The Bene Elohim, and coming great glory in Christ. Deep study into Biblical book of Enoch scenarios

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Please hear this hosted Lecture on the Bene Elohim, and the coming great glory, Hon Prof Crouch (of Restoration Ministries), Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies

Pastor Crouch goes deep into the topic concerning order in this world. He even gets into the inter-galactic and real holy wars coming up, all detailed like never heard. He gives clarity on a lot of teachings on the Book of Enoch.
We are so blessed to have our Honorary Professor P.C.. Very few Pastor preach so boldly on the book of Enoch. Thousands more of his teachings are available on tape that have just come into possession by our institute, successors of his original congregation. These are getting digitized from tape daily and are going online at our channel and at

Best regards in Christ,
+Bp Stephen Michael
Dean, Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies
Primace, Orthodox Church of the Culdees


Transcript but we thank you that we can celebrate the feast of unleavened bread the Feast of holiness the feast of deliverance the Feast of freedom Feast of being set free we claim your Holy Spirit moving in our midst is a free gift by the sacrifice of Christ you have not only merited for us everlasting righteousness but caused us to receive freely the gift of the Holy Spirit the down payment of our Redemption that part of the Divine Trinity the everlasting part of your nature has been given unto us as a free gift that we can fellowship communion with talk with share with power wisdom of the universe the third person of the Blessed Trinity the Holy Spirit we receive you as a gift tonight receive you and your teaching capacity you will reveal to us the things of Christ as you come to cause us to experience that which we have seen by the manifestation of the son who came to reveal the father so give us tonight ears to hear eyes to see and a heart to grasp the divine things that bring you great pleasure where we desire the please you almost Heavenly Father we commit to you this service and our spirit our soul in our body the furtherance of your kingdom and of your truth issue as me amen now Raymond had a question so if I’m gonna let you ask the question for those listening by tape as it goes out throughout the world so okay express thyself what I mean Speak Up now he’s got to hear you when I need rarified is what exactly it was from eternity and the creation of time in space well how was it eternity drawn away from or time and space John away from the eternity but how I didn’t quite grasp that a hundred percent you didn’t grasp out the eternal who was everywhere created something that didn’t exist in the expanse within the framework of who he was and where he is everything kind of confusing isn’t it amazing they used to teach it like this if we drew a circle and let this circle represent everything there is which is difficult to conceive but let’s just assume for a minute that this was everything and of course anybody who knows anything about he who is everything knows that nothing exists for him nothing else existed but him he was the subtotal of everything in existent so if he created something how could he break for something that didn’t exist since he was all that existed and he is everything and still is remembering that we gave you the scripture earlier that said we live move and have our being in him so whatever he is it’s contained within him the way they developed it is is that somewhere he withdrew a portion of his everything until there was a vacuum and then he poured himself into that vacuum so that he who was everything no one is Yahweh began to demonstrate his creative ability no one as Elohim there by creating a masterpiece of creation thereby creating the heavens and the earth yet all of this contained within him so if I were to really show this properly and scripturally actually what I do is simply show it going within so that a very small portion of the entire creation is still contained within him because he is everything he simply is manifesting that which is himself in a form that is different from him by the name of Elohim he created manifested it and yet as we found out this afternoon that Paul said in Romans that while everything he made describes his nature and his deity so that everything becomes a type and shadow of everything that he is as he then desires to redeem it and bring it up now on this chart here we had a chart that we used to teach number of years ago as we came from the realms of eternity being the completeness without beginning without end essence of where there is no past and no future now remember that’s hard for the human mind but in deity this is where he is there is no past in him there is no future in him he is simultaneously everything there is happening completely all the time in another dimension in another realm separate from you and I only know time from yesterday today and tomorrow that does not exist in the NT he sees all things simultaneously instantly so as he looks down from eternity he sees the whole thing he’s right now this is present with Adam and Eve in the garden as he is coming the second time at the end of the tribulation or coming to the money who sees it all simultaneously so he can enter into any one of those coming Wars because he’s above time what he did is he created ages and as we got into as we close the Bible study earlier we were dealing with this age in which everything was created in a perfect state there was no failure there was no fault there was no death there was no sink there was no sin there was no rebellious mas’ it was a state of perfect existence in this realm which then somewhere between eternity and Genesis we have a period of time you know you know here this too much in churches but as we explained earlier that Christ is the manifestation side of deity he came to manifest himself he’s called the Sun because the Sun manifests the father in his eternity he came to manifest eternity we have a chart Belize to show you that describes it to a certain detail find it real fast you here [Music] in the divine [Music] here we have a circle semi circle in which is the divine being divinity turning remember that charts do very poor damage to reality I’m just trying to describe it if you conceive of everything there is in eternity is divine divinity of the binding with the center of consciousness called Father Son Holy Spirit the son issuing forth from the divine being manifesting imaging the divine he was the eternal son from eternity at some point I hope you can follow me at some point in eternity not in time Genesis says in the beginning but in order for there to be a beginning there had to be somebody who was ready to do the beginning Christ is called the beginning of the creation that’s one of his titles so before there was a beginning we have the son being manifested in one of the higher dimensions as the son of Yahweh and he took on himself a divine humanity so he was in his pre-existent state as the second person of the Trinity he was the creator of all things and at some point he created the first Adam are you with me so far so Genesis is preceded by the son of Yahweh is schewe coming forth who is the second Adam who was also the one who made the first Adam so Yahshua no one has the original son created the first Adam in His image while becoming the second Adam in which he came to redeem us which is one of the essences and meanings of the word Messiah so the Sun manifesting himself in a particular mode was able to manifest in eternity all of his glorious being and brought forth creations in those creations he brought forth beings of a different order we read in the book of Job that the sons of Elohim or sons of the creator sang and shouted at the foundations of the earth in other words when father created this earth Genesis there were already beings here celebrating the act of creation ok you can read this in Joel [Music] I think it’s correct me if I’m wrong creation was progressive no job verse and if you really want to get the context of Joel Joel was trying