Intermarium Hope for a Central/East European Regional Power, Speech from Estonian Parliament Foreign Affairs

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From the Office of HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, Head Prince of the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, Primace St Andrew’s O.C.C.

If you’re for European unity and solidarity you may wish to see a good Speech from the Estonian Parliament, Foreign Affairs committee.


My comment was given:

European International law does purport to be in the preservation of all local cultural traditions, institutions, laws, of each state etc. However there is a supreme reigning cultural status-quo that is enforced overriding all local laws and establishments.

These are done through emergency measures primarily. Many states have banned and shut down production that create minimal amounts of Co2 (even Holland banned 90% of cattle in 2019) shutting down of national products in favor of global warming policies. Another big example of overriding those EU legal principles by emergency measures has been witnessed.

I would say the number one core matter has been the deletion of Christianity in favor of absolutist liberal ideologies. This has literally happened with a LGBT flag on every city corner. Even this cultural item places the lgbt absolutist flag above all others in every place of authority, the city halls, the police stations, and now even the embassies, bullying all others who have the traditional cultural values into a forced “cancel culture” ostracizing their public who may disagree, all in favor of the new overlords.

They do so mis-using legal schemes like an occupationary force, falsely calling this “human rights” and that a weekly visit from drag queen mentors to every student in Dutch schools are mandatory for the reduction of suicides, when math says it increased the suicides last year. The schools are literally policed by Drag Queen extremist radicals, often these are men in women’s lingere. Even for the youngest ages it’s mandatory for all public students in many EU countries for the kids to “party” with cross-dressing sexually divergent people upwards of 10 times per year. 

Now a new overlording control has come with the covid emergencies, on top of the green war crimes emergencies, lining the pockets of various who are part of the foreign owned entities.

Then there are the “economic crisis” emergencies further exploiting the EU citizens vulnerabilities to the alienation of their promised rights.

Such foreign owned constitutional entities typically go this direction and only increase in such profiting schemes and corruption for the ultra elite foreign overlords that exploit such local liberties of common law, wide open for abuse by the foreign investors and enemy nations.

These are led by “sell out” politicians who need to make a maximum amount of money to get elected (as their office is not Monarchist or a hereditary with house of Lords type etc). So to get these huge sums, and to stay in there, many corrupt deals are made , or at least their families own foreign companies that profit off the legislation and activities they enforce. The low level ones also are bullied into the compliance. This was why hereditary and absolute monarchies were more successful and much less corrupt over the many millennia of time. Absolute Dynastic based governments have a lot more accountability and a lot less reasons to connive to get campaign finance etc, as their position is guaranteed by birth etc.

The respect of personal property law is chief among the House of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, as it has been for many centuries. We have sacrificed many crowns for the people to have their rights above might of the Marxist hoards. However, this was done under the framework of an absolute Monarchy where there is great accountability to our family, and not with a Parliament which would secretly and progressively pass such corrupt and evil policies. 

The younger Branch of Brunswick known as Hanover was later divorced from our house, as such corrupt policies did overflow. Three Centuries as Kings of England proved the failure of allowing a Parliament to govern the world. They have mis-handled England itself for far long enough.

Rather than being lazy and convenient to leave matters up to the English parliament to rule foreign nations from it’s own Parliament at London. The Emperor must be directly acting with local involvement as a true governor Monarch of power over his Imperial estates. He must be involved at the Political (religious Christian) level overseeing local realms with their own hereditary accountable families, as are proven to be less corrupt Monarchist Kingdoms, Principalities, Lordships, and with some subject Republics.

Such involvement was the original desire of Americans, till France funded their Revolutionary war, in accordance with the Napoleon tyranny France had paid for the Russian Coupe against our true Imperial House of Romanov Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick Russia.

Several treaties, and three aspects of Russian law, French law, Swiss law, US law, German law, Brunswick law, Austrian etc ensured only our senior branch would get the estates at some point in the future. However for now we have it in custodianship, and a constructive repossession status. We primarily want our German lands, and not so interested in the English, British American, Russian, Piast Polish, and other such greater estates named as exclusive to our branch, guaranteed by numerous reigning governments in overwhelming majority agreement in their past foundational conclusions, and as well understood to be the one family and successors of said estates. The rest we can defer (or merely protect with our sovereign imperial rights in international law, as well as spiritually and politically) to local governments that follow the Monarchist Christian true Nationalist principles.

Our house has registered continual protests since the first Marxist revolutions of the mid-early 1800s till now. The overthrowing of basic international sovereign heads in favor of foreign owned “constitutional entities” has been dripping with the most evil of corruptions.

We must pray for a return to God’s most required 10 Commandments, which includes not to covet what other people have been given by God, and not to steal from the rightful owners who have owned such posts for 1,000+ years (like the House of Brunswick), not to murder, not to lie, not to commit adultery(mixing), not to make idols or worship them above God, not to break the Sabbath, but to attend the Divine worship, which I believe is most at the core so we are fueled to keep the rest.  

And so as a very basic Nationalistic ideal I will promote my book, that covers the going to church and getting involved with God.

«Le sabbat dans la véritable Église orthodoxe» (Orient et Occident) LIVRE PUBLIÉ PAR NOTRE ÉGLISE

As He said “when you call the Sabbath a delight and do His works on His holy day, and not your own works, then you will delight in God, …and He will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father..”


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