The Fall & Rise of Abraham’s Kin (fall of ancient Celtic nations and their rise to form our Christian civilization)

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Read this great British True Israel book in PDF format online: “The Fall and Rise of Abraham’s Kin” by de Witt



  1. Foreword
  2. The Fall of Celtic Middle Asia
  3. The Fall of Celtic India
  4. The Lot of the Chinese-Celtic Remnant
  5. The Dale-Folk, The Kalash
  6. Finding the Ethnic Launch Pad
  7. Links by Way of the Tongue
  8. Why the Old White Empires Fell
  9. Back to Basics
  10. The Wickedness of Gilgal
  11. The Return of Abraham’s Kin but Under Gilgallian Rule
  12. The Pudding Test
  13. How do We Know When a Deliverer is Due?
  14. Abraham’s Seed, Now and Forever?
  15. To Whom Does Grace Abound?

You can find and read numerous other British Israelism books at our website. Selections of the many thousands of books on the topic are being added regularly. Books on British Israel ancient Celtic nations were very popular over the last 300 years.