Announcement for the Kingdom Message Broadcast

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Article edited 8/8/2015

About 300 very edifying Mp3s are in our talkshoe archive “the Kingdom Message” (You’ll have to browse through). You can also go here for updates on the Kingdom Message

As of June 2015 most of our Sabbath services are not recorded to mp3. Often there are two or three meetings that our Elders are involved in per Sabbath. If you would like these to be recorded every week then write to us. While sometimes our Talkshoe widget shows there are no scheduled episodes, we are still doing regular Sabbath broadcasts and also throughout the Sabbath are giving feeds / live streams to our friends in Christ to participate with us. If you’d like to be a part of our closer assembly fellowship write to Join with us in prayers, communion and Sabbath services from wherever your’e at in the world. 


Join together with likeminded from all the corners of the earth!

We are praying about re-organizing the Kingdom Message and your thoughts count. So let us know if you will like to hear more recorded.

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