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Thousands of German Nationalists and French Nationalists, are talking about the restoration of the rightful Monarchy.
The main article that has exploded in visits and shares online has been on the topic of the Continuing Templar Knights and the Angevin Empire rights in the House Brunswick. Other topics on these lines are as below, which include the rights preserved in the House of Kiev-Russian Ukraine. A video discussion on the topic which included the 2013-2014 diplomatic efforts of the house to gain a peace between Russia and Ukraine with all illegal actors convicted and sentenced to work in Orthodox labor camps to rebuild the Church of the Goths Cathedrals and Castles that are now in ruins across these lands. This would be to bring more comradery than anything, for a restoration to our Christian foundation of preservation, success and prosperity for our people overall (who are now broadly in the greatest state of decline in history). The foundation of all civilization. Our collective European descended Christian peoples may not last another generation in the current destructive climate that targets and destroys the last of the individual European families of our great civilization. We are calling on Knights to rise up and join together in unity. It will take larger alliances of states of which Brunswick holds treaty. Namely within the prevailing international law alliances of American, French, Swiss, Germany, British estates, and Slavic countries’ that predated World War I.
A return to the National realizations of our people will bring about a restoration of health and vitality for a clear future. Namely the view of God made a Creation, it has fallen, and with the fall of man we require a Saviour, who is realized in the person of Jesus Christ our King of kings and Lord of lords, who will rule the Kingdoms on His return, and place His feet down near a true Jerusalem jurisdiction of His people regathered to keep His wonderful nationalistic laws for peoples and nations.
Our continuing Templar offer a most viable way of peace and regathering of our rights in Christ for His Kingdom law governance to be done on earth, our daily prayer. Why such? as it is like a secret, effective, and least intrusive cultural free assembly for a self determination to be restored in the places we are most needed for peace.

1,086th anniversary of the crowning of our King and Emperor, Otto I., the Great

In celebration of the 1,086 year anniversary of the crowning of our King and Emperor,  Otto I., the Great.  First a Foreword from our Primace (in Wolfenbuttel that title is “summus episcopus”) HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick:  We say “our King” as most likely you do descend from those who called him such […]

Actual Sovereign Knighthood was Required for Eligibility to Apply to the Knights Templar

A text to question existing social clubs calling themselves Templar: (Note: We want to empower and unite all Templar orders who presently do not have true sovereign protection. You may enjoy these benefits under our Ducal House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick(and global estates), who shall sub-infeudate tenancies (or Lieutenants) who may sub-lease theirs out to multiple additional […]

Sovereign Counts, Princes and Dukes in Europe / Germany (Reigning and Non-Reigning) and International Law

In Germany / Europe the several compacts / agreements of states to mutually protect other states sovereignty was always strong. These came under several forms, and one that stayed the longest was called “the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”. There were many other names for these loosely Confederated Monarchies who did well to […]

Rep. Wolfenbuttel-Romanov Speaks on Repelling the Red Invasion

Rep. Wolfenbuttel-Romanov Speaks on Repelling the Red Invasion WATCH on Youtube To the Church-State Royal Priesthood of all born into Christ (Baptized and confessed etc). A solution to our predicament through the inheritance and like-minded freedom of association. A message on how so many traitors against their God, their Nation, Church and Families has resulted […]

House of Brunswick European Imperial Restoration Gains Popularity in Germany, France, Poland and Ukraine

This week thousands of German Nationalists and French Nationalists have been talking about the restoration of the rightful Monarchy. The main article that has exploded in visits and shares online has been on the topic of the Continuing Templar Knights and the Angevin Empire rights in the House Brunswick. Other topics on these lines are as below, […]

Brunswick Continuing Knights Templar House of the Original Angevin Royals’ branch, with full Royal protections of the Templar, incl. fons honorum

