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Eva Vlaardingerbroek latest news updates

Eva Vlaardingerbroek latest news updates

So many are unaware from the key points bringing this kind Christian lady to action. Thousands of farms stolen in the Netherlands, social upheaval, the foreign Marxist takeover of the true power of the representatives etc.

Misconceptions about the 2030 agenda are dispelled with a quick analysis of the facts. In 2019 / 2020 the Dutch Parliament passed a law that ninety percent of all Dutch agriculture was ordered closed. There was a meagre turnout of protests compared to the gravity of the impacts it would have on thousands of years of the Dutch farming culture. Much of the basis of innovations of the Dutch (feeding the world) that permeated the world for thousands of years are now put to a halt by foreign banking interests. The Netherlands (and Belgium) were the ancient home of the greatest heros of the Christian race, including Charlemagne and the Franks (yes they were based in Flanders).

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Learn a thing or two from a nice girl from the Netherlands. One of the few who remain honest with the facts as presented. As value will be rooted in truth. True peace and reconciliation comes on a basis of truth.