to figure out why he was where he was which is what some of us ready to do finally all we is getting upset because his three friends were just fouling things up with their so-called knowledge of ignorance finally it says Yahweh answer job out of the whirlwind which was the pillar of cloud and said who is this the darken of counsel who makes things even worse by talking about it words without knowledge you know you can have words without knowledge the council won they talked the worse it gets sometimes you think that’s what I do gird up now they’ll always like a man for I will demand of the in answer thou me where was where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth he said if you think you’re so smart where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth and I always ask any I’m he said who do you think but dis earth in this place in the first place what was it wait here are you well we could go while I was doing this declare if you have any understanding I mean some of you ever get into the conversations y’all we have with humans you talk about an encounter of the third kind this was an encounter of the Fourth Kind who have laid the measures thereof it thou knowest err who hath stretched the line upon it in other words who measured what sites the earth would be who measure where the earth would be in place of the rest of the universe and the stars who we decided it should be here not someplace else why part of the foundations there a fastened er how come the earth hangs where it is who fastened it here each trying to use his intelligence center to make him understand that it’s not fastened at all so by gravitational pull who laid the cornerstone thereof now there’s the word cornerstone in Christ is the cornerstone who laid the cornerstone when quality of time the morning stars sang together that means I was acquired morning starts plural now remember we talked about earlier how Satan before he fell called Lucifer wanted to get higher than he was in his created state he wanted to ascend up into a higher heaven where the stars were and yet these were one of the stars of that fourth dimension because we told you the fourth dimension is the dimension of the stars of heaven the stars of heaven were created before the earth if you remember in Genesis it says in the beginning Elohim created that what heavens and the earth will come first heavens of the earth and heavens came first then the earth there’s an order the heavens were plural so he peopled the heavens before he finished peopling and making the earth so he says where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth when the morning stars sang together there were morning stars morning meaning the beginning of light being made manifest morning stars stars who shine to bring light upon a particular form of the creation when the morning stars sang together and all how many all of the sons of Elohim shouted for joy there were sons of Elohim long before Adam was ever made no it says now how many know the book of Job was written long before Moses was ever born so the book of Job was here five hundred years before Moses was ever here this is the oldest book in your Bible but the job was written over , years before Christ book of Job is the oldest book in your Bible it’s the first book we have of any recorded literature they never got into the sacred Canon Joe was pretty smart in the book of Job it tells you the signs of Elohim shouted for joy when this earth was late so evidently there was a group of beings who were created by a direct Fiat of Yahweh to exemplify his glory Pete has simply said let there be wheat there was an intelligent wise singing powerful multiplicity of beings he simply spoken what millions of angels Benet Elohim sons by creation now you and I are not sons by creation we are sons by what earth which is higher today both sons have a higher calling than created sentence so these sons have been around for a while now if the earth is according to modern earth science to billion years old then these beings who have never sinned are still here in some dimension and they are still worshipping and singing to him and have been doing so for to billion years they’re not wore out at all they have never died they never get sick they never get upset they’re very happy can we talk with them there William Kendall Bonet Elohim flowin and amongst us now let’s go back to Joel one / I have no idea what I’m doing I’ve no idea what I’m teaching I don’t even know where I’m going but I guess it’s okay now that wasn’t a joke one six now there was a day when the Binet Elohim you sons of Elohim now who are they they weren’t here at the creation they were here before Adam was ever made they were here previous to Genesis are you with me okay now there was a day when the B’nai oh he came to present himself before he got away not before Elohim before Yahweh and who came Satan came also among them why would Satan come among the B’nai no he probably was one of them it was probably a Bonet and looking except for one problem I see a earlier it said he wanted to go up and become like them since it refers to mistake [Music] yes this was after the fall well that meant these banana eating came and presented themselves now I’ve taken some of you up this far before let me see if I can get the rest of you caught up at this point there was a day when the B’nai eloheem you have to admit that’s plural the sun’s not son not a son of Elohim but the name the sons of Elohim for how many there are with me so far who are they and why do they have to report to Yahweh well let me give you an idea in Luke chapter which is the genealogical table of our Savior about basing on the fact of who he came from he was the son of does he have a genealogical right because you see if you’re going to be a king you’ve got to have genealogy genealogies are worth listed here not a king Kings have to prove that they are descended from Kings peons do not come from Kings yet that genealogy so that’s why in Matthew and in Luke we have genealogy list but the genealogy let’s just work from opposite ends Matthew does it from one end and Luke does it from another but in Luke it says very interesting thing it took it all the way from Mary took it back who was the daughter of who was the son of who was the son of who was the son of who was the son of all the way back and finally we get to the internet says who was the son of Adam who was the B’nai love him Adam is the only person in the Bible that was called a B’nai eloheem in Hebrew idem now none of the sons of Adam have ever been called the many Elohim because when he fell it says he had a son after his own image fallen and you see Elohim can’t fall so no fallen man can ever be called a B’nai Elohim therefore Adam was the only Benet eloheem on this planet now we do know that he was put here for a specific purpose one he was put here to be a king – he was to be the vice regent of the eternal on this planet now if Adam was the B’nai Elohim and had he not of sinned he would have been right here with the rest of the Bonet loved him which implies that each one of them were like Adam on a different planet [Music] yes [Music] [Laughter] yeah it’s talk it talks about the water exactly IDs but you learn the steps through okay there was beans that was brought in from all over the universe the last hoorah that came to observe and be with the judging of the world and it is this the night or from the universes that who they are uh yes and no partly correct partly not correct you’re referring to first Enoch six and also chapter one now now see the Holy Spirit’s putting this Bible study together see none of you even understand him see all of you were a part of what Holy Spirit’s doing so he’s weaving the thought he wants to get you thinking he said but about five minutes ahead of you the blessing out in Enoch to recall what you’d now correct me if I’m wrong I think I hear what you’re saying I want to make sure I understand what you’re asking it says the Blessed the Enoch chapter verse the blessing of Enoch with which he blessed the elect and the righteous who would be present on the day of tribulation at the time of the removal