Zabytkowy kościół celtycki i dzisiejszy kościół prawosławny Culdees

Kościół celtycki jest przedmiotem wielu intryg na całym świecie. Mamy świętego Patryka i świętego Kolumbę, a nawet wuja Chrystusa Józefa z Arymatei i innych świętych z I wieku, którzy przewodzili Wielkiej Brytanii, jak św. Arystobul, św. Andrzej, św. Paweł i św. Filip [niektórzy z najstarszych przodków Cerkiew Celtycka]. […]

“The Sabbath in the True Orthodox Church” (East and West) BOOK PUBLISHED BY OUR CHURCH

“The Sabbath in the True Orthodox Church” By Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. Brunswick Primace, Orthodox Church of the Culdees Chief of the House of Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick One of the most informative church history books you may ever read.  More than 40 Early Church Fathers are cited herein as advocates for keeping Sabbath on Saturday. IT’S BACK […]

UWAGA DLA NIEWIERZĄCYCH - Jesteś na prywatnej stronie internetowej dla całkowicie nawróconych chrześcijan

STRONA GŁÓWNA PRZEDMOWA: Nie usłyszysz propagowania obrzydliwości i bluźnierstw z naszego kościoła. „W dzisiejszych czasach” niektórzy mówią, że nasze prawosławne wierzenia rozproszą trzodę. Tradycje stworzone przez człowieka mogą to robić, ale na naszym zgromadzeniu mamy tylko słowo Boże. Nie ma „prywatnej interpretacji Jego słowa Pisma” 2Piotr 1:20, ale jest ono szeroko nauczane […]

TEXIT Bill has a good chance of passing. Endorsements are Mounting Through the Texas State House of Representatives

The TEXIT bill is moving fast through the Texas State House of Representatives. At this rate it has a very good chance of passing so that the people of Texas may be able to vote on a referendum to establish Texas Independence, returning back to America’s earlier union, withdrawing from the present new form of […]

Covid Vaccine Dr REFUSES ALL the Vaccines, says wouldn’t take it even if offered $1 Million Euros!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Always consult your physician about medical conditions. You may also want to ask them if they and their families are getting this untested vaccine. Ask any expert anywhere if they can point you to any single vaccine safety study that has been finished regarding any kind of mRNA or Coronavirus vaccines on “safety”. […]

mRNA Covid Vaccines Target and Destroy Brain Cells, Neuroscientist’s Accurate Tests Confirm

 (Members and students only content. Priory of Salem, Institute of Health) Important information covered from Neuroscientist Chris Shaw PhD, Prof at University of British Columbia: What our analysis of his disclosures confirm is that the mRNA of any mRNA vaccine does indeed travel to the brain in all of the studies done. This would mean […]

Holiday Address, from Chief of the House, Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick

Many Holiday Greetings from Chief of the House, HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick, video address for our suffrage populations’ rights to freedom to obey God in peace. Chief and Head of several Dynasties of Imperial and Royal blood of Europe and Britain, with continuous legal right upheld in numerous effective treaties and […]

3% vaccinated are now crippled! URGENT CDC Report about the Covid-19 Vaccine, Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19

Priory of Salem, Institute of Health has published the following warning to our associate members and students. (Legal Disclaimer: This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. If this information reaches the public, then legally we are required to say you must consult your physician about it.) Additionally we publish this […]

Zapomniane przykazanie MYCIA NA ZAWSZE dla odkupionych pogan!

Article “The Forgotten WASHING Commandment FOR EVER, for the redeemed Gentiles!”,  Priory of Salem, Institute of Health, by Hon Prof Rev Stephen MK Brunswick  (Members and students only content. Priory of Salem) (From the Good News of the Kingdom Newsletter Issue No 52, 2013) Also published online in 2014 under the heading “Snapping the Bonds […]

God’s Law is For Israel Only, Adam-man only

(SIN IS TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW, see 1John 3:4. At the end of this article I think you may share the conclusion that “SIN” only applies to Israel, the rest cannot be imputed with any sin. We see proof of the consequences when other races are held to the same equal measure of law, the […]

Linguistics on the Word Adam: Awdawm Adam-kind, Adam-man etc.

