Ministerial Office Chronology of Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick DD, PhD.

Szerzyć miłość

Our Current Primace of the OCC, Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick DD, PhD.

In Wolfenbuttel Brunswick we use the equivalent of Primace, the “summus episcopus”.
(Główne linie sukcesji apostolskiej znajdują się poniżej)

The inspirational life testimony of ++ Stephen is a larger topic, however here are the main ministry events in the Orthodox Church of the Culdees in as chronological with some subheadings.

A Minister holding several Canonical, Traditional and Legal succession credentials in the Ecclesiastical and Royal ranks of Celtic and Kindred jurisdictions.


His Ministerial Office Chronology

(Note: While initially being baptized Roman Catholic as an infant in 1978, the family reverted to Evangelical and Protestant churches in the 1980’s. However his educational upbringing remained primarily in Lutheran schools.)

W roku Pańskim 1990, w wieku 12 lat + Stephen po raz pierwszy znalazł się pod kuratela of +Bishop Pastor Leroy Crouch of Restoration Ministries, of Celtic Davidic background, leading the primary Melchizedek Order establishment and school in the world. The Pastor was a Spiritual father to Stephen, who could visit his offices any time, as his own school campus (where Stephen’s Parents were the landlord and school officials) crossed through to the Pastor’s main office there in Garden Grove California. Crouch was a speaker for numerous Ministries that included America’s Promise speaking tours, and had made several lecture series that are carried in their catalogs and in other Celtic (Culdees) University Catalogs including in Scotland and Ireland.

W roku Pańskim 2000, po 10 latach pracy jako świecki w kościele Culdees w Orange (Ministerstwa Restauracji) i trzech latach skoncentrowanych studiów + Stefan został oficjalnie namaszczony i wyświęcony na Kapłan i Ewangelista przez + biskupa Lesley Boyle, asystenta pastora zmarłego biskupa pastora Croucha.

W roku Pańskim 2003, + Stephen został Kapelan for several local community organizations including for the Imperial Order of Knights, performing weddings, baptisms, communion, and other church services.

W roku Pańskim 2003, Został stworzony Menedżer z Korzenie Celtów Bookshop(used at Scottish / Celtic Clan festivals), owned by Dr. Warren Johnson. From 2002 +Stephen was recognized as a Uczony dr Johnsona i innych członków zarządu Amerykańskiego Instytutu Teologicznego, który opublikował swoje prace na temat teologii egzegetycznej w zaawansowanych materiałach szkoleniowych seminarium Western Division. Pełnił funkcję stałego wykładowcy i profesora honorowego.

W roku Pańskim 2003, + Biskup Wesley Perkins i + Biskup Lesley Boyle konsekrowali Stephena jako św Biskup z kościoła, sprawując nadzór nad wieloma zgromadzeniami w hrabstwach Orange County, San Bernardino i Riverside.

W roku Pańskim 2004, +Stephen begun occupations of the estates and domains in Europe that were inherited by law as belonging to George d’Guelph Brunswick Nott, in succession of our Great Uncle Ulric d’Este Guelph Brunswick, who fought against the illegal occupations of Hanover and Prussia. All in accordance with numerous treaties and house laws on the method of transmitting the inheritance and taking possession.

W roku Pańskim 2004, + Stephen został representative Bishop for the European branch of the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide, attending the annual synod (council of bishops).

In the year of our Lord, 2005, +Stephen established the “Good News of the Kingdom” Radio show as co-host with Pastor Boyle. This continued till 2014 with 450 sermons. Regular broadcasts were continued under “the Brunswickers” youtube channel till this day. Depiction on regular broadcast as below:

In the year of our Lord, 2006, +Stephen began a cooperation of Culdee institutes under His Eminence Abbot Dr David Michael Smith, Abbot General of the Culdee Order, Grand Master of the Templar Order of the Gate.

W roku Pańskim 2007, +Stephen was chartered by the Abbot General of the Culdee Order to form a Culdean Mission (and Abbey) at the South of the Netherlands. He served as Abbot of Barendrecht Abbey, Zuid Holland. His Abbey and wider Celtic Church ministry (ongoing since 2000) delivered priestly services across churches of Holland, Europe and the UK. Several newsletters, including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant magazines highlighted his “2010 Pilgrimage Crusade” to “Reclaim the Ecclesiastical Rights of Glastonbury”, and his successful ministering in several congregations as a “visiting Abbot”. The primacy in the Culdees in Europe had been won back from various pagan imposters. Membership from numerous countries grew from Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and England.

W roku Pańskim 2009, + Bp Wesley Perkins i + biskup Lesley Boyle wyświęceni + biskup Stephen as Biskup w Holandii(overseeing multiple congregations), and jointly signed a list referencyjny na jego ewentualny wybór na arcybiskupa jurysdykcji krajów Beneluksu w Radzie Biskupów Zgromadzenia Chrystusowego. Świadectwo święcenia został również odebrany.