of all of the ungodly ones as he Satan hates this book this book used to be in the can and this book was part of the original Bible it was removed that’s why he always said don’t take anything from my word this book was removed as part of the original character emic was given this revelation before the flood carried by Noah through the flood handed down to Shem and given to Abraham and Abraham kept it within part of the Oracles of the children of Israel as part of their heritage in fact the latter part of the Book of Enoch literally says the fragments of Noah still carries the title on it to this day and it even states in the ancient Hebrew writings that they were brought over on the ark the ark of noah carried with it the library the library was communicated from Noah to Shem and then bestowed upon Abraham and Abraham seen that’s why there’s more to this than what meets the eye anyway I want you to notice how this contradicts church theology the blessings of Enoch with which he blessed the elect and the righteous who would be present on the day of tribulation at the time of the removal of all of the ungodly ones now not the removal of the righteous but the removal of the unrighteous now in Matthew it says that when he comes he’s going to separate the tears from the wheat but it says he’s not gonna remove the wheat said he’s going to remove the tinkers yet the church has got us being removed but the Bible doesn’t talk about us being removed talks about the tariffs being removed the Book of Enoch at Uchee the ungodly ones will be removed somebody’s gonna remove them out of their place and I’ll tell you how to tell who does it and when it happens and that’s part of the interpretation of the book of Revelation or somebody maybe give you tonight Enoch the blessed and righteous man of Yahweh took up the his parable while his eyes were open and he saw and said this is a holy vision from the heavens plural which the angels showed me and I heard from them everything and I understood I look not for this generation but for the distant one that is coming I speak about the elect ones and concerning them and I took up with a parable saying the Elohim of the universe the holy and great one will come forth from his dwelling which is the highest heaven and from there he will march upon Mount Sinai and appear in this camp emerging from heaven with a mighty power and everyone shall be afraid and watch her shall quiver and great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth mountain in high places will fall down and be frightened in the high Hill shall be made low and they shall melt like honeycomb before the flame and earth shall be rent asunder and all that is upon the earth shall perish and there shall be a judgment upon all including the righteous and to all the righteous he will grant peace he will preserve the elect and kindness shall be upon them they shall all belong to elohim and they shall prosper and be blessed in the light of elohim shall shine unto them behold he will arrive with ten million of the holy ones in order to execute judgment upon all that was at the verse that you were talking about okay which is thought by the way this verse is what’s couldn’t bite Jude in the book of Jude in your Bible Jude is quoting from this book chapter verse of the Book of Enoch is quoted by Jude which means that Jude took this as Scripture and quotes it as such he will destroy the wicked one and censor all flesh on account of everything they have done that which the sinners and the wicked ones committed against him okay so he’s coming with millions of these holy ones to execute judgment in Matthew he’s coming with angels messengers who will come with swords in their hand there’s going to be holy ones there’s not just gonna be us folks the you talk about a military you have never seen military army like what Yahweh has there is not a war on this earth that effort will equal in power that will equal in prestige that will equal in in sight and sound the divine holy war now the B’nai Elohim I believe is just my personal opinion were beings on atoms order who were created to be the heads over his physical creation and were placed in various levels of his creation Adam being placed here but Adam being placed here was placed here for a reason because Satan was bound here in the second dimension which we spoke up on the earlier tape and where the second dimension is so the tree of knowledge was planted in the second dimension not all of the second dimension was corrupted only a portion of it portion of it was not Adams job was to redeem it Adam blew it as the Bnei eloheem he fell now Lucifer when Adam fell took Adam’s birthright Satan has the keys of death and him and that’s why when Christ died and rose from the dead he took back the keys that were given to Adam see Adam simply by rebelling forfeited his divine title upon this earth giving rulership to Satan so when these Bonello he went and reported in on what are called quarterly cycles called a business meeting when the heads of state all gathered together to meet under Yahweh’s specialty meeting place wherever this place was in the universe Satan says well I’ve got the authority from Planet Earth I’m going to go there too no ruttin figure now now did that answer your question enough for me to continue on okay in first Inuk chapter it goes on and does exactly what it says in Genesis there was the day when the B’nai eloheem came down to the daughters of Adam and produced seed which became the Giants that lived in those days monstrosity between these some of the Bonet eloheem who got attracted to those upon this planet they were enough like them that I mean after all if they were Bonet Elohim I believe that the vanilla team were all of one class now the bunny eloheem shouted at the foundations of this earth not realizing that one of the greatest funny Elohim was about to be created in his image so we have these creatures who lived in the realm of eternity and who were familiar with eternity and whose job is to service between eternity and time they are sort of in-between we shared this with you before when we went into the Book of Daniel let’s go to Daniel I’ll show you what I’m talking about in the third gear Daniel verse and the third year of Cyrus king of Persia Fame was revealed unto Daniel whose name was called belteshazzar and the fame was true but the time appointed was long and he understood the Thane and had understanding of the vision in those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks I ate no Pleasant bread or Sabbath bread neither Canaan flesh nor wine in my mouth neither did i anoint myself at all tow three whole weeks were fulfilled and in the four and twentieth day of the first month as I was by the side of the great river which his head account then I lifted up my eyes looked and behold a certain man clothed in linen white linen whose loins were burdened with fine golden loofahs his body was also like the Burrow his faces the appearance of lightning in his eyes as lamps of fire and if you look in Revelation it’s the same description of Christ in his eternal glory in his human body but Christ live pre-existent to marry Christ was a manifested called in the Old Testament the angel of Yahweh and he was the one who walked in the garden with Adam he was the one who appeared to Moses in the burning bush this was the one whom the elders saw in the vision and every divine vision of deity was nothing than the pre-existent manifestation of deity of Christ the person who created everything else in his image including the B’nai eloheem this is you know the universe is a very big thing folks you and I are just we’ve been slaves for so long and little peons for so long it’s just hard for us to think babe if you lived on the other side of the world you lived among the high potentates you’d be thinking the only people you even talked to her kings you know you think big I mean for you to throw a three million dollar party it’s just penis I mean for you to say well I’m gonna go out tomorrow have a bash for three million dollars you you wouldn’t be able to do it but if you were a king of some of the money that some of the people this world