Solely to State Constitutions and the US Constitution” (source: Legal Meaning of the Sheriff’s Oath of Office on SHERIFFS.ORG) and so Sheriffs remain the Constitutional representative of the People, not bound to carry out laws of subsequent inferior independent legislatures of their State nor are they required to obey the various judiciaries (or BAR Associations’) administrative practices, or other unelected servants, that may seek to move them contrary to the US or State Constitutions themselves.

The People’s independent representation (subordinate to their “engagements entered into before the Constitution”) would include the Mayflower Compact “advancement of the Christian faith..”, the original 1600s Articles of Perpetual Confederation, named “perpetual for the People” with the main text headlines including the words: “for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintaining the purity of the Gospel”, as the “perpetual(un-ending) Confederation(or Union)” of the People, as lifted from the Holy Bible. These historical documents of the people, recognized on the scale of the Federalist papers unanimously recognized, would include the Declaration of Independence are all deemed as valid engagements from before the Constitution, and as the “Common Law”.

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Needless to say, each State’s Constitution lays out their other sovereign aspects of their Republican form of government, for example, their Governor being the commander-in-chief of the military, etc. The agency between the states being chiefly today, that they would guarantee to each state their own independent “Republican form of government” (US Constitution Art 4, s. 4).

Contact us about more Constitutional type of Petitions “For redress of grievances” which you can circulate within your County to gain signatures. As the Constitution would guarantee we don’t (under the full meaning of the 1st Amendment which includes peacefully assembling to petition for redress of grievances. We would accomplish this via signatures and delivering these to your County supervisors (who would eventually let them be known to State legislatures etc).

You may wish to study more about “The Law of Posse Comitatus” as in the following video: https://rumble.com/v2bar9a-the-law-of-posse-comitatus-citizenship-responsibilities-knowledge-by-gale.html (Note: we don’t endorse all the propsals, and take a more balanced approach.)

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Legal Disclaimer: None of this content can be construed as legal advice. Each person should use their rights and obey their obligations as representatives in conformity to the Godly righteousness commanded by a loving Creator. All should be transacted in a most polite and ethical / friendly manner as we outreach to a dark and lost world.  Good Christian citizens should have no appearance of evil, blameless, gentle as doves, wise as serpents.  If you love your neighbor enough to be that good Ambassador and minister of peace, do it wisely, so that you are not entrapped into lawsuits and stopped too early on. Always demonstrate good intent and keep a copy of your proof of giving recourse to your adversary. Do as Christ said “if an officer stops you, agree with him quickly”, because he will get everything, and you will pay. Do your homework, in a multitude of counsellors there is safety. The meek inherit the earth. 


Pierwsza poprawka: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”