In the year of our Lord, 2009, The Heraldic Community of Westphalia registered the Nott Coat of Arms with Bishops’ Consecration award, adorning the 14th Century Dynastic house arms.

W roku Pańskim 2009, +Stephen Michael was elevated to Crown Prince of the Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick principality, as His Serene Highness as Heir-at-law to George d’Guelph Brunswick Nott. As representative, exchanged award medals at the Ducal Guard ceremony held at Brunswick Germany in sight of 4,000 spectators. In 2009 HMSH launched the copyrighted websites, etc to distribute our Dynastic Claim book and the Documentary DVD “Throne Stolen but Not Lost” as produced by Galatia Films LLC.

W Roku Pańskim 2010, + Został Stephen Michael Lord przeor Glastonbury, leading locals in the liturgy. He is heir to the last Royally approved wardens of Glastonbury. After the long dedicated ministry service, this rank was confirmed by Culdean (including Anglican, Scottish and Irish church) Clerics at Glastonbury. This was the year the Catholic church stopped doing processions at Glastonbury. To fill in, right on time, +Stephen led a banner procession to the Tor, with a musical procession. Prayers of consecration info office were administered. A film crew from Galatia films kept a record for a possible future documentary. Installment of the church banner at the Tor was photographed and published in several newsletters. A meeting of about 30 persons applauded at this event. The headlines read: “reclaiming Glastonbury”. These meetings were also photographed and published.

In the year of our Lord, 2011, together with blessings of the successors of Restoration Ministries, the Priory of Salem was consecrated (for our Royal Priesthood under Christ the King of kings). The ceremony was officiated by Rev Stephen Michael K.B. at Samuel’s Great High Place at Gibeon (Jerusalem Israel) where Moses’ tabernacle rested. The consecration was during the High Holy day of the Feast of Passover after the Holy Communion. The service was held live by teleconference at a farm which is near the top of the highest mountain (at Gibeon) overlooking Jerusalem.

W Roku Pańskim 2013, arcybiskup Berlina, kanclerz Amerykańskiego Kościoła Prawosławnego i inni biskupi, uznali status kościoła kuldańskiego, nasz starszeństwo, celtyckie pierwszeństwo wśród Kościołów zachodnich i pełną autonomię. Dali nam również pozwolenie, byśmy służyli ich kościołom. To był urzędnik list uznania i komunii między OCC a AOCC, z odniesienie naszej dobrej współpracy w służbie od ponad pięciu lat.

W roku Pańskim 2015, +Stephen was consecrated as Primace (Lead Bishop/Archbishop) and anointed with stamped recognitions by three Archbishops, recognized in writing and in the anointing ceremony as head of multiple jurisdictional titles of Nobility within the church and within the Dukedom Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick (as a German elder Dukedom, several member principalities remain resident subordinate). Multiple Knights were also invested at the event. The Archbishop of Berlin, +Peter Becker (primary consecrating Bishop) and the Archbishop +Blake Allan Hammacher (assisting Bishop), did canonically consecrate +Stephen as Arcybiskup AOCC Archidiecezji Niderlandów i Nizin (Benelux) with the contractual conditions of full autonomy of the Orthodox Culdean Church. The assisting Archbishop +Ambrose von Sievers, Catacomb Church of True Orthodox Christians, provided a certificate of reintegration with the Orthodox Church, and formally recognized +Archbishop(or Primace) Stephen Michael d’Guelph Prince of Brunswick, of the Culdee’s church, i (tytularny) Arcybiskup Glastonbury.

Dzień poświęcenia spotkał się z różnymi cudami i cudami, jako znak, że został ustanowiony przez Boga. Zainteresowane strony mogą poprosić o różne dowody.

Co pół roku +Stephen continues since 2010 meeting and maintaining services with the Glastonbury Clerics and others involved in ministry to the local people (and pilgrims). Some work full time in ministry, some in music, some in performing the Divine liturgies, and others in writing and distributing literature part time.


In the year of our Lord, 2016-present, +Stephen became Sovereign Ducal Protector for the investiture ceremonies for Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick jurisdictions of the Knights Templar.

W Roku Pańskim 2017, +Stephen was awarded with a Doctorate of Divinity. As with tradition of ordinations, the Professor Becker from Lutheran Institute of St Peter and St Paul, referred him along with the references to the school’s headmaster. So +Stephen may use in His style HMSH ++Archbishop Dr. Stephen d’Guelph Brunswick, DD (Within the OCC He is called Primace without extra titles, and externally shortens it to Reverend  for unity within other modern international churches that are all considered part of Christ’s one body. Whether you wish to address him as “sir” for his Royal and Imperial inheritance, or the higher titles of “The Rev Dr” or Reverend is also fine and acceptable as brothers should be working with the least amount of obstacles. Per the Parliament of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick the citizens have other regulations.)

