Saxon England Restoration, in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, important Heralding Christ’s Kingdom coming closer!

Répandre l'amour

In commemoration of the great 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which occupied the throne of King David of Israel (as the Archbishop proclaimed her “Queen of Israel” live on TV at her coronation).

The Royal Saxon house of the Queen was where she derived her age old power, which since the earliest times ruled England. We know the earliest tribe called “Angli”(for England) was a tribe of Luneburg Germany (the twin capital principality / alloid of the House of Wolfenbuttel Brunswick, from now traced to the time of the earliest German and Saxon Emperors). Read more about our Gothian ascendancy of these regional states (in continued uninterrupted claim) here et here. We often use the term Anglo Saxon German, or Celto Saxon people to refer to England.

Our German version of the “head of the church” was summus episcopus, which actually involved zealous enforcement as a lead bishop(or Primace per the Celtic old school). From the time of Martin Luther till today in the German dioceses the Duke’s involvement was never limited (like the UK version where they have just a mere figurehead).

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We now see a next era of the Saxon people (the tribe of Her Royal Higheness, Queen Elizabeth II) being restored. As it says YAHWEH will make us few in number when there is rebellion from His laws, but when there is obedience there will be a GREAT RESTORATION and He will restore us to all the greatness of the past. This would be the “greatest might of a world superpower” as David was, and as Abraham was promised we would be ultimately. As Christ and many authors of the Scriptures proclaimed that ultimate Kingdom that’s coming and that Church assembly, His body and bride will have made itself ready.
First we know it says that all His enemies will be made His footstool before He returns. There will be that there is much more glory than has been known, for that to be fulfilled that every knee does bow and every tongue does confess that Jesus Christ is God and Lord at the time of His coming, with greater victory than the world has ever seen. The war of the ages will then commence as He comes on a white horse, to the valley of Armageddon (where we have regathered, in climax of His true rulership as is the minimal requirement to be able to follow His laws in peace, as a people regathered at the geographical location of said valley, as legitimate Crusader heirs) under successive victory of successive victory, for His true peace which the world cannot understand, Merging of the Official “Zion” Known as Western Christendom with the Geographical Zion/Salem.

As a memorial gift, I send along to the free Preview chapter for the next edition of the “Wolfenbuttel Principality” book, entitled 

“Estates vs Princes/Dukes”

Much of the world who share in the Saxon heritage would be pleased to know of our developments restoring the chief Dukedom of the folk (at the office of our true fatherland).

We have overcome so many monumental hurdles. Our Regent, assassinated at the court appeal date in Geneva in 1935, who in his 80s then, had in his younger years participated in war against Prussian occupation of our domains. He wasn’t only a victorious paper pusher in favor of his grandfather Duke Charles II, but was also victorious in several battles embedded in the French army, under the legitimate Brunswick Ducal flag. This was his life’s mission (authoring numerous books, serving multiple prison terms for defending the Imperial rights of the Chief Ducal House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, as was confirmed in several public international treaties concluded around the time of his birth and immediately thereafter). He did not only fight on paper and in the persecutions, but his unit also did carry the banner of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick Duchy in the Franco Prussian war, in defense of it’s greater Saxon Germanic people. He was paralleled with other co-Regents in other countries united for the cause to restore a rightful duke of the authorized cadet branch non-Hanoverian (later called the only lawful natural family in the Geneva Switzerland courts, and in Prussian, French, USA and other courts). Some of these lawful Regent claims weren’t as pure in their right as Ulric, as these were merely defacto installed in the usurper illegal (although ) Hanoverian installed parliament of Brunswick. Nevertheless the Regents that operated together with the de Facto Brunswick Parliament still did not accept a Hanoverian heir on numerous occasions, not even to be Regent for the interim time till the Natural branch can again succeed (as per the treaties transacted and prescribed, and the law men in control understood).

Prussia agreed that Hanover (and it’s new entities calling itself Brunswick) were totally illegal in nature, merely operating de facto, with some connection to the new Hanoverian constitution, although they rejected Hanoverian rulership, and kept a non-Hanoverian Ducal Regency ongoing. Prussia finally capitulated to this lawlessness in 1913, when the Prussian princess married the Hanoverian prince. However still, the Brunswick Parliament officially continued to refuse a Hanoverian to rule over them, as they had all this time. Any Regent could not be Hanoverian. It was agreed the world over that Hanover did not hold “natural family” status and did not inherit the Wolfenbuttel (pre-1814, and pre 1823, and pre-1920, versions of the Dukedom) in varying degrees. This was a wise act of the lawful Bourgeoise, that while disagreeing in the unauthorized structure itself, it is respected by the rightful ducal house as having done all they could to push back against the tyranny long inflicted by this usurper (junior) branch of the rightful House.

