SON OF CONFEDERATES was asked: “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?”

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The other day I was asked why I honor my Confederate Great (3-4x Great) Grandfathers.
The man asked:  “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?”
I responded:
Each state legally voted for secession from DC after that taxation without representation was brought on by the North. Everyone knew the election was rigged also, it was impossible to deny it, when Lincoln was elected. Nothing wrong with moving your capital building elsewhere because the people voted for it. The Declaration of Independence says we should do that at any time, and the Constitution itself says each state is guaranteed a Republican form of government, and all power is in each state, not in the centralized federal power of theft fraud by force, and continuing the threat of force. Try getting out of the system in a gazillion ways and they will come take all you have, also by force. This war against the illegal usurpation of our rights was a lot easier to understand than the first war of independence against the British. Southern states were the first to abolish slavery and the North were making it so all states had to go under the one standard. Today the USA is still under such illegal occupation by a foreign Federal tyrant forcing illegal mandates the same as Lincoln did. BTW American whites had mostly kept slavery illegal, till a black man (Anthony Johnson) changed the laws by fighting for slavery in court. BTW it was mostly white slaves. Whites kept any (black or white) as only indentured servants who always worked to earn their freedom (not for life). That was the law, till this black man fought to keep slaves as property for life. Through him he changed the law. Many scholars (from the North) wrote that if the South wanted to keep slavery going all they had to do was lay down their arms any time in the first 3 years of the war, as it wasn’t added till later.