On the Revolving Birthright Between Ephraim and Manasseh

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The name of “His Government” is “Israel”. We are to daily pray it is done “on earth as in heaven”. So as it says “seek ye first His kingdom and righteousness” (righteousness is also something done on earth through His body people, the Christian “body of Christ”, His true Israel people).

So because this topic is so key lets take a moment to cover some teachings about this name of His government.

The Government Israel is under authority, as under the scepter line of Judah/David line etc.

Joseph’s two sons got the name of the “government of Israel” when Israel placed the name “Israel” upon them. (Gen 48:16)

Israel explained one would overtake the other. He used the word for “paniym” where it says “set before”. However in Hebrew it is meaning to precede or alternate, one would overtake the other. (Gen 48:20)

This understanding of one overtaking the other was attributed to great deliverances for Israel. When this alternating of government happens between Ephraim and Manasseh “paniym” we see great deliverances happening for the Government of Israel (Psa 80:3)

Most understand these to the changing of government between the two Saxon true Israel nations “Great Britain and America”.

Joseph is called “the Shepherd Stone of Israel”. (Gen 49:29) A Shepherd doesn’t have the work of the ruler. The ruler is the authority point, and gives the orders. The shepherds will implement the complexities to their local populations and ensure the orders are carried out. These are the government and provide a system of government. We still see that in fulfillment today as the government leadership exchanges between Ephraim and Manasseh.

Without this understanding of how the body of Christ works, we will be kept in bondage from the blessings that come through Joseph (see the whole section on those blessings in Gen 49 etc).

To kick off some studies on this topic I will start with a study sent to us from our associate minister Rev Jeff L. Smith, Republic of Texas.
— On Friday, 11/3/12, Rev Jeff L. Smith <yoseph13@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Reverend Steve,
Here’s a few of my many papers/articles I have written from many years back on Manasseh assuming the predominant position over Ephraim in the birthright in the latter days end times. In effect he will be the brigade emblem leader carrying the standard of the bullock because the camp of the West was always the Camp of Joseph and the bullock symbol with the wild ox or “longhorns” (a wild ox in Hebrew, not a “unicorn”, that’s a Camelot English fairy tale myth) was Joseph’s and belonged to both sons Ephraim and Manasseh as their joint inheritance. (Why do you think that ancient Manasseh was the “beef capital” of the known world then and the Mideast wild ox was some of their vast cattle herds and was very similar in appearance to the Texas longhorn today, and why Texas is the beef capital of the world now with its Texas Longhorn symbols?) It could either be the Camp of Joseph-Ephraim or the Camp of Joseph-Manasseh, depending upon the context and the timing, future prophetic or past time, of who was carrying the Standard at the time. Most in Christian Identy and British Israel and even the fundamental Christian church and traditional Talmudic Jewish Zionist thinking realm wrongly assume where it says in Genesis 48:20 in the King James English that “he (Jacob) set Ephraim before Manasseh”, that “before” means a one-time turn or set that is static and never moves again. They do not know the Hebrew here and in their intellectual carnal 3-D flesh mind reasoning without being and dwelling in the Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit ruach/spirit realm, their spiritual discernment and insight of the things of the spirit world and of the things of Yahweh stops right there that our ancestor Joseph had with his “divining cup” gift from Elohim, and they incorrectly use the inadequate English word ‘before” to describe the process going on here. That is why Beyth Yahowseph strongly emphasizes before one is or can be properly taught the Word of Yahweh and become an Overcomer, the Baptism/Immersion of the Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit in all 3 sacred divine Names and the emphasis on obtaining not just the Testimony of Moses but also the Testimony of Yahshua in our practicing faith-walk in adhering to and in obedience to all the Torah/Commandments of Yahweh, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, the spirit of prophesy, and all the other gifts/manifestations of the Holy Spirit delivered at the Feast Day Yom Chamishiym/Day of Pentecost. The birthright “turn” or switch, was NOT static once and for all time, but WAS dynamic and very much in motion and turning or rotating its leadership position around foursquare over and over and over and over in time, or “over time“.
I will give you and your readership yet another secret of Yahweh, that He revealed to me by His Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit many years ago now (Deut 29:29), (Yahweh will do nothing EXCEPT that He revealeth it to His servants first, Amos 3:7) that he (Jacob) set Ephraim e’-paniym Manasseh (Genesis 48:20Psalm 80). “Paniym” is Hebrew in which the Hebrew Language literally has multiple simultaneous meanings, unlike English, and which in this case means before (ahead of) AND after (behind or afterwards) as well as toward in the sense of turning forward or after (in time) to or from the face OR presence of seraphim, cherubim, OR the four-square TURNING presence or face of Yahweh .(Strong’s #6440, and Lexicons such as Gesenius) as in the column/pillar of fire churning like a rotating vortex in the 4-square tabernacle of Moses.

In your study of Bereshit/Genesis 48:20 where He set Ephraim e’-paniym Manasseh, ie in a turning backward and forward-in-time rotating face relationship, also then re-read Ezekiel 37:19 where it says the “stick of Yahowseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim AND the tribes of Israel his fellows” (ie, Manasseh, tribes of Israel = the 2 half-tribes (plural) of Manasseh “see Genesis 48:15-16)  and then re-read Psalm 80:3 where Yahudah/Judah pleads with Yahweh to cause His face (e’-paniym) to shine, and then they (Israel-Judah) shall be saved. The same Hebrew word used in Genesis 48:20 is used in Psalm 80:3.

Rav Jeff L. Smith
Senior Minister/Teacher/Directing Elder
Beyth Yahowseph* Ministries