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Happy St Columbanus Day (Irish Apostle of Europe)

In commemoration of the great Saint that brought 12 Culdee Irish Priests to Europe, and converted the Continent, let us remember him as we do our standard evening prayers. The Celtic prayer of Saint Columbanus used in the standard (Episcopal) Evening Service: A prayer for light Grant us, Lord, the lamp of charity which never […]

Celtic Orthodox, Preserving Trumpets Feasts in their liturgies

Celtic Orthodox, Preserving Trumpets Feasts in their liturgies Heralding Christ’s soon return to His covenant True Israel people! For our Brethren now celebrating Christ’s soon return, maybe it will be TODAY, this Holy Day and New Moon day (1st day of the 7th Month). As Christ was foretold will return in Glory and we appear […]

Free book: “Primitive Worship and The Prayer Book”, Appreciating Our (BCP) English Orthodox Liturgy

Dear Friend, Please enjoy this highly uplifting book that expounds upon the value and origins of our English liturgy (Book of Common Prayer). This PDF is now in public domain (as it was published in 1917) and so is freely re-distributable such as found below. You can best get it as a book in print from amazon […]

Hours of Prayer (A Collection of Private Devotions) English Orthodox Liturgy of 1560

English Orthodox Liturgical supplement of 1560. A Collection of Private Devotions: In the practice of The Ancient Church called The Hours of Prayer as they were after this manner published by authority of Queen Elizabeth, 1560. Taken out of the Holy Scriptures, the ancient Fathers, and the Divine Service of our own church. Reprint from […]

Gratis pdf-e-boekje: "Going Ape Over Political, Academic, Journalistic and Ecumenical" Monkeybusiness ": A Swiss Tale - My Tribute to and Prayer for Christendom, Balaicius"

Hieronder staat een boekje van Balaicius, geschreven in overeenstemming met de Psalmen die we allemaal dagelijks samen zingen in overeenstemming en bidden om bevrijding van de binnenvallende vijandige wilden. Zijn ideeën borduren voort op enkele meer vlezige onderwerpen over hoe God historisch gezien Zijn verbondsnaties heeft verlost. Sommigen zeggen misschien dat zijn ideeën extreem zijn, maar toch zijn ze […]


Meer over onze met Scythen verbonden stam van de Cymri (Welsh). Gratis boek-pdf: "ECCLESIASTICAL ANTIQUITIES OF THE CYMRY" OF DE OUDE BRITSE KERK ZIJN GESCHIEDENIS, DOCTRINE EN RITES Boek downloadlink of-The-Cymry.pdf Je kunt het ook vinden in een van onze Facebook-bibliotheken: "Een zeer uitgebreid boek over onze kerkgeschiedenis." - Abp. Stephen Michael [...]