mp3 on Isaiah 11 Holy Mountain Before Millennium

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A quick introductory note on this last Sabbath’s study. We discussed heavily the holy mountain in Jerusalem that I will soon be visiting at the holy day on the holy calendar to hold consul meetings with delegates of South Africa for effectual planning of stemming the current holocaust. Describing the mountain as a literal physical place before the millennium(remove not the ancient landmark, there will be no armageddon soldiers there nor anything worthwhile for any enemy to assemble against until it be fulfilled that TRUE ISRAEL IS ENCAMPED THERE, at least a major representation (at least 1% of each one of the tribes gathered there), currently no jew believes all the tribes are there, but pray 3 times a day that even 1 tribe judah be gathered from the four corners of the earth.
While yes also we know of the spiritual place that is spread abroad, However the land too is full of physically specific prophecy. The land will begin having major miracles after these events take place that are discussed in the mp3 in very simple terms. Full Mosaic law will be restored under Joseph (not under Jews). 70% of the law is not personal, but national applicable. In Isaiah 11, and Zech 8 we cover how someone (not of the offspring of david, but of the roots below Jesse, perhaps Zara Judah will lift up the ensign of the nations on that mountain which will change the mountain) lions will lay down with lambs etc. Neighbors will not fight etc, but outside that mountain the people who come down from it will be very victorious in battle. Those on it will be given much fertility, longevity and stregth. It will help usher in the Kingdom age that is set to come in about 15 years. YAHWEH WILL NOT DO IT UNLESS HE GETS FULL CREDIT UNLESS TO THOSE WHO ARE TRUE TO HIS LAW AND HIS SON.
For more than 2,000 years religious jews 3 times a day pray toward Jerusalem that His people will be gathered from the corners of the earth, that the ensign of the nations (nations of Israel) will be raised, and that the trumpet of freedom would be blown. The rest of the shocking details in the  mp3:  (greek and hebrew words disciphered, root, branch, twig, trunk, stock, shoot, all different genealogy tree meanings. In Revelation 22 the word mistranslated root is the word for trunk or shoot of David.)
It’s time to get onboard and be ready for House of Joseph government of the full law of Moses to be that “witness of the Kingdom, before the end can come (His law governance on earth). WE are to seek it first, and pray it be done on earth (all His law governance). The FULL MOSAIC LAWS, but NOT under the jews!
Everyone wants to be the boss, but only YAHWEH can pick the Chief. When Saul was anointed officially by Samuel still it took several miracles before all the Israelites were convinced they should follow Him, and some of it only under threat and brute force that YAHWEH gave Him inspiration to do as the opportunities arose. So we go in the spirit and trust YAHWEH He handles the rest by our obedience and willingness to do everything He says in His word. My genealogy is always forthcoming (while I remain humble) we let always YAHWEH decide, and together equally seek His will.

Here’s a good starter , Lesson Series “How Paul Taught We MUST Keep the Law” (foundation for the gentiles, Paul taught the levitical dietary and blood laws are for the Gentiles)

Best regards for our King YAHWEH Yasha (Jesus the Christ)
Rev SM

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