W Roku Pańskim 2017, +Stephen completed his Doctoral Thesis on the Celtic Church, and submitted it to the Lutheran Institute St Peter and St Paul, and was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Theology (or ThD).

W Roku Pańskim 2019, HMSH, Rev Dr Stephen M.K. Brunswick re-launched the audio courses of the late Bishop Pastor Crouch through the Priory of Salem at Missouri and via the Youtube channel.

W Roku Pańskim 2020, HMSH, Rev Dr Stephen M.K. Brunswick established the Ministry of St. Andrew’s and St. Joseph’s at Dixieland Rd, Arkansas.

In the year of our Lord, 2021, HMSH, Rev Dr Stephen M.K. Brunswick graduated from the Baptist School of Biblical & Theological Studies with the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, emphasis in Religious Education (or PhD).

In the year of our Lord, 2022, HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick has completed the legal required succession paperwork covering eight legal methods for the accession to the Chiefship of the Royal House of Este-Guelph, for the Sovereign Dukedom of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick and Wolfenbuttel-Luneburg while retaining his lawful status as the Royal-priest head (summus episcopus) of the Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick church. The completion of these additional legalities came through the coursework of the earned Certificates in International Law and International Arbitration from two major accredited Universities in the EU.

Oto kilka z linii kapłańskich, które są uznawane w kręgach prawosławnych chrześcijaństwa (na wschodzie i zachodzie). Te linie łączą się w bezpośredniej kolejności, począwszy od Świętych Apostołów, w ceremonii konsekracji namaszczenia i nałożenia rąk.

Jako biskup wizytujący w obcej jurysdykcji zwyczajowo dokonuje się ponownej konsekracji w celu potwierdzenia ważności sakramentów w tych kongregacjach.

Chociaż niektórzy uważają, że te konsekracje nie są konieczne, kilka uniwersytetów na całym świecie uważa je za wymóg dla każdego, kto pełni służbę kapłańską. Kościół angielski i wiele innych kościołów, które nie są objęte strukturą Rzymu, postanowiło zachować sukcesję biskupią. Obejmuje to wszystkie międzynarodowe wyróżnienia, ponieważ mówi, że angielski kościół „zachował swój biskupstwo, ale nie od papieża Grzegorza, który wysłał tam mnicha Augustyna, ale od Józefa z Arymatei”. Jest to połączone z szerszym ponownym ustanowieniem i uznaniem w ramach Wschodniego Kościoła Prawosławnego (Prawosławnego Kościoła Prawosławnego, który uniknął masakr bolszewickich, żyjąc w katakumbach, AKA Catacomb Church. Zgodnie z kanonami pierwotnego rosyjskiego kościoła, aby zachować Szabat w sobotę).

[Uwaga specjalna w szabat:Apostolskie Didascalia zostały uznane za kanoniczne w większości prawosławnego świata, a szabat przypada na sobotę i nazywany jest dniem odpoczynku i kultu. W Stoglavie oficjalnym rękopisie Rosyjskiej Cerkwi Prawosławnej z 1556 roku, zawierającym materiały z Soboru Moskiewskiego za panowania Iwana IV (1531-1584), znajduje się rozdział poświęcony szabatowi:
“By the Authority of Peter and Paul, we command to the people to work during the week. But on Subota (Sabbath) and on Nedelja (Sunday) let them worship in the Church and pray, and let them learn something for the sake of good faith. The Subota is the image of the whole creation, while the Nedelja is the day of the resurrection.” Read more in the book published by His Eminence ++Rev Dr Stephen M.K. Brunswick, Primace ,OCC, “Uhonorowanie szabatu w Kościele prawosławnym“.]

[In Short: + Stephen Michael (Nott-Brunswick) was consecrated with multiple titular anointings on February 7th, 2015. A main anointing that has been functional for a time was Archbishop of Glastonbury. The main duties are as the international Primace of the Culdees’ Church. These offices were performed by three Orthodox Archbishops of valid Apostolic Succession in right standing within our communion. These assisting Bishops were under multiple contracts not interfering with the independence of the Culdees’ jurisdictions, but in mutual help to our congregations, removing doubts regarding canonicity and recognizing each other per the canons of the Orthodox faith, for the expansion of services to the local peoples.  Note, although this title of Archbishop is named in the papers provided, the Culdees use the word Primace to describe the same. Glastonbury would use not a Bishop title, but of a Lord Prior or Abbot, as this historically hereditary station was among many Culdee hereditary stations held by Lord Prior John Nott as the last formally recognized Abbott of the original Glastonbury that was destroyed by Henry VIII.]