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RETRACTED: “Is Interracial Marriage Now Illegal”?

From the Desk of our Primace and Dean Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick You may have received an email regarding our Institute of Law studies. The course on the Tree of Liberty Analysis has a whole section on “Interracial marriage” is against the Constitution. Based on it, I drafted a preview of the content […]

Is Interracial Marriage Now Illegal? (Analysis by Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies)

Inter-racial marriage is now illegal?  Analysis by the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies God’s punishments for His people’s abominations are abundant. With our Spiritually opened eyes we behold and see the reward (punishments) of the wicked(Psalm 91). According to the CDC headlines, the monkey pox virus exclusively effects those living in homes (or […]

Are we in the last days of the Supreme Court? Replace it with what? Tyrannical Mandates mis-using USSC opinions

Dr Brunswick speaks out against the communist takeover. Source links are at the bottom of this article. Legal experts and commentators everywhere have been hinting at the US Supreme Court is about to come to an end. At least they’ve long lost credibility. For a while the court was deemed inappropriate by conservatives, and now […]

De gruwel van het mengen van de rassen, het mengen van rassen is de bijbelse definitie van gruwel

Bij elke Bijbelboekwinkel, bibliotheek of boekwinkel kun je altijd een exemplaar van Strong's Concordance with the Dictionary ophalen. Daarin, zoals de meeste woordenboeken van de wereld, krijg je de feiten zonder de pluis van radicaal linkse (en satanische) STUNT POLITIEK. Laten we voorkomen dat de blinden de blinden voor eens en voor altijd leiden. Wij […]