have it would mean nothing deals well our heavenly father’s above any of the kings of this earth I mean he’s massively wealthy and when he creates anything there massively wealthy when Adam was made he had the whole earth it was all his and it was given to his seed his posterity to prosper in it in a glorified condition so here comes what I believe was Christ in his pre-incarnate days his body also was like the burl his face as the appearance of lightning in his eyes as lamps of fire in his arms and feet like in color to polish brass and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude and I ganyan alone saw the vision for the men that were with me saw not the vision but a great quaking fell upon them so that they fled to hide themselves therefore I was left alone and saw this great vision and there remaineth no strength in me for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption and I retained no strength yet heard I the voice of his words and when I heard the voice of his words then was I in a deep sleep on my face and my face towards the ground behold the hand touched me would set me upon my knees and upon the palm of my hands and he said unto me o Daniel a man greatly beloved understand the words that I speak unto thee and stand upright for under the mi now sent and when he had spoken this word unto me I stood trembling then said he unto me fear not Daniel for from the first day that thou did set thine heart to understand and to chasten myself before thy Elohim thy words were heard and I am calm for thy words now if you go back to Daniel it says in Daniel verse I set my face unto Yahweh Elohim to seek by prayer and supplication with fasting and sackcloth and ashes and I prayed unto Yahweh my Elohim and made my confession and said now at that point where it says said this is the prayer of Daniel if you want to know how a prophet prays simply read this prayer and I challenge you pray it with emotion and feeling and put a timer on and see how long it takes you you’ll find out that it will take you approximately three minutes to pray this prayer now go back to Daniel chapter verse for from the first day that you set your heart understand my words were heard I am calm in other words the moment that Daniel started to pray this prayer this great personage in white was sent but it took him three weeks to get there in it now he left the throne of heaven the prayer was heard how fast no the prayer was heard instantly you see when you say Yahweh how long does it take for him to hear it instantly in other words interdimensional space does not have space limit to it or time limits instead no way can hear your call that fast but now in order for him to get to you he’s got to go through certain zones that’s what I was teaching you earlier the ten heavens he’s about to go through the channels so to speak to get prayer answered now one of the channels he’s got to get through when we’re in a fallen state is what we read about here verse but the prince or the arc cone is the word in the original same word for principality in Ephesians I mean Ephesians and we wrestle against what principalities well here’s an example of one right here Daniel you can actually put the word principality there it’s the same word in the original but the Principality the Ark own of the kingdom of Persia that the kingdom of Persia was in a literal Kingdom but was it a literal Kingdom was it a physical Kingdom did it have real flesh-and-blood people in it wasn’t such a thing as a Persian Empire in history but was there a power behind it behind all physical power there’s a spirit power coming from some dimension you see them but the prince now if this was Christ I’m gonna tell you something if this was Christ if this was his pre-incarnate glory and it took him three weeks no it only takes one second for our voice to get all the way up to the tenth ever but for him to come back it took three weeks for him to get to Daniel now if it took Christ himself three weeks to get to Daniel how long do you think it’s gonna get take you without Christ to get a prayer answer you something you just never thought about it that way did you okay now if the Prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me personally how does a fallen principality withstand Christ Maron your thing but what doesn’t it seem to you that I’ll fight let me get out of my way [Music] you ever wondered why evil stays never wonder my it just so hard should we’ve never thought it through we pretty such a mickey mouse gospel if evil is so easy to controlled and how come we have so much problem with it folks as things when when when Christ in all of his purity in all of his power here’s now and I hope you get this the body that he had through the Virgin Mary do you realize that it couldn’t die it didn’t have any sin in it you can’t destroy a body that has no sin in it in Matthew he was glorified before he ever went to the cross light shone through his body what he was transfigured among them he showed him his eternal glory there it is boy he said this is who I really am they saw it was glorious yeah in that same body in the Garden of Gethsemane the pressure was so great upon him that he began to sweat as it were drops of blood literally pouring to the capillaries and going to the texture of his skin that’s pressure well he had no sin and he was deity but he experienced pressure to the breaking point that his own sinless body was about to break and then you wonder sometimes why it’s so hard on you that’s why he said I’ve been where you are I want you to understand but I have defeated those powers now Daniel was pre cross we should not have this problem anymore in our life technically and I said that for a reason some of you will sit there and pray for something for a whole year even pre Christ it only took three weeks you’re sending it before the cross it took three weeks then why do we as Christians who have the cross and resurrection why does it take us five years something we must not understand do you see what I’m saying so and I challenge you study Revelation chapter one and study this chapter and see if the two people aren’t alike and most commentators even accept the fact that this was Christ in his pre-incarnate glory now if it is it may not be but if it is if it is I want you to think about something he said personally this single demonic Ark own withstood him for twenty-one it took him twenty-one days to get around this person that’s a lot of pressure that must have been one strong Ark own but the Prince the Arcola of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one in twenty days but low Michael one of the chief Prince’s were one of the chief are cons came to help me and I remained there with the kings of Persia now I have come to make the understand what shall be followed by people in the what latter days for yet division is for many days now the vision that he was going to come and give hit Daniel concerns what was to happen to his people in these days in these days does the devil wants you to know what the devil’s going to do in these days no so the devil’s going to fight this isn’t he he did number one he doesn’t want you to know what do you know why he doesn’t want you to know well he can fool us that’s true but if you did know well what then you either probably prepared defense couldn’t you yes you could probably whip him if you knew if any nation knew they were going to be attacked they build up their armory they build up their weaponry now father calls the soldiers were called into a war the greatest war of all history is about to take place you have not yet seen a war like the war that’s coming up now in Ephesians six versus put on the armor he’s talking military words folks this is military warfare you better accept the fact you’re in a war Satan is out to get you he’s what he wants to wipe your face in the mud with your weakness the father’s got a job to do doesn’t now where’d all this come from the words that dawn I’m trying to give you the big picture in the beginning none of this was here how did it get here now one of the work one of the things that Enid wanted to ask if I got it correctly was if there was no