“British Israelism” Teaching in All Generations of Christendom

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A study of the Celtic church shows a lot of proof of the continuity of the Celto-Saxon Israel doctrine.

Pastor Dan Gayman of COI gave a great sermon on this topic. You can watch this video for free on Rumble at: https://rumble.com/v23vems-our-genetic-israelite-heritage-by-pastor-dan-gayman.html Note: COI has moved to Rumble, as Youtube started censoring the content on very trivial points (like 1 small comment about vaccines).

To take it a step further you can find an introductory book “The Anglo Israel Thesis” by Bishop Benson, below.

You may also like to read this superb article by the late Pastor Alan Campbell, “The True and Noble Origins of the Anglo-Israel Message”. Now you can see why our Anglo Israel movement has for Centuries had several million adherents and members.

Find Out the Roots of True Nationalism of Britain and the Commonwealth Nations: https://ensignmessage.com/articles/the-true-and-noble-origins-of-the-anglo-israel-message/

In the article Campbell shows a lot of great older publications that show our beliefs aren’t some new cult at all.

He listed 7 Newspapers on the topic. I wanted to add 6 more for his list of monthly Newspapers on the British Israel message that are more than 100 years old:

1. Israel’s Identity Standard 1876
2. The Banner of Israel, by Anglo Israel Association 1877-1925, Later title National Message and Banner and National Message
3. Watchman of Ephraim 1866-1868
4. The British Ecclesia (Ed. W.T. Wiseman) 1905-06. Continued as The British-Israel Ecclesia March 1907-Oct. 1911
5. The Anglo Israel Ensign 1880
6. Life From the Dead 1873

British Israelism has for the last 2,000 years been an unavoidable truth that is becoming more and more plain for all to see. Over the last 200 years British Israelism has sparked so much interest that thousands of books were authored on this topic. Over the last 10-20 years in any major city you could watch the public TV broadcasts where this doctrinal belief was showcased. Numerous such TV broadcasts (watched by millions) have been ongoing over the last 50+ years. Numerous of these TV programs remain household names, reaching every area. Whether you saw it on Murray’s Shepherd’s ChapelArmstrong’s WWCOG (now UCG)Jenning’s Truth In HistoryPeter’s Scriptures for AmericaDr Gene ScottAmerica’s PromiseHeirs of the Kingdom syndicateBritish Israel World FederationChurch of Israel, ou alors yet other televangelists you will learn God’s church is always called Israel in the Bible.

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We at St. Andrew’s OCC would like to recommend a great book demonstrating the Anglo Israel message to people who are new but interested in the topic. The Bible is a book of covenants and refers to the people of the book as it says “for their flesh Christ came… and to the Israelites pertain the adoption, covenants, giving of the law, promises etc…” (Romans 9:4-5By knowing who Israel is, you prove God is real and has been true to His word. Also you may better know how God deals with the world, and how He trains His people who were given His laws exclusively, like “no other nation”(many verses)“My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6)“If ye continue in My word, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.(Joh 8:31-32)

From the Author, Reed Benson, M.A.:

Si vous êtes d'origine caucasienne et européenne, un magnifique legs vous attend. C'est un fait peu connu que les Anglo-Saxons et les personnes apparentées du centre et du nord-ouest de l'Europe sont des descendants génétiques directs des anciens Israélites. Bien que ce ne soit pas une idée nouvelle, elle a été largement oubliée. Ce livre présente des preuves puissantes de la documentation historique, de l'archéologie, de l'analyse linguistique, ainsi que des preuves bibliques internes de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament. Les implications de cette thèse modifieront votre vision de vous-même, de la Bible et du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Quiconque a l'esprit ouvert trouvera les données factuelles irréfutables.

Read on. We have numerous other books freely available on this British Israel topic.

Books on British Israelism should be part of every Bible Believing Christian’s home library.

There is still much more, an endless fountain of knowledge in this topic that unlocks the Bible. 2,500 times the word “Israel” shows up in the Bible, but the word “Jew” shows up barely 30 times. The message is about victory in every area of life for His Christian true Israel people, to those who are honest about any bit of it. The blessings come through His people, and so as we are reduced, we see blessings retracting globally.