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  1. Ignoring Corruption Codes and USSC Precedents That Would Jail the Bidens Already
  2. Hijacked America: “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” and more worse foreign financial threats
  3. Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, Online and Print Versions
  4. ADL Represents All Enemy Nations’ “Unrestricted Warfare” Against America
  5. Birth of a Nation, Account of Battle of Bull Run, by Dr Josiah C. Nott
  6. The Orthodox Church at Ireland (Celtic Orthodox inspiration of the Saxon Anglican church).
  7. Additional Journals and Booklets on the British Israel topic
  8. Eva Vlaardingerbroek latest headline news
  9. Male-Only Frank/Merovingian Ancient Genealogy of the NW German / Carolingian Emperors
  10. Children Suing Hospitals For Forced Castration Crimes
  11. Health Freedom Resources
  12. Texas Senate passes bill requiring the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms
  13. Supreme Court Inches Closer to Decision in Major Election Integrity Case
  14. John Nott de Arden’s Bye-law against usury, as Sheriff and Mayor of London
  15. To Nullify Communist China’s Ability to Shut Down The US Electrical Grid
  16. “The Race of Christians” a phrase embraced by the persecuted early church Martyrs.
  17. “Usury Destroyer Of Nations” by Mooney, why the banking system takes us down
  18. Should Women be Forcibly Drafted to War? God’s Law on the Military Draft and Warfare by Sheldon Emry
  19. The “Russian Sympathizer Trap” to Disarm Traditional Conservatives
  20. “End the Fed”, Credit Fraud Banking is Repugnant to the Constitution