Sweden the Rape Capital of the West (statistics and peaceful solution)

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Most already know that South Africa is the #1 rape capital of the world.
However, you want to hear something really seldom spoken of?

SWEDEN is #2 in rapes! 

Below are excerpts from two very sobering reports. The problems are just making everyone very angry, with no solutions. The hate was really boiling over the last time I visited Sweden. I visited a meeting near Nykoping where thousands of Nationalists gathered only to primarily drink themselves to death. It is not healthy for real grievances and damages not to be addressed or respected. This just leads to more pain, more pain leads to more anger and hate. It is not healthy for people to be filled with hate without anything appropriately compensated. Every family in Sweden is a victim of this street violence that has long been targeted against their families.  Only the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute seems to have solutions. Peaceful Separation (living in freedom apart from the others) and Respect. In the reports below you will read that “respect” is the biggest thing lacking. There is no respect whatsoever for the continued existance of the Swedish culture. Families and Church are attacked the most. Lets pray for leaders to rise up. We have many good programs that anyone can get busy with, to help reduce the suffering. +++ ArchBishop Rev Stephen M.K. 

Syndicated News

Image is excerpted as “fair use” from the above url. Go to the url http://www.aina.org/news/20150214224419.htm for the full story.


ingrid carlqvist

 A Swedish journalist, Ingrid Cariqvist, has publicly stated -and her remarks have been published all over Eastern Europe-  that she no longer recognizes her own country. According to her, one has to fight to even speak openly, selected verba must be used. Kinda like here with the “N” and “J” words. Nah, just kidding. What! In lands of free speech?

 Ingrid was born in Sweden in 1960, According to her, Sweden was once the most beautiful country in the world. Unfortunately, like many US cities, it has now turned into a cultural garbage dump. She refers to Sweden as Absurdystan. Such negativity. Has she not read  Rainbow House memos?

 She notes Sweden has overtaken many of the Third World countries to become the defacto capital of rape. This is the result of the Third World now becoming an internal part of Swedish structure. Ingrid sez she feels like she’s in the Land of Oz.

 She often refers to an event in 1965. It was within her parliament. It was officially and publicly spoken that one of the reasons Sweden was such a happy place was because it was a homogeneous European society. [bc- This morning, when I read this to a fellow at our Austrian Cafe, he countered about crime, schools, family, fatherless kids. It was all so confusing. No doubt he doesn’t even have a foto of Marks or MLK in his house]

 Ingrid officially has stated    -it’s no secret and can be found in various media-   that she now lives in the country that is not homogeneous, in any aspect of the word. Sweden has become a cesspool, a dumping ground for the entire Third World. One wonders if  she knows about Miami’s colourful Little Haiti.

 Politicians, from both the right and the left, are speaking about enriching Sweden. These Political representatives, according to that journalist, are insisting that there’s never been anything of a Swedish culture. They are also inferring that the younger generations of Swedes should be thankful that their European culture is disappearing and they will now be enriched by multiculturalism.

 Mona Sahlin, a leader of the social Democrats,  has stated, and this can also be found in many publications, such as the magazine Euroturk, that Swedish culture should not be thought of; that Swedes must learn to integrate; that the old Sweden will not return. [bc- More than one Eastern European person of respect has diplomatically just about called Mona an eccentric kurva. In most Slavic vernacular it implies she’s a whore. One guy had shades of anti-Zydism and wondered why she doesn’t reside in Tel Aviv]

 As noted above, Ingrid Cariqvist reiterates, over and over, that this new Sweden has more rapes than any country in the European Union. We are told that only in Lesotho have there been more rapes. Obviously, at this point, some must be wondering what’s the difference between recreational sex and rape?

 Ingrid speaks about turmoil just about everywhere, fighting in hospitals, people being robbed in the streets by primitives, We hear that even the elderly are being assaulted.

 Third World immigration has also drastically impinged upon the economic standards normally associated with Swedes. Depending on native or political and media views, the native population now has to pick up the bills of those alleged to be “monkeyizing,”  or culturally enriching Sweden.

 Does Ingrid not see the future potential? Does she wanta keep all those low IQ kids out of her schools? Does she desire that the classes move at their normal pace and bypass the Third Worlders! Wouldn’t that be prejudicial, more than unfair?

Ingrid needs to look at the American bussing dreams. There is hope.  She should check out King Bushy II’s plan of Leave no Kid Behind.  She’s gotta hear Jeb Bush’s love of illegals.  Where’s her heart? What does she have against Detroitization!

 While Ingrid is arranging defensive fortifications and barriers, we have to ask ourselves what’s so bad about wearing pants down to the tip of one’s dupa and/or having low IQ elements mix with those that, in the case of Sweden, might be 25% below in intelligence…

 Cariqvist has been in mainstream media for years. Now she desires to speak out. She wants to call a spade a spade. In 2011 she became the vice president of a society for the public. This was in the city of Malmo. Back then she promoted a  book addressing multiculturalism.

 It’s emphasized that instead of speaking about the terror and horror that is infecting the blood stream of the population, politicians are sidestepping the issue. They’re speaking about the evils of nationalism, neo-Nazis and other so called right wingers. One wonders how all this is possible. Could it be becuz of consumerism. Is it due to plastic, sex and drugs becoming gods? Nah, that couldn’t be. Apparently she didn’t listen to the Big “O’s” lectures on hope.

 Ingrid stresses the need for a new defence media. It’ll be in the Danish and German languages. It’ll speak about what’s happening in Scandinavia and around the world. It will cover issues that are hidden from the masses by the monopoly mainstream media and those not mentioned by hard working journalists, labouring to keep their family afloat.

 According to Ingrid, the situation in Sweden is worst than that of the Benelux countries. She believes that unless something is done about multiculturalism, Islam and the Third World will rule the European roost. The phobia about actual free speech, using words, pertaining to race and Islam, has to stop.

 Ingrid insists her name has been tarnished and driven through the mud. In other words, she is been blackballed.

 It’s certainly hard to believe, but acording to Ingrid, when she created the society for a free press in Sweden, she was called a nazi! How could anyone believe that?  What does all that imply? Her story tells a lot about that part of EuroMan’s Western home. Maybe she should relocate to the USA. That way she could freely use the “N” word and speak on any subject.

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