Although the realm suffered much in the great war (WWI), there was an apparent strength  not to be conquered by the Soviet system (but remain a Parliamentary government), while many other cities had up until 1920 capitulated during Soviet Red Communist civil war.  The Noble representatives of the Brunswick parliament held their ground and were not conquered by the anti-Monarchist, pro Soviet occupation battles (some called a foreign Red army, others called civil war) in the aftermath of WWI, which continued conquering most cities till around 1920. Not only did Brunswick prevail against the Soviet attacks, it also dissolved the National Socialist’s version of the Parliament within 1 year (1933-1934), and continued it’s own Parliament till 1946, only to be merged with the broader state of Niedersachsen. At this time only one known Regent House (in exile) continued. However representatives of the Deutsche Party protested this theft of the Brunswick domains through the 1960s. This party also did well protesting against the secularization going on in public schools and society. This work continued via both the senior ducal branch of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick as well as the Hanoverian (junior Calenberg / usurper Kingdom) de facto / branch that claimed only the new entities.

However, the house that relocated under multiple treaties abroad (to America) continued what was in the treaties still in effect that were made with France, with America, and with Switzerland regarding the “estates and domains” that spanned all the continued Imperial claims for all Germany as well as broader European inheritance. This was the only branch who continued the struggle under Imperial banners arrested with more than 100 knights in the year 2005, with signatures of heads of government to detain and in some documents it gave kill orders to the “Imperial Knights”. This senior ducal branch understood and exercised it’s rights as the European Royal House successors of the senior branch of Este-Guelph, retaining it’s Carolingian, French, Saxon, Ottonian, Romanov, Billunger, Piast, Danish, Swedish-Gothia, and Italian continued rightful bloodline heir-at-law status).

To understand how the Government of Brunswick allowed that 1830 revolution and sent the de facto and de jure house in exile, one must understand the dirty workings of Hanover as well as the foreign / international gaps (although meaning well) laid open vulnerabilities for this most powerful Royal house to take advantage of.

It did not start as a treasonous (near Marxist) entity. It was a good gathering of Bourgeoise (Knights who were granted a version of Imperial Lordships) of the Empire in Brunswick who wished to lower taxes and have some citizenship status and rights in the wider German Empire. These while still under the Dukedom rulership of Brunswick, had some push back leverage, like in setting tax prices for a duration, etc. However most of the inhabitants of  Brunswick (as other states) lived tax free, did not have to carry the load of citizenship unless they worked above the rank of apprentice, to the class it applied to. Often only a firstborn or second born would be in this class, allowed to marry, vote, etc in any locality of the Empire.  In Brunswick itself the people were more elevated beyond the typical farming peasantry, as it was richer and more abundant with positions as administrators, military, artisans, princely court, etc.

It was a strange lot how this group of citizens were taken advantage of. They started out well meaning for their interests as a push back of “the Estates vs Princes/Dukes” of Germany, with rights since the 1500s protected by the Emperor. However, the true authority and power was always the local princes. There would be push back, but often of perfect agreements as “Imperial Knight Estates”. Later these Bourgeoise merely called “the estates”, but these would be predominately Knight estates, which would still operate under command of the Ducal army of Wolfenbuttel, as other regiments of the Dukedom. At the end of the Napoleon war, Hanover (as a temporary Regent in the minority of the rightful Duke of Wolfenbuttel) took advantage of the “estates” network to put in a new constitution to re-define the 1,000 year design of Brunswick under their rightful head and good governance. The rightful Duke saw this as a total usurpation, even from the 1814 status of Hanover now to be a Kingdom, as the senior Wolfenbuttel House often protested. In time past these protests were joined by all the princes of Germany. This time in their weakened condition it was maybe half had officially publically joined Wolfenbuttel against Hanover. For example when Hanover was put up as an Electorate, every one of the princes of Germany joined with Wolfenbuttel to go to war against the Emperor, also the King of France made a treaty to go to war immediately. Now that Germany was so fractured after the Napoleon war, even half a dozen Dukes of Brunswick were killed in the war, it wasn’t till 1823, the year the illegal constitution was passed, that the rightful Duke Charles II von Wolfenbuttel came to the throne and began to edict against Hanover and the “dark machinations” as he called them of those who had pledged to protect his now squandered estates and domains. After dedicating his life to the struggle of Imperial restoration, numerous treaties transactions, armies raised, all but executing the actual war in Germany the Duke died with the will to have all his estates (and also listed titles, various immovable estate such as forests, mines, and domains ) all themselves transferred to Geneva Switzerland, which has law that only “natural family” could inherit, which in the same “last will and testament” which is standard for Monarchs to pass their succession, was with the precondtition that “Hanover and his traitor brother Wilhelm is not his Natural family, as edicted previously”.

