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Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence in the Bible, the Word of God

Has anyone before told you that God is only dealing with Spiritual Israel? Has anyone said that all believers can be “grafted-in” to the Olive Tree. When they may be of a different tree genealogy other than the “wild olive” species? Israel, Spiritual or Physical. Let’s Weigh the Evidence. Download PDF This is a great […]


JUDAH’S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT #20 by Allen (published in 1917) JACOB’S PILLOW-PILLAR STONE When the Abrahamic covenant promises were given to Jacob, he was making a journey from Beersheba to Padan-aram. He had but recently received from his father Isaac the “Blessing,” which carried with it those much desired covenants and the special blessings […]

Glastonbury Apostolic See gab Amerika Unabhängigkeit, kurze Zusammenfassung:

ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Wie Amerika 1639 seine erste Unabhängigkeit erlangte und die geistig wichtigen Wahrheiten in Bezug auf die Souveränität des Bundes: Erzbischof Parker, der erste Erzbischof von Canterbury in der Regierungszeit von Königin Elizabeth, versprach in seinem Brief an Calvin den Vorschlag einer Vereinigung aller Protestanten und erinnerte ihn daran, dass die Church of England „[…]