Maand: september 2015

EVANGELIZE THE CROSS / CRUCIFIXION, tokens of Christ our Lamb / Sacrifice

Together with the Passover feast “for ever” for all generations, we are told to wear tokens that declare God’s miraculous deliverance for His Nationalist people(Christian true Israel). Christ also told us together with the communion Sacrament to remember His coming again (for judgement, in final fulfillment of the Passover judgement on the whole world). In […]

Gelukkig Trompettenfeest 2015

Happy Trumpets Feast 2015. Today starts the ten days of awe we rehearse every year (ending in atonement, AKA the great and terrible day of YAHWEH, the day of His wrath) Now is an alarm day, YAHWEH fulfills it and works it every year. It’s a day of new beginnings! Hoping everyone has […]

The Didache -(incl. missing translation and verses) Accepted by the Culdee, and greater fellowship of churches.

De Didache is geschreven in de eerste eeuw en maakt deel uit van de orthodoxe canon. De Didache wordt geaccepteerd door onze kerk, de Culdee, en een grotere gemeenschap van kerken. Let op Hoofdstuk 14 over Vergadering, in de originele Griekse tekst wordt NIET het woord “dag” gebruikt maar zegt “de weg van de Heer”. De weg van de Heer is geschikter [...]