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THE ORGANIC TREE OF LIBERTY. (Not a GMO, hybridized / adulterated counterfeit, synthetic patented and non-Created species which in some Constitutionalist groups falsely consider it liberty.)

True Original Liberty, American tree analysis

Footnotes to follow.

Only sin is bondage (all sins) and must condemn all sins equally as they attack the soul and spirit (life) of the body.

Liberty is a release from bondage. However, at no time did Christians say they will no longer serve God.

Israelites were liberated from Egypt to serve God. The phrase “His service is perfect freedom (liberty)” is enshrined throughout all Christian Nationalist lands as the true liberty, to operate at maximum capacity of what is scientifically proven in Natural law to be what the Creator designed us to be (life and liberty). Always at the end of the day happiness follows true liberty to serve the creator, which is why only the Creator’s rights are inalienable, and “no establishment of religion” may be obstructed by any level of Government. Synthetic rights not connected to nature or the Creator’s laws often are just tactics of enemy nations to subvert the actual natural rights enumerated in the Constitution as from the Creator.


    1. 1500BC-Present: God’s law is perfect liberty. “…whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” (Jam 1:25)

    Understood throughout old and New Testament that compliance/obeying the Creator’s law is liberty.  “The law of YHWH is perfect, converting the soul….” (Psa 19:7) “So shall I keep thy law continually for ever and ever. And I will walk at liberty….” (Psa 119:44-45)


    1. 30AD-Present: Jesus confirms obedience to His word is freedom. Christ YHWH incarnate’s confirmed the ancient definition of freedom: “if ye continue in My word ye are My disciples indeed. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:31-32)

    Continuing in His word (discipled obedience to it) is the mechanism to know and reach true “freedom”.


    1. 495AD-Present: To serve God is to rule, unanimous daily liturgical prayer of Western Christendom. Morning Sacred Prayer in every Western Christian church / home

    Gallican Liturgy  “God’s Service is Perfect Freedom” (5th Century Gelasian Sacramentary “Cui servire regnare est” Liturgy in all Charlemagne’s churches)


    1. 1015AD-Present: Danelaw jury of twelve high Christian leaders decide verdicts, all hold / swear on Bible at Court, codified into English law. The verdicts could only be by 12 high jurors (eldest thegns) who swear upon the Bible. There shall be an assembly at every Wapentake(local body defended by arms) a jury of “twelve eldest thegns accompanied by the Reve” (Sheriff) to hear and determine innocence or guilt at court. The Holy Bible commanded us to have such priests or leaders (eldest thegns) to stand and hear 2-3 or more witnesses, who do spiritual promises/oaths at their Biblically similar assemblies, see Deu 19:15-19. It was a teaching of Jesus to take cases to the people, see Matt 18:15-17. This was the Danelaw codified in England under King Aethelred’s Wantage code and then under King Edgar’s Whitbordesstan code. In the early American Colonies “Juror” was an office that your neighbors voted you into twice a year. Jurors had more vote power than legislators and other officials. Today jurors still judge the law itself as the highest authority.


    1. 1215AD-Present: Magna Carta signers granted liberties to legitimate heirs of estates. Magna Carta was a promise to defend true legitimate heirs of actual estates. Magna Carta embraced existing inheritance laws that only legitimate firstborns of pure lines would inherit, limiting maximum burdens the overlords (Kings, Dukes, Barons or Earls etc can charge them).


    1. 1549-Present English liturgy updated translation: “His service is perfect freedom”. Used in all English prayerlife.


    1. 1639/43AD-Present: America’s perpetual union “for Liberty and purity of the Gospel”. America’s Perpetual Union/Confederation. “to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess, as also the discipline of the churches”(1639 Fundamental Orders/First Official American Constitution). No earthly kings mentioned. “We have one aim, the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintaining the purity of the Gospel.” (1643 Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England) The text of Connecticut was effectively adopted to all American Colonies. Three times our people are referred to as a perpetual Confederation. (Perpetual meaning un ending union gathered for: “the liberty and purity of the Gospel”).

    The “…purity of liberty of the gospel as professed in the churches…” would have been the morning prayer text “His service is perfect freedom”  The most protected understanding of this purity in both versions of the Constitutions was professed by all members who subscribed to the Constitutions as being “His service is perfect freedom” (or liberty).

    Not only as subscribed by all signers of these Constitutions, but everyone everywhere considered it mandatory to recite the prayer in uniform agreement of prayer that serving Him is the true and perfect freedom.

    The 1639 Connecticut Seal and Flag includes the depictions and text “hethatthat “He who transplanted you will sustain you””.”.


    1. 1776-Present: The Creator gives us “certain” inalienable Rights. (US Declaration of Independence) Rights come from the Creator, or the word of God. To further confirm this was the unanimous declaration of the 13 Colonies, it was reiterated that the certain rights (or liberties) come from the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. In other words rights have to do with the Creation or what’s found in nature as it connects to it’s Creator. Strange unnatural inventions or perversions of seed outside of the Created order is not included. No newly imagined / artificial (or inhuman / unnatural) fantasies are the Natural Rights from the Creator.


    1. 1787-Present: “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” (US Preamble) Although clearly there was a unified understanding of the Creator’s law. The “posterity” was clarified in the 1790 Immigration Act as exclusive to Caucasians. It was regularly confirmed such as in the Supreme Court verdict of Scott v. Sandford (1857) that US citizenship could not be granted to African Americans, whether or not they were born on American soil or were children of other African Americans who were born on American soil. Stripping citizenship from anyone not Caucasian from any state confirmed in US Supreme Court case US v. Thind under proper understanding of the 14th Amendment that continued till the 1965 Immigration Act.


    1. 1639-1868: All state constitutions permitted only White Male Citizens to vote. During Martial law of the civil war, a 14th Amendment was passed in 1868 Creating multi-racial “citizens” of the “United States”(DC) alongside your state citizenship. The 14th ensured that all constitutional rights applied to “subject citizens” regardless of race. However it remained a correct understanding there wasn’t any “right” to be Naturalized to be a Citizen in the first place, not through till the Acts of 1952 and 1965.


    1. 1790AD-1952: “only Free Whites can be naturalized”(US Naturalization Act), thus protecting God’s law regarding foreigners not taking the lands. The fact that all 50 states banned inter-racial marriage also is in agreement with the principle of heirship remaining of your own people. In 1923 the US Supreme Court (in US v. Singh) upheld the blood requirements in Citizenship which remained the precedent till 1965.

    This understanding was so strong that US Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) confirmed this that African Americans are denied citizenship, whether or not they were born in the United States or were descendants of free blacks or slaves.


    1. 1607-Present: Laws concerning “Liberty” of the “Created” (not GMO patented) “Natural” “Life” against injury or death. All attacks on liberty that supports life have been banned in laws. For example, laws banning abortion, sodomite practices, banning transhumanism(non-human movement), trans-racialism (species of new races or non-races), and trans-genderism (or non-gender) ideologies. These crimes continue to be an insurrection and attack against the human liberties given to the people by their Creator.

    28 States kept interracial marriage a felony till 1968, arguing it applied equally to both races, so this was compliant with the 14th Amendment and was not discrimination on the basis of race.

    Non-enumerated rights are still being debated in the Supreme Court to re-align under the Glucksberg test, so as not to steam roll over all the enumerated rights of an ordered liberty rooted in the history and traditions of the people.

This about “The 14th Amendment is Unconstitutional” is also pretty popular.