EUROPEAN Sept 11th Donald Trump MEETUP Group and Online Conference

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Dear Friends,
The Europeans For Donald Trump Meetup group has been a continual work in progress. We need your help. As Americans living in Europe we’re not popular enough yet in Europe. However many people forget America is the only actual world superpower. So whoever gets elected in the USA will effect the rest of the world. We need more volunteers and supporters to be part of our movement to elect Donald Trump. You can start now by getting active on our Facebook Group page.  Right now we have about 1,000 members, however, we need more who will come to the actual meetings.
Let us know if you’re interested in attending. From our experience, we can’t (for security reasons) open the location to the public. That is unless we get about 20 strong men to cover security.
Also let us know if you’re willing to make a donation to pay for advertisements for the event. For the September 11th meetup group we need donations of at least 1,500 euros in advertising to be able to host the event. The reason being is that’s how much it costs to mobilize people to an event with online advertising FOR THE FREE EVENT. If you are a donor you can pick which region we host the meeting. We’re just American and European independent supporters. So your donation is very important to be able to reach people in the local area. The donors can vote which area this event will be held within the BENELUX or UK region. There’s just two days left to secure the event.
If we can’t meet this goal then there will at least be our smaller recorded and online event for September 11th. We can hope for future events to have enough support to host a larger public place like a music hall or stadium.
If you would like to get to know the hosts then you can contact the Priory of Salem Peace Institute and, the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide BENELUX and UK outreach ministries at
Contact one of our Deacons at for Meetup Badge to be printed, and get complete instructions for attendance. Once our quota is reached you will get a confirmation.
This is for all Europeans (and Americans) active in the political campaigning and voting process to show our support for Donald Trump.
If you can’t come out you can follow our smaller meetings and support on our group page. We also will support you!
Donald Trump has broken so many records as the most popular candidate, even among muslims, hispanics, blacks, and all other groups.
Those opposing him rely only on total lies or grossly twisted misquotes of the media.
We show our support to the next eminent President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
(Note: this group isn’t for parroting the conspiracy theories we have all heard and known for decades. Our purpose is to advance solutions, knowing God is the true one on the throne, and is the only Almighty.)******Please Use The “Invite” Button to invite your friends********, even if you can only join the meeting online.
If enough donations can’t come in then we will not make the event open to the public.
***Please Sign Our Petition on CHANGE.ORG*** 
I hope you can help vote in this petition (and help spread it) to show that we all don’t believe the media lies about him. You can also see how to be part of Europeans for Donald Trump FB Group to work directly on such projects at: 1727912887445624/
And get in touch with us on the pages, to be involved in regular activism work for the Donald Trump campaign.