sin at that time and there was nothing but the B’nai eloheem and everything was good there were no are cones in the first stage there was no sin there was no evil there was nothing there was nothing negative can you imagine that I mean there was nothing in any realm where did Lucifer come up with the idea to blow it when it was nobody else you’re trying to figure that one out where did he get it from how if there were no alcohol he was not tempted because there was nothing to tempt him there was no devil to tempt the devil I mean Adam at least had an excuse he was tempted Lucifer was not tempted no one tempted Lucifer there wasn’t anything in the creation too tempting how did he in the presence of pure holiness pure power pure beauty ever get to the place where he sin was that one of your questions I got it right okay well is there an answer to thing I could say you know one just keep on going well yes there is Isaiah again have mercy you know we spend a lot of time and I say a don’t we but pretty soon you better find out it’s pretty heavy now we already spent an hour on it today now we’re going to go back to Isaiah look at something else how art thou fallen from heaven now when I see a verse you have to connect with it Ezekiel so put Ezekiel in there let’s compare two things together here Ezekiel verse thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created till iniquity was found in thee good he was perfect like everything else he was beautiful how could have been created you knew you had no existence till the Creator created you but up in verse it said he was the son of wisdom that meant father just DNA coated him with wisdom he had the answer to everything in his realm he was the wisest of all there was he was the sum of what wisdom what did Solomon have wisdom all right now back in Genesis chapter verse we read something now the serpent was more subtle or was was subtle was more subtle than any beast of the field and then their words out of all the beasts of the field and remember the word beasts there’s not beasts and all is not talking about an animal or snake the word is literally living creature who lived in the field this was the wisest of all of them but the phrase is identical to Ezekiel you were the full deal was full of wisdom and he was perfect in beauty he looked in the mirror he says wow look at that man I am beautiful now in verse you were perfect in your waist when the day you were created until iniquity was found in thee now didn’t say sin said iniquity which meant that something became bent inside of him because iniquity means bending okay now look by the multitude of thy merchandise what does that mean you know he was a merchandiser he’s a merchant what a merchants do today they say all right what what is the city in the book of Revelation chapter what is the great city really really for what what do they do it’s the city of commerce isn’t it it’s a commercial city the city of the world they do trade all over the world the trafficking you have the personification of what Lucifer did before he fell he was a merchandiser he was the greatest retailer that ever was that’s right that’s right he was a Salesman by the multitude of thy merchandise now his merchandise meaning that he what he had so many unique gifts so many things that he could do they have filled the midst of thee with violence not not that’s a bad word there it just filled him with just he was consumed with what he could do and thou hast sinned he sinned now descend means to make a choice against a standard or to violate a given standard now let’s find out what that standard was verse Ezekiel verse thy heart was lifted up because of what by beauty thou has corrupted thy wisdom by reason of vibe rightness so he corrupted himself how did he do that Isaiah verse how art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which did weaken the nation’s for thou hast said where in my heart now it tells you in verse his heart was lifted up but you know I say at twelve thirteen fourteen thirteen it tells you what in his heart made him rise up by will to words I will no creative being in the universe ever said I will Lucifer was the first to say I will he got Adam and Eve to say I will the first thing a child will do upon expressing his sin nature is defy your will that little child will continue to say throughout its life I will but I won’t do it I will that is the essence of sin yes yes enough okay now we are free moral agents in the sense that I have and can make choices he’s not against choices as long as it is contained within his will I can will to do his will it’s when I make a choice to will against the will that it becomes sin do you follow what I’m saying so father created us with the ability to will including the Angels now some of the Angels sin the Bible says that Lucifer took one-third of the angels of heaven with him one-third that meant two-thirds didn’t go but one-third of them followed him do you understand what it would take for one-third of the angels to follow him he must have been some powerful oratory to actually take away at least one-third of the creation of Elohim knowing they were all he was the creator Lucifer himself being a created being the masterpiece of subtlety he corrupted his wisdom by his wisdom he found a way to be so sneaky and from that point on his will is now to do everything in the exact opposite manner that father wills so when Christ came what did he say in the garden not my will be done now a nasty question when Christ said not my will be done did Christ have a will yeah could he have sinned no because he was deity therefore whatever he willed would have been righteous you would me now if whatever he willed would have been righteous then why did he say not my will because even though his will was righteous and there was nothing wrong with it he still didn’t want to do his will he wanted to do his father’s will so the key to being in Christ is not my will but thy will and only those who say thy will be done on a consistent basis become the overcomers so overcoming is the ability to say thy will not my will even when there’s nothing wrong with what I’m willing if I understand that what I’m willing to do even though not wrong is against what I know father wants me to do yes okay himself the blood of Yeshua guarantees that this will never ever happen again that’s right it will never happen never happen again but then but father knew that Lucifer corrupt himself that’s right wonder why yes okay in the first creation he cannot create himself nothing was born it was created cannot create himself he himself is holy he cannot sin you cannot create non sinning because that is part of eternity but you can birth it it’s white Christ King had there been no sin Christ would have still come to give us birth he would not have had to die but he would have still come to give us birth so there has to be a second yes that’s right I hope there wasn’t had been a third third coming in in other words when he had come yet had been said yep yeah if Adam had not have sinned Christ would have still come to be received to bring birth to produce anis divine birth because it is the divine birth that causes us to be able to not sin now you can find this in st John chapter verse you’re right correct verse John yeah five four for whatsoever is born of Elohim didn’t say whosoever it says whatsoever how many know there’s a difference we knew and what doesn’t say who’s born it says what is born what is born a minute witness born you should know this what’s born that which is born of the Spirit is spirit what is for what is born the spirit you’re born again of the spirit for whatsoever is born / comes the world what overcomes the world what is born which is your spirit right no what it says it’s another verse I’m looking for – and I can’t quite think of well you hear this first John chapter just go back to chapter couple chapters first John chapter verse nothing now here the word is whosoever not whatsoever be better really catch these words folks whosoever who’s who’s born again now who’s born again yeah not what now you whosoever is born of elohim what you read does not commit sin maybe I’m