House of Brunswick European Imperial Restoration Gains Popularity in Germany, France, Poland and Ukraine

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This week thousands of German Nationalists and French Nationalists have been talking about the restoration of the rightful Monarchy.
The main article that has exploded in visits and shares online has been on the topic of the Continuing Templar Knights and the Angevin Empire rights in the House Brunswick. Other topics on these lines are as below, which include the rights preserved in the House of Kiev-Russian Ukraine. A video discussion on the topic which included the 2013-2014 diplomatic efforts of the house to gain a peace between Russia and Ukraine with all illegal actors convicted and sentenced to work in Orthodox labor camps to rebuild the Church of the Goths Cathedrals and Castles that are now in ruins across these lands. This would be to bring more comradery than anything, for a restoration to our Christian foundation of preservation, success and prosperity for our people overall (who are now broadly in the greatest state of decline in history). The foundation of all civilization. Our collective European descended Christian peoples may not last another generation in the current destructive climate that targets and destroys the last of the individual European families of our great civilization. We are calling on Knights to rise up and join together in unity. It will take larger alliances of states of which Brunswick holds treaty. Namely within the prevailing international law alliances of American, French, Swiss, Germany, British estates, and Slavic countries’ that predated World War I.
A return to the National realizations of our people will bring about a restoration of health and vitality for a clear future. Namely the view of God made a Creation, it has fallen, and with the fall of man we require a Saviour, who is realized in the person of Jesus Christ our King of kings and Lord of lords, who will rule the Kingdoms on His return, and place His feet down near a true Jerusalem jurisdiction of His people regathered to keep His wonderful nationalistic laws for peoples and nations.
Our continuing Templar offer a most viable way of peace and regathering of our rights in Christ for His Kingdom law governance to be done on earth, our daily prayer. Why such? as it is like a secret, effective, and least intrusive cultural free assembly for a self determination to be restored in the places we are most needed for peace.

Topic: Brunswick

Select articles on the House of Brunswick. Particularly the successor house of 1935 that received the successful transmission of their cadet branch inheritance rights in international law and per several treaties in 1867. The natural family of Wolfenbuttel is not to be confused the the newly created Kingdom of Hanover entities which were formally divorced from being the natural family of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick, as recognized with the full weights of the law in more than a dozen countries.

Brunswick Continuing Knights Templar House of the Original Angevin Royals’ branch, with full Royal protections of the Templar, incl. fons honorum

The House of Brunswick descends from the original Nobility (Angevin) who had set up and founded the Knights Templar. Not only this, but Brunswick has also maintained it’s status as the rightful head of House for the Nobility who founded the Templar. This was confirmed in numerous early charters and invoked by Brunswick heads of […]

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Merging of the Official “Zion” Known as Western Christendom with the Geographical Zion/Salem

Latest update February 2022: Brunswick Continuing Knights Templar House of the Original Angevin Royals’ branch, with full Royal protections of the Templar, incl. fons honorum by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, OCC Pub 2021 Announcement: This is a true Templar message for the day in which we live, Deus Vult (Note: the Templar worshipped in […]

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Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties

Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties A short discussion from the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick on the true Imperial of the House successors of the lawful senior branch of Romanov-Brunswick. An obligatory dignity through God’s Grace in Christ, to be a matter of inner house arbitration. This study focused more on the Brunswick […]

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Holiday Address, from Chief of the House, Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick

Many Holiday Greetings from Chief of the House, HMSH Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph, von Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick, video address for our suffrage populations’ rights to freedom to obey God in peace. Chief and Head of several Dynasties of Imperial and Royal blood of Europe and Britain, with continuous legal right upheld in numerous effective treaties and […]

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Viking (Goths) Helmets in Our Germanic Coats of Arms (particularly Brunswick)

Welfen Viking Coat of Arms Gothia Goths

Viking (Goths) horned helmets in our ancient coat of arms?   Someone recently asked, why do we have Buffalo horns on many of the Brunswick helmets in the Crests of the family coats of arms? This is in all the heraldry of the present family and has been going back in every generation, even back […]

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Hundreds of Older German Runic Artifacts Demonstrate the Scythian Goth Kinship in Viking and Saxon Nations, directly linked to Wolfenbuettel-Brunswick

In some parts of the Saxon Empire, like in Frisia (through the late period of the Brunoid Kindred Emperors), these older Runes (Elder Futhark) were the official written alphabet of the people, and on the coinage etc. Here you may view hundreds of artifacts of RUNES from GERMANY (Greater Saxony mainly) . They don’t call […]

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Honoring of St Gall and St Othmar in the Orthodox Church of the Culdees

In tradition of the high Franko-Gothic Nobles, the Monastic Rule of Saint Columbanus(the Irish Culdee Missionary), was continuously promulgated in the farthest corners of the Germanic Empire. At the early foundation, with the Kings of the Carolingian Empire, these great Celtic schools became the bedrock of our civilization. The great Celtic illuminated manuscripts and the […]

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The Living Exiled Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel House Being The Only Probable Successor of the Piasts (monarchy of Poland, Czech/Bohemia, Ukraine etc)

The arms of Piast Oels, from their last Sovereignty in Silesia.  The arms, the Oels family name, the property, and the territory of this Principality was officially inherited by the ruling prince of Brunswick as family of the last Piast Princess. Brunswick-Oels was violently annexed by Prussia, remains with Wolfenbuettel as chief prince in exile. […]

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Ostrogoth and Visigoth United Royal Successor House, Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel, alloidial heirs of the Amali and Balti Dynasties


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Hereditary Leadership Of Tribe And Church

Hereditary Leadership in Celtic (Israel Descended) Nations The following text is from the pages 176 to 180 from “The Celtic Church in Britain” by Hardinge. Bibliography included in the following excerpt. More info on the married Clergy (and Abbots) of the Celts: THE HEREDITARY LEADERS   The founder or holy man to whom the original […]

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Kingdom Come, Sanctuary for True Judah, and the coming Judgement

It is indeed time to get right with Yahweh and so we send this annual festal message. Let us prayerfully come to Him and study, reflect, and beg His forgiveness for ourselves and our nation (as His prayer tells us to pray for OUR sins, being His Kingdom people Israel’s sins). That we all be […]

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