Foreward: In this linguistics study we get to the root meanings. These truths were plainly understood and the realities of which were taught in every University. The Supreme Court in the 1920’s through the 1960’s continued to uphold decisions and laws that referred to Adam-man being Caucasian. So lets get to the meanings from their […]

110 Marks of Israel, Bible References Identifying the Difference Between True Israel (Saxon Christendom) and False (Idumea, a people of God’s curse)

  110 Marks of Israel by Lt. Col. J.G. Wright Foreward by the Association of Covenant People: Colonel Wright was born in a small community in Ontario in 1877 but moved to Toronto where he graduated from the University of Toronto. He held a number of civic offices and was very active in military circles. […]

*VIDEO: Doctors & Medical Experts Worldwide Warn Humanity Against Taking the COVID19 Vaccine

Update on latest information: URGENT CDC Report about the Covid-19 Vaccine, Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Doctors & Medical Experts Worldwide Warn Humanity Against Taking the COVID19 Vaccine Priory of Salem, Institute of Health As mirrored from World Doctors Alliance All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Find […]

Guess Who has Been Funding the Company that Owns Dominion Voting Machines?

Chinese communist surrogates in the media. Smollet, fake hate crime actor (left) and Lemon, the CNN propagandist promoting anti-American hate against what he calls the “systemic white supremacist nation”(right). All who conspire with outlawed communist (antifa) terrorist groups should be arrested and tried under the laws on the books. These same groups are in control […]

Video Courses (in German) by Hon. Prof. Klaus Jaeger, Elder O.C.C.

Video Courses by Hon. Prof. Klaus Jaeger, Elder O.C.C. We would like to announce the web presence of our Hon. Prof. Klaus Jaeger, Elder of the Orthodox Church of the Culdees. He has for some time been holding excellent courses in the German language. You can reach the website of his teaching Ministry, for the […]


HALLOWEDEVE (HOLY EVENING OCT 31) IS A CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY CELEBRATED WORLDWIDE BY THE ORTHODOX By Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick The Orthodox know October 31st as a lesser Saints’ day (starting at Vespers / Sundown) and some Biblical fundamentalists may have points of argument that it’s not all that important. Some men esteem one day […]

Keeping the Sabbath “Love Feasts” More Fully by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick

Keeping the Sabbath “Love Feasts” More Fully. Below is a chapter from the book “Sabbath in the Orthodox Church“. While most of the book is about church history, this chapter is more on Pastoral counselling. This book would be incomplete without a section that covers the benefits and practices by which a believer can increase […]

Our True Sovereign Possession

Our princes (at the Orthodox Church of the Culdees and covenant assemblies) have existing US, German, Swiss, French and other Treaties recognizing the legal realities of our Sovereign domains and estates. What all Christians of power and authority are to do is eventually to get all Christians who raise to maturity placed into that rank […]

Dziadkowie Konfederacji Rev Stephena MK Brunszwiku, żołnierze Konfederacji

Od wielebnego dr Stephena MK Brunszwiku z naszego biura na Dixieland Rd: Licząc tutaj tylko moich przodków z Konfederacji Stanów Zjednoczonych, którzy walczyli jako żołnierze. Są to głównie po prostu GG Grandpa. Jednak niektórzy byli GGG (3x!), A jeden to mój dziadek GGGG. (Moje wiersze Confederate America Nott są założycielami pierwotnego rządu Ameryki […]

Związek grzechu, biblijna definicja grzechu: „Przekroczenie prawa” utrata nagród RM 8-3-91

Ten jeden werset biblijny może uratować teologom 20 lat nauki w szkole biblijnej: 1 Jana 3: 4 „Grzech jest przekroczeniem prawa”. 70% Jego prawa ma zastosowanie tylko na poziomie krajowym. Nakazał nam „módlcie się, aby Jego królestwo przyszło na ziemię” i „szukajcie najpierw Jego Królestwa”, a „święci najwyższych wezmą królestwo […]

Zamów czapkę Make Dixie Great Again!

Spraw, by Dixie znów była świetna Kapelusz Kup w naszym lokalnym Ministerstwie, St Andrew's OCC, na Dixieland Road: Jeden rozmiar dla wszystkich $15,00 + Darmowa dostawa! Więcej zdjęć: Może Cię również zainteresować: Flaga Strażnika, Cerkiew Culdees: Cena: $25.00: 3 ′ długości, ale 2 ′ wysokości Wszystkie główne karty są […]

Komentarze Sir Williama Blackstone'a i Wykłady Charlesa Finneya o przebudzeniach

dziesięć Przykazań

Zobacz w oryginalnej witrynie ‌ ‌ ‌ American Minute with Bill Federer Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries of the Laws of England i Charles Finney's Lectures on Revivals Prawa Ameryki w dużej mierze wywodzą się z prawa zwyczajowego Anglii. Ogromny wpływ na założycieli Ameryki wywarły komentarze Sir Williama Blackstone'a dotyczące praw Anglii. Wydawane od 1765 do 1769 przez Oxford's Clarendon Press, Blackstone's […]