not born again [Music] that’s what if he’s gonna pick that up whatsoever is born of Elohim does not commit sin now watch for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of elohim that’s right your spirit your spirit can’t sin that’s why if you walk in the spirit you can’t sin but you’ve got to make a choice to walk in the spirit which just about lends us to the Bible study I was going to give you tonight [Music] first John chapter verse that which is born does not commit sin now that which is created can you see the distinction there for to those who are not born again they must be judged and sin will be brought to an end whereby they will lose their will to sin we who accept by choice to walk in the spirit will be purified rise above conquer be an overcomer and be able to rise to the higher levels because we’ve chosen the way of Christ consequently we will never sin again because we will lose that ability to sin by learning how to walk in the spirit because I have now been born with father’s nature because father cannot sin father cannot sin period but he cannot create somebody to not sin he can only birth somebody to not sin but only that which is born now the first Adam st Corinthians let’s let’s go to that now now we can now it’s going to make sense to some of you st Corinthians [Music] forty-five first Corinthians and so it is written the first man Adam was made a living one soul second dimension the last Adam was made a life-giving spirit howbeit that was not first which is spiritual but that which is natural or soulish and afterwards that which is spiritual the first man is of the earth earthy the second man is Yahweh from heaven as is the earthy such are they also that are earthy you were born of the flesh as is the heavenly such as they also that are heavenly you were born of the Spirit as we have borne the image of the earth earthy we shall also bear the image of the heavenly how birth now this I say brethren that flesh and what blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Elohim neither does corruption inherit incorruption behold I show you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last truck which is the Feast of Trumpets for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed now you’re going to bear the image of the heavenly aren’t you when you are changed when this body now becomes adaptable to your spirit you will never be able to sin again which means you are going back to the order of first things now if there was a time when the sons of Elohim came to present himself in his kingdom Satan came also among them the point is that those Benet eloheem still meet the father cannot have his final meeting until the B’nai eloheem of this planet are in place now the B’nai eloheem of the other planets or other dimensions now I said a word I told somebody on the way up there to eat earlier today so the rest of you that weren’t in the band you didn’t get this but out of the various dimensions that are that are available and that are made each dimension becomes greater than the next dimension okay the physical creation is like that all this physical dimension with all of its millions of light years wall of space everything physical that the whole world knows about simply just a little teeny-weeny thing like that the second dimension there’s a little larger and contained in the first second surrounds it the third is larger yet it paints all of that the fourth dimension is larger and on it goes until you finally reach that big overall thing as funny known as Elway okay in other words the higher you go in the dimensions the bigger it gets the bigger the universe okay the B’nai eloheem were centered all through the first creation all through the first planetary system astronomers will tell you that every star in the heavens which is nothing more than a Sun just like our own Sun that at least they made they believe this is in documentation that every other star has planets revolving around it just like planets around our Sun and that they assume that they have life so they assume when they see UFOs that these are simply people coming to us from other planets not planets within our solar system but planets within the universe of the physical dimension the only thing that they fail to realize is that when the UFOs manifest they come in and out of the dimension they they that they then they don’t come from outer space they come from inner space because they can seem to be they could actually be seen on photographic film to be actually coming in to manifestation they’re not coming as a movement in space they are coming from something that is not spaced into space and you actually see them materialized on slow film meaning they are beings who come from an inner dimension the second dimension which is for satan lifts but there are also begins to come from the third dimension and from the fourth dimension which are know what is the angels the fifth dimension where the Archangels are and you and I are going into the fifth dimension the overcomers are going into the fifth dimension now in the book of Revelation each of the heavens every vision begins when they heavenly scene somewhere in one of the heavens now Lucifer as we laid out for you earlier from Isaiah anybody get tired of Isaiah by now verse Howard our fallen from heaven now to fall means to go down it’s a word meaning to go down when he comes we’re going to be caught up we’re going to there’s an up Ness but how many know that in reality it’s not an up-down situation it’s in or out so to go up is to go in to go down is to go out am I losing anybody okay okay haven’t I made a series of take some time back hold heaven is not up the reason I say that is because when if you if you just simply understand the planetary system the earth and when he comes if he were to come down to get us and he stood right here we they’re right here on this part of earth would go up to meet him but the people who live down here in China is they were not they have to go through the earth to get to him because they’re standing upside down but they’re not upside down huh they’re steady right side up it’s what you are upside down but you see in their consciousness it does not appear that way but somewhere every hours on this every hours on this planet we are literally upside down but at any time are you aware that you’re upside down of course not or some of your actually standing sideways in space you’re standing that will be your fear literally going outwards in space that’s that’s reality now for this person on this side of the planet to go up he has to go this way for the person who lives on this side of the planet to go up is to go that way for the person on this side of the planet to go up he’d have to go this way well if every one fourth of the earth went this way and one for the years went this way and one fourth of the earth went that way and one fourth of theirs went that way none of us would never mean right so in order to go up and meet him we must therefore have to go in to the next dimension do not do but do see nothing not over the hand but with the heart understanding that we’re going as a magnet being attracted to him we simply are drawn to him because he’s not in space and will no longer be a space being we’re enter dimensional space beings how in the world do you think you’re going to be able to float in the air space beams cannot float in air things in space do not I mean physical things do not float without some kind of power and if you’re going to all of a sudden descend up now Christ was able to ascend up how was he ascending up because his body was not limited to the molecular gravitational electromagnetism of his planet or of the first dimension now if I’m walking in the spirit does my spirit have power over the magnetism of this earth on over its electromagnetic field do I yeah so it has no bearing upon me now if I’m walking in the spirit I can appear and disappear well it’s been said to Buddhist monks – then how they did that well if they learned the trade didn’t they but they learn how to do it without price you’re gonna do it with Christ there’s a big difference but you’ve seen even if they don’t they