Guelph Imperial Italian/German/French: DNA Match of the Royal Capetian Line of Nott-Brunswick

Verspreid de liefde

DNA Report of the very high resolution match of HMSH Prince of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick with numerous house of Bourbon and Brunswick male line Imperial Italian / Guelph Este family descendants.

A continuation on the theme:

THE FRENCH ROYAL LINE from Pharamond of Sicambria(Ukraine) to King Henry III

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The DNA Tests

To help detract any skeptics of our Imperial Royal blood, Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick has also performed a deep subclade and additional deep subclade DNA test to bring the confirmations beyond any reasonable doubts. The line claimed is the line effective, as it matches against 7 French Capetian descendants of Pharamond of Sicambria (Ukraine). These are most confirmed 7 Kings of France, authentic lines, and the authentic DNA.
The triple deep subclade test is conclusive and positive to the branch of the Capetian French Royal House, the Kings of the Franks line back to Pharamond of Sicambria Ukraine. As also in the genealogical tables of Anderson’s Genealogies of Kings and most specialists on the ancient pedigrees of Kings.
This was a special very specific DNA marker test (not normally tested for, except 3 refined precision tests going into deeper subclades). We have it confirmed the very specific Capet / French Monarchy branch haplogroup subclade of deeper subclades.
It falls under the deep subclade of R1b known as R-L47. Within this branch is the French Capet DNA subclade known as “Z-381” as below:

Kings & Queens of France

All kings of France supposedly belonged to haplogroup R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA).

Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of France (1175-1236) => Z1a (mtDNA)
Francis I (1494-1547) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Henry IV (1553-1610) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) U5b* (mtDNA)
Marie de’ Medici (1575-1642) => H (mtDNA)
Louis XIII (1601-1643) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) H (mtDNA)
Maria Theresa of Spain (1638-1683) => H (mtDNA)
Louis, Dauphin of France (1661–1711) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) H (mtDNA)
Louis XV (1710-1774) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) H (mtDNA)
Louis XVI (1754-1793) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) N1b (mtDNA)
Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) => H3 (mtDNA)
Louis XVII (1785-1795) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) H3 (mtDNA)
Louis XVIII of France (1755-1824) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) N1b (mtDNA)
Charles X of France (1757-1836) => R1b-Z381 (Y-DNA) N1b (mtDNA)

The final test results below have been confirmed by test results of HMSH Stephen from FamilyTreeDNA. These have costed more than $2,000.00, as casually over the last 10 years of upgrading the tests to the next level subclade, bringing the results from 95% certainty now to 99.999% with this latest result. As fully tested positive in green:


The Oldest European Coat of Arms Continued today!

This agrees not only with the genealogies on paper, but also on other aspects like the Coat of arms of the House (the oldest French and English coat of arms). This Brunswick coat of arms (French 3 lions on a red background for Aquitaine, Toulouse, Gothia France etc) has continued as the primary shield of the Guelphic House of Brunswick up till this present day.

Emperor Otto IV of Brunswick, oldest coat of arms of England and Germany

Emperor Otto IV of Brunswick, oldest coat of arms of England and Germany

The family has rightfully continued as a rival Capetian house. It also is the main Royal Branch of rightful inheritance of the Templar and the Angevin Empire (England, France and Jerusalem). click here for more info

Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick-Oelsnica (Poland)


Ducal Flag of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick and Gottingen

Cadet Branch Successor House Coat of arms of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick