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The Place Where Christ’s Feet Will Return for Armageddon

Dear Friends in Christ, On the high holy day of our feast celebrating Christ’s victory over our enemies (Passover and Unleavened Bread and it’s numerous in-depth meanings) I did the following message: The Place Where Christ’s Feet Will Return This message is part 1 on the Place Where Christ Returns. I pray you’re edified […]

The Fall & Rise of Abraham’s Kin (fall of ancient Celtic nations and their rise to form our Christian civilization)

Read this great British True Israel book in PDF format online: “The Fall and Rise of Abraham’s Kin” by de Witt WHAT’S INSIDE: Chapters Foreword The Fall of Celtic Middle Asia The Fall of Celtic India The Lot of the Chinese-Celtic Remnant The Dale-Folk, The Kalash Finding the Ethnic Launch Pad Links by Way of […]

“Our Scythian Ancestors” by E W Filmer

OUR SCYTHIAN ANCESTORS By W. Edmund Filmer B.A. WITHIN half a century of the House of Israel going into exile, the Scythians were mentioned for the first time in any historical document. These documents, which date from the reign of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (681-669 B.C.), were recovered from the archives of Nineveh and are […]

Read book: “America and Great Britain in Prophecy”, a Classic British Israel book by Herbert W. Armstrong PDF format

America and Great Britain in Prophecy, a Classic British Israel book by Herbert W. Armstrong. Published in 1980. Free book. Download in PDF format Brought to you by the Orthodox Church of the Culdees. A Classic British Israel book by Herbert W Armstrong. Leader of the Worldwide Church of God, The church maintained about 100,000 […]

Hunderte älterer deutscher Runenartefakte demonstrieren die Verwandtschaft der skythischen Goten in der Wikinger- und Sächsischen Nation, die direkt mit Wolfenbüttel-Braunschweig verbunden ist

In einigen Teilen des Sächsischen Reiches, wie in Friesland (durch die Spätzeit der Brunoid Kindred Emperors), waren diese älteren Runen (Elder Futhark) das offiziell geschriebene Alphabet des Volkes und auf der Münzprägung usw. Hier können Sie Hunderte sehen von Artefakten von RUNES aus DEUTSCHLAND (hauptsächlich Großsachsen) Sie rufen nicht an […]