April 29th 2020 Incoming Asteroid Sign in the Heavens and A Biblical Prophecy Again Confirmed For the Viking and Kindred Peoples

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On April 29th 2020 you may view yet another unmistakable “sign in the heavens” proving again the DANELAW Government is of God(Dane and Saxon having a strong Imperial tribal alliance for all time). Read on for the info where you may view the incoming asteroid : -) April 29th, 2020.
It is unmistakably reminding us of this covenant of Danelaw rulership. What it boiled down to is that our age-old God given rights were protected by the sword against the tyrant.

You may wish to read the following article. The location this slow moving star / comet is moving in is a total sign from God:

Glorious Future For the Viking Tribe of Dan http://celticorthodoxy.com/2013/12/the-glorious-future-for-the-viking-tribe-of-dan/
This article is for those familiar with British Israelism (and kindred nations) truths. Perhaps you have a dozen, or perhaps you have a HUNDRED books on the true Israelite nations of God, which are not called Jews(who 99% were removed in 400BC anyhow, and Jeremiah “transplanted the Kingdom and moved most of the priesthood to Ireland”, while the tribe of Judah had already long relocated as the Scriptures said they would, long before the Egyptian and Babylonian captivity).