can’t get out of the second dimension we get we’re done in the third I’m just trying to teach a higher level of thinking when Lucifer fell he fell out of to fall in our conception is to go down because in space we only think of falling as a downward condition okay so what I want you to see here is that it says how art thou fallen from heaven so the heaven he was in he fell out of so he was in a heaven that he rolled him govern now according to the word let’s go back to Genesis I want to show you something and it talked about this too much it’s the fourth day creative at verse Elohim said let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven let there be lights where of the left heavens he likes in heaven to divide the day from the night let them be for signs and for seasons word for seasons there is feast more Deen and for days and for years and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and it was sowing and yellow he made two great lights the greater light to rule the day which we call what and the lesser light to rule the night what was that the moon and he made the stars also can you see that so that happens include star having the Sun a moon and stars you got dad now if that is true of the first heaven are there stars and moons ends and s on moon and stars for the second heaven how about for the third how about for the fourth how about for the fifth oh now now okay Nancy verse immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the wet Sun be dark in the moon I’ll give her light and the stars they’ll fall now do you really think that a star which is a Sun by the way the smallest Sun was ten times bigger than this earth if a Sun fell on this earth what do you think what happened to it it’s literally raining even before it even got here the gravitational pull of a larger unit upon the earth would cause the earth to be totally disintegrated but I read in the Bible that the earth is going to go on forever so evidently the stars that fall from heaven are not physical stars where is it Genesis what helps about the original Sun Moon and stars there were just let’s see yeah [Music] Genesis verse Joseph dreamed a dream and he told it to his brethren and they hated him yet the morn he said unto them here I pray you this dream which I have dreamed for behold we are binding Chiefs in the field and well my sheaf arose and also stood upright and behold your sheaves stood round about made of basins to my sheaf and his brethren said to him shout that one deed reign over us or shop doubt indeed have dominion over us and they hated him yet the more for his dreams and for his words and he dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brother and said Behold I have dreamed a dream more to behold the Sun in the moon and the Eleven stars made obeisance to me and he told it to his father and to his brethren and his father rebuked him and said to him what is this dream that thou has dreamed shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth his brethren envied him but his father observed the same now what was he Joseph was the th son he saw eleven stars so the son was two according to the string what was the son know his father Jacob who was Israel Israel to be the son moving Israel would be the son who was the moon his mother who were the stars his brothers and if eleven bowed down to him he’d be the th right go back to Revelation there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the Sun the moon under her feet the partner had a chronicle stars now again we have the Sun Moon and stars right is it referring to physical Sun physical moon physical stars or is it referring to Dominion what is the symbol of the Emperor of Japan the Sun what controls this whole earth the Sun this is called the Sun system the solar system everything that lives lives by the power of the Sun this is the greatest image of the center is that’s why it’s called the great light ok so now we have to figure out who the Sun Moon and stars are now whole whole revelation let’s go to Acts chapter you having fun with a puzzle study or not okay Acts chapter verse but this is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel L it shall come to pass in the last days saith Yahweh that I will pour out of my spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesy your young men shall see visions your old men shall dream dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my spirit and they shall prophesy notice what happens after the prophesy was the same I will show wonders where in heaven above signs in the earth beneath blood fire and vapor of smoke next verse please Sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before that great and notable day of Yahweh Tom you know many people take that literally and then refer to a literal Sun or moon at all who is the Sun to this world it’s the church and the moon will be turned to blood that means a blood bath will come now revelation there appeared a great wonder now by the way just take a strong skin cordons go look up the word son look up the word moon look up the word stars you’re going to be amazed as you look to the scriptures that whenever yahweh appears in judgment when it says that he turned the sun dark it meant whatever the ruling power wasn’t that day it was removed the son of that empire was removed it meant the ruling people of that day the son is the ruler of that kingdom so the son in any heaven is the ruler of that heaven the son was designed to what rule the day what is the moon rule rules the night now that’s rulers sun and moon are rulers now here’s the woman which is Israel clothed with the Sun she’s ruling this is redeemed Israel now if you don’t believe me how many understand Isaiah is the suffering servant right everybody understand Isaiah is the suffering servant very few people ever read Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah go hand-in-hand you cannot separate them now let’s go back to Isaiah and you’ll see why now look at the last verse and I say a last first when I say ft was brisk what therefore will I divide him a portion with the great who shall divide the spoil of the strong because he had poured out his soul unto death notice what was poured out on to death his soul or spirit okay father into thy hands I commend my spirit his soul with the shield his body was put into the grave he poured out his soul unto death and he was numbered with the transgressors and he bare the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors now whoever put the word in there came years after the Bible was already had before when I see an already written this thing in the days of Christ there was no there it was the continuation of the prophecy what happens following the fact that he made intercession for the transgressors same ol Barrett vow that did not bear break forth into singing he cry aloud though this did not travail with child now we’re talking about somebody bringing forth with child what happens in Revelations Wow revelation Isaiah go hand in hand for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife saith Yahweh in large the places I can’t let them stretch work the curtains of thine habitations spare not lengthen thy cords strengthen thy stakes for thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left by sea chill inherit the nation’s and make the desolate cities to be inhabited fear not for thou shalt not be ashamed either be thousand founded for thou should not be put to shame for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth shalt not remember the reproach of by Windell put any more for thy maker is my husband who are we talking about Yahweh of hosts is his name and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel the yellow heme of a whole earth shall he be called and Yahweh have called thee as a woman or wife in the original and Forsaken and grieved in spirit and a wife of youth when that was refused a foul ahim for a small moment of my forsaken evil would break Mercy’s will I gather thee in a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment but with everlasting kindness while I have mercy on thee saith Yahweh thy Redeemer was he talking to house of Israel