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Welcome to OCC’s topic of Israel. We are not only covering theological aspects, but historical aspects that prove the European peoples are descendant from ancient Israel. Below you will find hundreds of articles (and books) on the topic of British Israelism. These surrounding topics are vital for understanding your Bible (which a great deal of the prophecies specifically refer to the very end days is when the “Israelite tribes” are doing major things). It’s important also to know who is who, so when you worship God you do so on basis of Him keeping covenant with His true Israel people that the Bible was written to, for and about. You may wish to begin with our Livre recommandé: La thèse anglo-israélienne: une preuve irréfutable que les Européens du Caucase descendent des anciens Israélites [Broché]

A Famine of Hearing the Word of YAHWEH by a CDL Attorney Dr. Bertrand Comparet

A Famine of Hearing the Word of God by a Christian Defense League Attorney Dr. Bertrand Comparet. Thoughtless people today are very proud of what they consider our very modern conditions and claim that we are very different from our ancestors. Yet, in truth there has been no change in the real fundamentals of life […]

The Place Where Christ’s Feet Will Return for Armageddon

Dear Friends in Christ, On the high holy day of our feast celebrating Christ’s victory over our enemies (Passover and Unleavened Bread and it’s numerous in-depth meanings) I did the following message: The Place Where Christ’s Feet Will Return This message is part 1 on the Place Where Christ Returns. I pray you’re edified […]

On the Revolving Birthright Between Ephraim and Manasseh

The name of “His Government” is “Israel”. We are to daily pray it is done “on earth as in heaven”. So as it says “seek ye first His kingdom and righteousness” (righteousness is also something done on earth through His body people, the Christian “body of Christ”, His true Israel people). So because this topic […]

L'œuvre biblique est commandée par Dieu pour les églises (réponse orthodoxe aux Toms qui doutent)

Pour tous nos amis Toms / protestants qui doutent, nous voulons que vous sachiez les faits sur les œuvres d'art bibliques. La plupart des théologiens orthodoxes ne vous ont donné aucune réponse mais vous ont laissé dans le froid. Il s'agit d'un premier effort dans l'histoire de l'Église orthodoxe canonique des Culdees. Enfin les protestants maintenant […]

Le nouveau nom pour les vrais israélites, le nom ethnique et culturel «chrétien».

Cette brève étude n'aborde en aucun cas le sujet séculaire de la chrétienté étant l'Israël de la Bible et de l'Histoire. Nous avons des milliers de livres qui approfondissent cette étude. Consultez notre librairie pour cela. Une courte étude montrant le nom de Christian est le nouveau nom des vrais Israélites et […]

Culdees’ Abbots, Priests, Monks and even Nuns were married in purity with periods of separation for their courses of services

Culdees’ Abbots, Priests, Monks and even Nuns were married in purity with periods of separation for their courses of services.     by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick This topic is validated by the records of Rome in protest against married Celtic Clergy being repugnant to their tradition (although the East also practiced it). However […]