Rev S.M.K. Brunswick “Confederate Leadership runs in our blood”

Verbreite die Liebe
Statement of His Eminence Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. Brunswick
One of my titles is a “Son of the Elite Guard of President Davis”, who continued in his service long after the war.
My G.G. Grandfather served in the 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry. They not only served in Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.
They were called the elite escort of Confederate President Davis, serving officially way beyond the end of the war. They were going to help restore the Confederacy after General Lee had surrendered. President Davis had high hopes to restore the Confederacy but were ambushed by several Northern regiments from all sides there in Georgia. Feds went all crazy to take down the unit once Lincoln was assassinated, and then captured President Davis, who had good prospects to restore the South. This Grandpa (Robert L Cochran) and his father continued the struggle long afterwards. His father also was banned from receiving his war pensions from fighting in the war of 1812, because he was promoting a restoration of the Confederacy. The Feds went so far as to say as (in the official report) that he was more sided with the British than the Feds, although he fought for America it wasn’t for what it had become.
Another of my ancestors is Dr. Josiah Clark Nott. writer of “Types of Mankind etc”. He was second cousin of my 3rd Great Grandfather Dr Benjamin Nott II.  O’Brien wrote in his “Conjectures of Order”, which identifies Nott (on pg 242) as “the most famous Southern intellectual of his day, insofar as Northern and European reputation defined celebrity.”
Während des Krieges war er zunächst Direktor des Confederate Army Hospital in Mobile Alabama. Später auf dem Gebiet diente er als Stabsoffizier und Chirurg. Er riskierte auch sein Leben als Krankenhausinspektor im feindlichen Gebiet und berichtete von der schwer schlechten Behandlung der Verwundeten der Konföderierten. Er ist auch bekannt für seine medizinischen Artikel, die veröffentlicht wurden, um zu beweisen, dass wir NIEMALS Ehen zwischen Rassen zulassen sollten. Der gesamte US-Kongress stimmte zu und stimmte dafür, die Veröffentlichung seiner Informationen gegen Rassenmischungen in jedem Krankenhaus und in jeder medizinischen Fachzeitschrift der Nation verbindlich zu machen. Sie haben es veröffentlicht und viele Male neu veröffentlicht. Seine Bücher wie "Types of Mankind" gehen als Klassiker der Rassenidentifikation in die Geschichte ein. Er hatte viele Gespräche mit Darwin über den Inhalt und demonstrierte seine christlichen Überzeugungen durchweg.
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(Note: Loving vs Virginia was a tyrannical act of the Supreme court to illegally circumvent the laws of 28 states that defined interracial marriage as a felony. Under Federal force of arms they used this decision in 1968 to now make mixing away and deleting what God made good, holy and separate, a supposedly government endorsed act [however since it is against all the laws of America it provided comfort and aide for an unconstitutional and false pretendership to use this opinion piece of the supreme court, to seize control illegally.] Even the plaintiffs in the case never wanted to change the nation’s laws [and never could]. They said that they just didn’t want to go to jail for the felony crime of mixing. However for profit and gain from destroying God’s good creation, tyrants in high places has used this for empowering the devil’s illegal agents.)
Der Süden steigt. Jade Helm wird ein Flop sein.
++ Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick, Primace OCC

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