Israel was cast off because of her sins but when Christ died rose from the dead Israel became redeemed the whole New Testament is the redemption of the house of Israel which now is talking that this is talking about the house of Israel over the house of Judah redeemed house of Israel is now in a greater place than the house of Judah the children of the desolate are more than the children of the married Judah is still married because they keep the Sabbath’s in the feast when Israel has been redeemed Judah hasn’t been redeemed yet Israel’s been redeemed there’s now more children there’s more Christians than there are Jews interrupts there’s more Christians saying thou barren you’re going to bring forth children right verse although afflicted talks with tempest and not comforted behold I will lay thy stones with fair colours late I found Juma’s sapphires go read it in revelation gained now will make thy windows of agates and the gates of carbuncles and all thy borders of pleasant stones and all my children shall be taught of Yahweh and great shall be the peace of thy children and then you go down to verse no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper it’s referring to the same Christian now go back to Revelation club there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman who is this house of Israel saved is real clothed with the Sun moon under her feet that’s the feminine side of the church that gives birth that’s the soul winner and the partner had a crown of stars she being with child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered state they picked this up in prophecy picking up what was given in Genesis and I say oh so when you read about the Sun being darkened you have to find out what son is there talking about the son of the righteous or the son of the living today in this planet the one-world government is the son of that system that son will be turned into darkness bless you yes the moon Jacob was the Sun Jacob’s wife was the moon in the vision that was the feminine side of the marriage father uses types of shadows not literalness see part of our problem is we think in terms of literalness rather than in images and types and shadows and we need to see this as a type and shadow of the whole perspective what we’re talking about the mother now in the book of Revelation how many women do you find only two you find the pure woman and you find the whore well in the Old Testament you found two whores the house of Israel and the house of Judah were both called whores depending on their position before Yahweh at one time they were liken unto females and another time they were liking on the male’s they’ll get too literal depends on the relationship with of their male or female the son is the male side the moon is the female side stars of the ruling side we have to understand that distinction in prophecy are you with me so far so here was a woman clothed with the Sun now in every institution there is a Sun therefore there’s a political Sun today it’s the government that Sun will be darkened the moon the institutions that govern that government will be pulled down to be turned into blood in destroy them and their stars they’re over covered their bright shiny ones Secretary of State all of them are going to fall to the earth so when you read the book of Revelation father is talking in poetic language now earlier we started with Romans verse let’s go back to Romans verse and let me show you something what wrong as one verse the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are what and that are made anybody know what that word is in the original it says that everything that Yahweh made the Greek word is poema from which we get the word poem it means Poletti candy work everything that is made is designed to be a poem or a love song to you fathers poem to you so that you can see his handiwork how he operates with all of that is simply typed in shadow of what he wants to do inside of you the creation of a literal son is merely a poetic side of his nature teaching you that at some point if you will overcome in Christ you will become a son in the resurrection we shall be sons what would the vinay eloheem sons now I say a let’s look at something very interesting [Music] you know your Bible pretty soon I worked off fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning now the word son of the morning there is the same phrase in Hebrew as job that we started this whole Bible study with the morning stars sang together morning stars now what is an overcomer called in the book of Revelation Morningstar what is Christ called in revelation he is the bright and Morning Star why he’s the head of everything everything that was made somehow expresses his headship but he’s the head of everything so Lucifer was part of the morning star system can you see that start of the morning verse for thou is said in my heart I will ascend into heaven meaning he wanted to get higher than he was I will exalt my throne above the what stars so the stars were above him Adam was a star when the star fell the star fell to earth lucifer is the black morning star that title had to be reclaimed and redeemed by Christ to redeem the office and to whoever conquer Satan reclaims the office that’s why there’s a war between you and the demons and Satan because every time you overcome you are taking an office away from Satan and he doesn’t like it and for every office you can take from Satan you will be lifted higher higher and higher and higher in the overcoming ranks I will exalt my throne above the stars he’s not talking about the literal as astronomical stars stars represent overcomers beings who shine bright for yahweh when you express your love to a hurting soul at that moment you are a star when you speak the word of comfort to a hurting soul when you pray and intercede for somebody you are at that moment a bright and shining star not in the eyes of the world and sometimes you compare yourself to the rock stars wrestling stars football stars baseball stars basketball stars sports stars any kind of stars that are out there folks those are the wrong kind of stars father has his stars they’re called overcomers here to be stars you won’t fall to the earth because you’re not of the earth system you’re of a higher system you’re in another dimension father’s going to overthrow this first dimension the size of this dimension are going to be overthrown but we’re sons of a higher dimension can you see I just want you to see you’re not at the old order you’re of a new order we’re a new creation in Christ we have arrived you need to see yourself as stronger than so when Christ who dealt with the Prince of Darkness had not yet come to die for sin meaning he had to come through a sin barrier you understand that it’s hard for Yahweh to break through a sin barrier to bring deliverance but when he died on the cross he arose triumphant over all sin but father no longer comes to you through a sin barrier he removes sin lifts you into the third heaven and when you walk in the spirit you have direct access and to get direct answer same day satan’s gonna try to even stop you from that part of being a star is the ability to get your prayers answered right away by understanding who you are father wants you to know your position so let’s close with revelation after this I looked and behold the door was opened where only if you’d like to go through that door thank that’s a vortex that door open you can go right into heaven you already have that ability folks and the first voice first voice not the second not the third not the fourth first voice which I heard was as of a shofar first thing you gotta hear is a shofar in a shofar talks in which with the shofar said come up don’t go down Howard I’ll fallen who Lucifer but the call to the church is come up come up now what it listen for what he wanted to go up he wanted to ascend see the way up is down on the way down is up he that humbleth himself I will exalt and to him that exalteth himself see that were self he did exalteth himself shall be humbled he wanted to ascend up he didn’t have the right attitude he therefore was kicked out of even what he had but in Christ