It’s apparent that the Brunswick Lutheran church (loyal to the chief branch of Wolfenbuttel) never agreed to any of this illegal restructuring of the permanent Dukedom of 1,000 years. The Brunswick Lutheran church is distinct, in and of itself, with approximately 400,000 active members today. It traces back to the time of Martin Luther. The church has remained under the headship of the Chief Duke of Wolfenbuttel (as summus episcopus) for nearly 500 years. The headquarters of this church (also called the See of the Brunswick church) is at the city (legally principality) Wolfenbuttel. Wolfenbuttel was blessed with providence to not be destroyed during the wars as many other cities were levelled. It’s archives and libraries are renown with amazing sacred texts. Although most people only know the city as the birthplace of Jaegermester. It’s true it is still the world headquarters for the liquor Jaegermeister, but we wish it was more known for it’s other qualities. Legally speaking, Wolfenbuttel preserves an irrevocable testament of something much more. The existence of the city carries forward a magnificence of a capital city for the Dukedom (Monarchy) of Wolfenbuttel, the senior branch of the Imperial and Royal House of Este-Guelph Brunswick.Over the last several centuries, many times the Brunswick Principality had become an Imperial free city, but always after some years it would eventually revert back to being a Ducal Principality itself. During those periods, the bulk of the broader Luneburg-Brunswick Duchy government would move back to Wolfenbuttel, to the most loyalist core. The Sovereign mint for all coinage of the Wolfenbuttel-Luneburg and Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick government always resided at Wolfenbuttel. These two cities are near the Harz mountains, the resources of which have blessed the German people immensely.

For 500 years Wolfenbuttel has remained the chief seat of the oldest and most senior Royal house of Europe.

For a time this was fixed, citing His indivisible rights as outlined in the House law, Pactum Henrico-Wilhelmium of 1525, the ruling Sovereign Prince Charles II, promulgated the Edict of May 10, 1827 which effectively nullified all acts, laws and institutions done by England on behalf of the House during the period of His coming of age. By House law, these acts and institutions, namely his newly formed Landschaftsordnung, which published in September 1823 a series of laws and arrangements made with the government. These all of which were created by His guardian Uncle (King William IV of England) were disputed as not having effect of law within Brunswick. As Sovereign ruler and Scion of the House, Charles II had right to dispute the institutions and laws created during this disputed period of His minority.  This edict, repudiating all illegal acts done by Hanover over the Duchy and the House, was officially enacted by the ruling sovereign Charles II. As head of the House, His Royal Highness had the majority in all such concerning affairs and had rightfully scribed his obligatory reversal of all such illegal acts. All was enacted in accordance with international law, and House law that gave His Royal Highness the majority in all of the concerning affairs. We have seen the fruits of full recognition of these acts, including several international treaties to restore Brunswick to all prior vassal states as far as from the Baltic, to Sicily, and from France to East-Friesland. The titles for the Kingdom of Jerusalem are also retained in the Angevin Empire legitimate heirship of the House of Brunswick as King Richard Granted to Otto IV of Brunswick, who was crowned King of Lombardia, King of Burdundy, Duke of Aquitaine and Poiters, King of Sicily, Tuscany and the rest of the Papal states, and is the house and blood of 11 Kings of Jerusalem during the Crusader Kingdom era. Within Brunswick minor itself has continued the Regency of this order of Templar, with continued Grandmasters of the continued commanderies Brunswick legitimist (Angevin House) Templar which never surrendered.

So the Saxon world, awakened through the Kindred people scattered at the four corners of the earth, regather under our banner for Christ’s rulership over His Kingdom of Priests which were installed in his day. A Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation under obedience to His laws is rising, as foretold, and it will be “Kingdoms of this world, that become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ”.

The book “Principality of Wolfenbuttel” is now it’s 3rd major publishing in English, distributed to Knights of Wolfenbuttel, and is being revised. Some of these obvious updates to the chapters include, not using the references that say “His Highness”  as it only should say either “His Royal Highness” or “His Serene Highness”. The “HH” was imposed by the Hanoverian usurper Regent, which was treasonous.

His Most Serene Highness Stephen is the lawful Duke of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick exclusive house entity. This includes working as its traditional Chief Bishop(an office much more active than English head of the church), where he personally is required to circle affairs of any branch, political, religious or social for specific instructions towards the broader reintegration.

As our legal claims come alive pursuant to the laws of the land, the affairs of estates may be circled. Compliancy audits may ensue from the relevant Ducal staff.

Yours in Christ,

HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Este-Guelph Brunswick, Primace of St Andrew’s OCC

Duke of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick

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