The House of Brunswick descends from the original Nobility (Angevin) who had set up and founded the Knights Templar. Not only this, but Brunswick has also maintained it’s status as the rightful head of House for the Nobility who founded the Templar. This was confirmed in numerous early charters and invoked by Brunswick heads of […]

Merging of the Official “Zion” Known as Western Christendom with the Geographical Zion/Salem

Latest update February 2022: Brunswick Continuing Knights Templar House of the Original Angevin Royals’ branch, with full Royal protections of the Templar, incl. fons honorum by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, OCC Pub 2021 Announcement: This is a true Templar message for the day in which we live, Deus Vult (Note: the Templar worshipped in […]

Discussion sur les droits de la Crimée en Ukraine. Brunswick Romanov devoirs impériaux

Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties A short discussion from the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick on the true Imperial of the House successors of the lawful senior branch of Romanov-Brunswick. An obligatory dignity through God’s Grace in Christ, to be a matter of inner house arbitration. https://youtu.be/zAMCH_yCwJg This study focused more on the Brunswick […]

Intermarium Hope for a Central/East European Regional Power, Speech from Estonian Parliament Foreign Affairs

From the Office of HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, Head Prince of the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, Primace St Andrew’s O.C.C. If you’re for European unity and solidarity you may wish to see a good Speech from the Estonian Parliament, Foreign Affairs committee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCJ47R03UQE   My comment was given: European International law does purport to […]

Allocution de vacances, du chef de la Chambre, le révérend Dr Stephen MK d'Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick

Salutations de Noël du chef de la Chambre, HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d'Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick, discours vidéo sur le droit de nos populations de suffrage à la liberté d'obéir à Dieu en paix. Chef et chef de plusieurs dynasties de sang impérial et royal d'Europe et de Grande-Bretagne, avec un droit légal continu confirmé dans de nombreux traités efficaces et […]

Des centaines d'artefacts runiques allemands plus anciens démontrent la parenté gothique scythe dans les nations viking et saxonne, directement liées à Wolfenbuettel-Brunswick

Dans certaines parties de l'Empire saxon, comme en Frise (jusqu'à la fin de la période des Empereurs Brunoid Kindred), ces anciennes Runes (Elder Futhark) étaient l'alphabet écrit officiel du peuple, et sur la monnaie etc. Ici vous pouvez voir des centaines d'artefacts de RUNES d'ALLEMAGNE (Grande Saxe principalement) https://www.schleugerhard.com/deutschland-an/ Ils n'appellent pas […]

Hommage à Saint-Gall et Saint-Othmar dans l'église orthodoxe des Culdees

Dans la tradition des grands nobles franco-gothiques, la règle monastique de Saint Colomban (le missionnaire irlandais Culdee), a été continuellement promulguée dans les coins les plus reculés de l'Empire germanique. Au début, avec les rois de l'Empire carolingien, ces grandes écoles celtiques sont devenues le fondement de notre civilisation. Les grands manuscrits enluminés celtiques et le […]

Saxon-Brunswick Successors of the Piasts (Monarchy of Poland)

The arms of Piast Oels, from the Piast’s last Sovereignty in Poland (at Silesia).  The arms, the Oels family name, the property, and the territory of this Principality was officially inherited by the ruling prince of Brunswick as family of the last Piast Princess. These estates have remained in the spelling of the names, and […]

Goths’ Viking Royalty, Parallel Empire and Cultural Heritage. Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies. Heirs of Several Former Goths’ States, the House of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel Succeeded in the alloid inheritance of the Amali and Balti Dynasties


Kingdom Come, sanctuaire du vrai Juda et du jugement à venir

Il est en effet temps de se mettre d'accord avec Yahweh et c'est pourquoi nous envoyons ce message festif annuel. Allons à lui dans la prière et étudions, réfléchissons et implorons son pardon pour nous-mêmes et notre nation (comme sa prière nous dit de prier pour NOS péchés, étant les péchés d'Israël, peuple de son royaume). Que nous soyons tous […]