de jure (true freedom loving) America always banned race-mixing, Alabama law and 28 other states called it a felony crime till 1968

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I love de jure America (legal and True America) although we have been factually invaded by all definitions, and are currently enslaved under forced mixing programs, rather than being free to obey God’s peaceful laws of liberty, to “come out from them and be ye separate” as Saint Paul had reiterated, the laws of health, His wonderful laws of longevity, His laws which are all laws of prosperity to the extents we are helped by His grace through Christ and power of the Holy Spirit, Divinely enabling us to keep them (not of our own flesh power but His Divine Charis/Charismatica / Grace (Romans 1:15).
The purpose of this article is to issue a little bit of a rebuttle regarding the former Alabama Governor Wallace.
I just read some commentary where they say he was sorry for promoting segregation and that he went around to black churches begging for forgiveness. However, that really is a stretch to say the least, if you fact-check the words he used. America was a segregated nation till about 1970 and he never apologized for our American heritage. The facts show he was, (as always) very kindly showing his face in support of all groups of peoples.
Gov Wallace is accredited with appointing more blacks to state offices than any other Alabama Governor. Blacks voted for him because they wanted more segregation, not less. Same as today.
Public opinion was only changed by Trillions of dollars spent on forced-mixing integration programs of the Feds and foreign intrest groups.
Any apologies were just so far as to be in line only with the votes. However at the beginning he wasn’t a segregationist, but said he wouldn’t be out-segregated again when he lost the election to a staunch segregationist. It was his plan all along to de-segregate Alabama. Yes he was pictured in the 1990s telling blacks that segregation was “a thing of the past”. This was in line with his black voters who elected him to office many times. As everyone’s views changed he went with it. He also maintained blacks were always more happier in Alabama and happier without the forced mixing programs. People say he eventually took a different more “moderate” stance on segregation, however I think it was always his plan.
Long story short he was stealthy but fake. The LAW that all Alabamans voted for (Black AND White) was banning interracial marriage to at least 5 generations of admixture.
Alabama had long banned any known 4th generation descendants of racially mixed people from marriage, but also ANY SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with whites, or face 7 years in Prison! Also the marriage certificates signed by my family in Cullman Alabama said these generations on their permit.
Here is a reading of the Alabama state law, (48 states in America had similar laws till the 1967 US Supreme court Loving vs Virginia):
“If any white person and any negro, or the descendant of any negro, to the third generation inclusive, though one ancestor of each generation was a white person, intermarry, or live in adultery or fornication with each other, each of them must, on conviction, be imprisoned in the penitentiary, or sentenced to hard labor for the county, for not less than two, nor more than seven years.[1] (Alabama Penal Code)”
28 US states held on to keep it a FELONY, approx 10 years in prison for inter-racial sex, till the year 1968.
48 states of these true United States had laws against interracial marriage with varying penalties. 28 of these true states still kept inter-racial marriage as a severe felony crime, all the way up until the year 1968.
This freedom to keep us from forced mixing programs (which in every country of the world has always been used after wars in order to weaken and easily control a foreign enemy nation). It is just as the Red Communists (Bolshevist Fascists) planned long ago.
Some may be surprised to find Nazi Germany was more pro-mixing than America ever was. Even in Nazi Germany, Hitler’s policies were pro-mixing. Those who were registered 1 generation or HALF from another race, got Certified by the SS as being “Aryan”. Europe apparently wasn’t against interracial marriage at all, in fact some would say Hitler promoted it when he removed the classes system and promised every rank of people in Germany the socialist “equality”, removing the Nobility (The Bible says the Holy Spirit will make the law honorable again in these end times days, hundreds of Bible verses are pro-segregation, especially in the New Testament. That’s why ALL our forefathers believed in it, voted for it, and sacrificed for it for 99% of our nation’s existence, by the vast majority of Christians from 1617-1999? and it says “cursed is he who removes the ancient landmark that your FOREFATHERS have set up” and “honor your father and your mother” as it says ONLY His law is honorable and is the ONLY standard, which says most mixing has a certain penalty that starts with a C. That’s the word of God and Christ said He is the WORD, long before New Testament was called Scripture.)
Note: Alabama appealed and won their cases to keep the anti-racemixing laws a few times. That was because the penalty is applied equally against both races, so it would be compliant with the 14th Amendment.
The US Supreme Court in Pace vs Alabama unanimously concluded that the law against interracial marriage is equally applied to both races, so could not be considered discrimination against either.
Kind regards and YAHWEH Bless those who choose to do what is God
(His law is the standard of God. The Holy Spirit will magnify the law and make it honorable in these days, He said.)
Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick