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Pharmaekia (oder Hexerei) ist eine Industrie, die im heutigen Babylon genauso verbreitet ist wie in der Antike. Niemand in der US-Regierung durfte Obamacare lesen, bevor er es verabschiedete. Ausländische Versicherungs- und Finanzunternehmen haben Gremien, die die Behandlungen auswählen, die zu ihnen passen, und die völlig vorschreiben, was US-Ärzte unter ihrer Lizenz tun können.
Von den 30 größten Unternehmen an der US-Börse (oder Dow Jones) sind die meisten Big Pharma-Unternehmen, die das Finanz- und Wirtschaftssystem von Babylon am Leben erhalten. Die Lebensmittelindustrie hat dieselben Anteilseigner wie die Ölindustrie, die die Hauptzutaten in den Pillen liefert.

Is Interracial Marriage Now Illegal? (Analysis by Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies)

Inter-racial marriage is now illegal?  Analysis by the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies God’s punishments for His people’s abominations are abundant. With our Spiritually opened eyes we behold and see the reward (punishments) of the wicked(Psalm 91). According to the CDC headlines, the monkey pox virus exclusively effects those living in homes (or […]

Mandatory Gene Editing To “Change What it means to be a Human” says top world leaders.

It’s important to identify the best Candidates that are fighting the Transhumanism Agenda, and get out and support them to get elected! The mandatory gene editing (discussed by the World Economic Forum leaders such as Bill Gates, Schwab, Fauci and others) is steamrolling over every human right and will redefine humans. As Elon Musk said […]

Biden’s Aggressive Ceding US Sovereignty to UN’s WHO

Update from Liberty Counsel. Please share and spread awareness: Joe Biden lost a major battle at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Assembly last week. But the plan to cede American sovereignty to the United Nations and its associated globalist health group continues. We’ve managed to raise awareness among key members of Congress and […]

75% of Grain to be Replaced by Toxic GMO Cancer Causing “soy” Frankenstein Food Ingredients.

With more than half the world grain supply blown away this year, dependence on hormone replacement / castration ingredients (like GMO soy) is set to expand by 10x. If you thought the 14,000% increase in sexual (gender confusion) dysphoria among youth over the last 10 years was something, that’s nothing compared to the “final solution” […]