Étiquette : melchizédek

Melchizedek Praise-Blessing of YAHWEH

There were so many great Nationalistic (tribal advancement) blessings YAHWEH bestowed upon Abraham to be a great Nation to bless the whole world, and through them they be blessed. 10 lost tribes got the majority of those blessings in the House of Joseph which are the branch who got the name Israel and 99% moved […]

L'élue de Dieu (Ekklesia Holy Church) sera à la fin des temps plus forte qu'elle ne l'a jamais été dans l'histoire

by Rev Dr. Stephen M K Brunswick, Primace, OCC https://OrthodoxChurch.nl God said “Occupy Till I Come” God’s Elect (Ekklesia Holy Church) Will in the End Times Be Stronger Than It Has Ever Been in History. Read about this and how we will be a major world super power of great military and political might, totally […]