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Enjoy and be encouraged our God keeps His covenant with His people Israel! Study the theology, study the history. Know God better by seeing His light on His Kingdom covenants with His mountain Kingdom people Jacob Israel. We are known in the most successful / Divinely blessed Christian nations, who bless the world the most through those blessings we have only through Christ and living in obedience to His nationalist laws.
As it’s all about the Kingdom and Christ told us to seek first His Kingdom (and for it to come and be done on earth as in heaven) and named His Kingdom Israel (which will have a fraudulent Israel also). God said that He Himself views His nationalist group of people as having a sign between them and Him in all their generations, that they observe the Sabbath. Christian Nations have been the most friendly to the Sabbath than any other place in the world. Also had issues, but overall Saturday is a non-working day, that is free to keep it holy in our lands. You can get our book on the “Sabbat dans l'Église orthodoxe, kept by the remnant in every generation”.
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