RETRACTED: “Is Interracial Marriage Now Illegal”?

Répandre l'amour
From the Desk of our Primace and Dean Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick
You may have received an email regarding our Institute of Law studies. The course on the Tree of Liberty Analysis has a whole section on “Interracial marriage” is against the Constitution.
Based on it, I drafted a preview of the content and sent it out by email entitled: “Is Interracial Marriage Now Illegal?”
This stunt to increase scholarship in the area was a limited time thing and I’ve taken it down. This was helpful as more than 4,000 people clicked and at least read the content we sent out.
It was a temporary thing as the Congress and Senate have been crying about ramming through a bill that will protect “interracial marriage”. As they say it’s no longer protected now that there’s a double precedent that all new unenumerated rights must pass the Glucksberg test, meaning “deeply rooted in the history and traditions” (when 90% of our history and traditions punished it as a heavy crime).
This content is no longer available, as I chose for quality controls to remove it. I had been on my 6th week of heavy antibiotics and wasn’t coming across as I would ordinarily present. I may do a new one if interest persists.

However, as only 19 people have signed the petition, I see there’s 0.x% interest.